What do you need to do to have an elopement in Georgia? What documents do you need? How long will it take? What is the approximate budget? And how to turn even the smallest wedding into an unforgettable event? We answer frequently asked questions and tell more about all the elements of a cozy wedding for two in Georgia.

What documents do we need to get married in Georgia?

Once you have decided on the date and place of the wedding, send color scans of your passports, as well as scans of passports of witnesses if you plan to invite them to Georgia, by e-mail. If you are planning to come only together, we will gladly provide you with our witnesses at no extra charge.

Our basic package for most European countries (such as Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine, Poland) costs 320$. The package includes the application, translation, and notarization of the passports of the bride and groom. Also, registration in the main hall of the Justice House, translation, and putting an Apostille on the marriage certificate. Read about additional documents, package options, and other significant pricing features in our articles “How much does it cost to get married in Georgia (country) in 2020?” and “Official Marriage Registration in Georgia”.

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How long does the entire marriage registration take?

Preparing for an elopement in Georgia is one of the fastest and simplest steps. Contact us no earlier than one month before the date of your wedding. After the wedding, you will receive a ready certificate when the Apostille procedure or consular legalization for your country is completed. Dates are individual for each country, but, as a rule, are approximately two weeks. We will send you all the documents by registered letter anywhere in the world.

How much are the basic services for a wedding for two?

Our couples usually order a wedding bouquet and a boutonniere (from 70$), MUAH and hairstylist (from 110$), and a photographer. Rates for the photographer’s services depend on what parts of your wedding day you want to capture. For a three-hour photo shoot, photographers usually charge from 250$. During this time, they will capture the official ceremony in a city hall (or the symbolic one at any other place) and a romantic walk in Tbilisi or surroundings. You can also order a photographer for 8 hours (prices start from 450$), and then they will also shoot the bride’s morning, visit more locations with you and take a few shots during the dinner. Some of our couples also invite a master of the ceremonies (this service will cost from 190$). They will create the right mood and adorn your symbolic or official ceremony with a touching speech.

How can we make our wedding especially beautiful?

To make your wedding dinner more solemn and romantic, we recommend ordering a floral decoration for your table. One floral arrangement of seasonal flowers is designed for a table for two and costs from 80$ in Tbilisi and 100$ in the regions.

For those who are dreaming to say the vows among the mountains of the Greater Caucasus, we offer to have an arch for the ceremony. Prices for a standard arch start at 360$ in Tbilisi and 520$ in the regions. You can choose the shape and type of decoration (traditional, triangular, modern, or boho style decoration) and the color scheme.

Such details as fireworks and a host will fill your day with genuinely special emotions and impressions.

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How and where can we celebrate our wedding?

If you are planning a wedding in Tbilisi, book a table at one of the popular Georgian restaurants (such as Tsiskvili, In the shadow of Metekhi or Georgian House), where you can enjoy free performances by Georgian musicians and dancers. For those who are coming to Georgia in the warm season, we suggest completing this day with a romantic dinner in the open air on one of the terraces of Tbilisi (Tiflis Veranda, Old Kopala, Funicular) or Kakheti (Babaneuris Marani, Royal Batoni, Chateau Mosmieri).

We want something unique and unforgettable. Any ideas?

To capture the wedding day and your love story in a more colorful and lively way, invite a videographer who will create a short 3-5 minute clip for you. A short video will help you keep the memories of this day for many years. Invite a saxophonist to an outdoor ceremony, who will fill this moment with incredible depth and tenderness. Ask your close friend to deliver a solemn speech that will end with your vows. And you can celebrate this day with a grandiose firework in your honor. These small touches will surely fill your day with genuinely special emotions and impressions.

What else do we need to take into account while planning the budget?

Georgia has a VAT exemption program for tourism projects. What does that mean? A tourist project is any trip that includes accommodation, transfer, and dinner. Often our weddings for two also receive the status of a tourist project, so we are happy to exclude 18% of VAT from your wedding estimate. To ensure that your wedding is not subject to VAT, the budget should include at least two of the three services listed above. By the way, do not forget to order a transfer if you want to visit several locations, for example, around Tbilisi.

A cozy wedding in Georgia is not only fast, easy, and inexpensive, but also very nice and beautiful. Choose the best location for your taste, complement the basic offer with several additional options, and you will get a truly unforgettable experience from this day. See you in warm Georgia!