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Individual Wedding Planning


Is it under a lighthouse, on a hot air balloon or on a romantic beach?

Looking for an intimate ceremony?

Basic Wedding Packages


Only for two of you or with your friends and family.

Just need documents?

Legal Marriage Package


You need assistance through the legal procedures and we are the experts.





Every bride and groom wants an incomparable wedding combined with fantasy and style. We create small and medium size cozy events produced and styled to perfection. From traditional to modern, elegant to relaxed, our focus is on the service quality of any event we plan.





We assist our clients in creating memorable, magical celebrations that exceed expectations. Our personal approach ensures the weddings we plan are meaningful and truly reflect our clients as individuals, as couples, and states something about their shared values and sense of style.



  • Anastasiya Shalit Avatar
    Anastasiya Shalit

    positive review  Спасибо огромное Елене за самый лучший день в нашей жизни, за тяжелый труд, за работу.
    Мы очень переживали из-за случившейся ситуации в связи с корона вирусом, но наши переживания не подтвердились. Свадьба прошла великолепно именно из-за группы работающей с нами. Спасибо им огромное за все💕💕💕
    - 26/07/2021

  • Vasilina Kaminsky Avatar
    Vasilina Kaminsky

    positive review  Профессиональная работа, очень довольны организаций! - 25/07/2021

  • Наталья ИГОРЕВНА Стельмах Avatar
    Наталья ИГОРЕВНА Стельмах

    Все прошло хорошоОгромное спасибо организатору Ирине,быстро ,по делу,без воды.И ,девочки , если Ирина говорит взять сменную обувь-берите ,она знает что говорит - 25/07/2021

  • Peiran Yu Avatar
    Peiran Yu

    The wedding planner made a supposedly very stressful event stress free for us. She accomodated our requests each and every time, even some last minute requests and some none wedding related just to help us out. The process - from registration to wedding ceremony to our post wedding dinner - was smooth and fun.Ori also partners with the best photographers and hair stylists.I would recommend everyone considering having their wedding... Читать дальше - 22/07/2021

  • Евгения Зильберман Avatar
    Евгения Зильберман

    positive review  We had a small wedding for only two of us organized by Elena in Tbilisi this July with registration at the Public Service Hall, transfers, photographer, florist, muah artists and a restaurant.

    Everything went smoothly. All people that we interacted with on our way were extremely warm and professional ❤️

    Taking the agency was one of our best decisions ever made!
    - 18/07/2021

  • Evgenia Zilberman Avatar
    Evgenia Zilberman

    We had a small wedding for only two of us organized by Elena in Tbilisi this July with registration at the Public Service Hall, transfers, photographer, muah artists and a restaurant.Everything went smoothly. All people that we interacted with on our way were extremely warm and professional ❤️Taking the agency was one of our best decisions ever made! - 18/07/2021

  • Masha Zanko Avatar
    Masha Zanko

    positive review  Это был лучший день в нашей жизни! Ирина и ее команда сделали намного больше,чем мы просили и ожидали! Они всегда были на шаг впереди наших мыслей. Не было ни секунды волнения по поводу организации и самого торжества! Все прошло безупречно! Вплоть до таких моментов,как выбор песни. Организаторы даже спрашивают вас,с какой секунды песни вы будете выходить!Спасибо Вам огромное Ира организатор,Георгий ведущий,Оля фотограф,Лали визажист,Милена стилист,флористам,музыкантам,водителю и всей команде! Мы очень вам благодарны!!! - 14/07/2021

  • Jabeen Syed Avatar
    Jabeen Syed

    Anna and the whole team from the photographer to our lovely driver were so incredibly warm and welcoming. They made sure we were comfortable every step of the way. Anna walked us through the entire process and stayed with us from start to finish, making sure we were fine and providing us with information for the next steps as well as recommendations for eating, drinking etc. We were not sure... Читать дальше - 11/07/2021

  • Carryl Ferreira Avatar
    Carryl Ferreira

    Ori is THE BEST wedding planner to reach out to when planning a destination wedding! Shout out to the team with special thanks to Irma who was so supportive in every step! Throughout the many months we were planning our special day, she was completely invested in us, going out of her way to speak to the priests and the vendors so that we would have the best variety of... Читать дальше - 08/07/2021

  • Smo Son Avatar
    Smo Son

    Excellent service with Elene. Made our special day super special.The venue was beautiful and the entire process was smooth. - 03/07/2021

  • PICO d blogger Avatar
    PICO d blogger

    I have had a lucky experienced when I searching regarding wedding , how many times I browse and check if it’s true link the ori wedding , and I said to myself , I will trust to my feelings this true coz I check also in Facebook and Instagram .Then still I have a little doubt , but when we arrived Georgia from uae ,I meet Miss Elena who... Читать дальше - 02/07/2021

  • tarik nadi Avatar
    tarik nadi

    ORI WEDDING is a great team, we have felt their support and personal attitude during all the preparations and wedding day! We’re expats living in Georgia with my wife, but decided to entrust our wedding to professionals and that was actually the best decision, letting us to forget about the constant search, time control, coordination every service delivery etc.Everything was in time and went smoothly, all guests just felt in... Читать дальше - 02/07/2021

  • Brian Pereira Avatar
    Brian Pereira

    Very professional staff everything is done paper especially Lana very helpful and attentive to detail and also photoshoot was done professionally - 26/06/2021

  • Анастасия Юсупова Avatar
    Анастасия Юсупова

    Долгожданная свадьба детей состоялась в июне этого года. И если бы не Ori Wedding, провести ее было бы в тысячу раз сложнее. Четкая и слаженная работа менеджеров агентства, их почти круглосуточный контроль( мы сомневались, спят ли свадебные феи когда- нибудь) внимание к любым мелочам сделало праздник незабываемым . Великолепная организация как свадьбы, так и досуга для приехавших гостей , если учесть , что на свадьбу съезжались гости из... Читать дальше - 22/06/2021

  • Александра Гарг Avatar
    Александра Гарг

    We are grateful a lot to this agency! Everything was clear and accurate, in time, without any problems. Thanks a lot for your help, it was a right choice for us to choose you, Ori agency! - 18/06/2021

  • V M Avatar
    V M

    We had such a great experience with Anna! She was attentive, easy to work with and very professional. She provided everything we needed although we chose to keep it simple. All requests were arranged and fulfilled as agreed. We recommend her highly! - 18/06/2021

  • Tomaj Javidtash Avatar
    Tomaj Javidtash

    If you are looking for a wedding planner in Georgia, I have great news for you; your search is over! Ori Wedding Agency is it.My fiancé and I flew from the US and Italy to Georgia for our wedding because it seems Georgia has the smoothest and fastest civil marriage procedure in the world. After some online research we decided to settle with Ori wedding agency and leave our ceremony... Читать дальше - 11/06/2021

  • Jessica Di Salvo Avatar
    Jessica Di Salvo

    Wir können kaum in Worte fassen, wie unfassbar dankbar wir dem gesamten Team von Wedding Agency Ori für unseren besonderen Hochzeitstag sind. Von der ersten Kontaktaufnahme bis zu unserem Hochzeitstag verlief alles hoch professionell, schnell und reibungslos. Wir konnten unsere Hochzeit ganz nach unseren Vorstellungen gestalten lassen und unsere Hochzeitsplanerin Irina hat unsere Erwartungen noch übertroffen. Von Haare & Makeup, über die Blumen und den Fotografen, alles war professionell und... Читать дальше - 04/06/2021

  • Jessica Di Salvo Avatar
    Jessica Di Salvo

    We can hardly put into words how incredibly grateful we are to the entire Wedding Agency Ori team for our special wedding day. From the first contact to our wedding day, everything went very professionally, quickly and smoothly. We could have our wedding designed according to our ideas and our wedding planner Irina exceeded our expectations. From the hair & makeup, to the flowers and the photographer, everything was professional... Читать дальше - 29/05/2021

  • Vl63 Vl63 Avatar
    Vl63 Vl63

    I liked everything very much in organizing the marriage. A minimum of time, and the quality is high. Thank you so much!!! - 21/05/2021

  • Maria Zanko Avatar
    Maria Zanko

    Highly recommend! Alexandra is very helpful and responsive person. Conversation is very professional and at the same time very warm. If you look for something extra that is not in the package Aleksandra is the one you need to choose! - 14/05/2021

  • Melyse Peru Avatar
    Melyse Peru

    We found Ori just after the borders reopened in February. We had a lot of questions and uncertainties but the staff helped answer everything and were very proactive, even as news and restrictions were changing. We felt fully informed of what to expect, not only with the wedding plans but also with Tbilisi. Elena met us and sorted out all the arrangements, making the entire process very quick and easy.... Читать дальше - 06/05/2021

  • Melyse Revay Avatar
    Melyse Revay

    positive review  Everyone we worked with at Ori was incredibly professional yet very personable and attentive. We got married in February, just a few weeks after the borders reopened in Georgia. We had a lot of questions about the tevael restrictions and requirements and each question was answered with plenty of details and reassurance. Once we arrived, Elena met us and gave us full support in obtaining the license and certificate. We... Читать дальше - 05/05/2021

  • Irina Irina Avatar
    Irina Irina

    Thank you for our Happiness!!!!" We, Kai and Irina, dedicate these words to the Ori agency for the excellent work done! For organizing our wedding! Everything was at the highest level smoothly! From us, we want to thank Irma for her support and advice, but....Special thanks to Elena! Elena, you are a Professional in your field! Thank you again! We would like to wish the Ori Wedding Agency success in... Читать дальше - 03/05/2021

  • David G Avatar
    David G

    Ori wedding took care of everything for our wedding in April 2021. In particular, Taisia and Elena, who made the whole process seamless and they took care of everything before we went to Georgia. It made everything so much easier and let us enjoy our time in Tbilisi, without having to take time out and deal with paperwork, translations etc. Elena assisted us with the wedding formalities while... Читать дальше - 03/05/2021