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Individual Wedding Planning


Is it under a lighthouse, on a hot air balloon or on a romantic beach?

Looking for an intimate ceremony?

Basic Wedding Packages


Only for two of you or with your friends and family.

Just need documents?

Legal Marriage Package


You need assistance through the legal procedures and we are the experts.





Every bride and groom wants an incomparable wedding combined with fantasy and style. We create small and medium size cozy events produced and styled to perfection. From traditional to modern, elegant to relaxed, our focus is on the service quality of any event we plan.





We assist our clients in creating memorable, magical celebrations that exceed expectations. Our personal approach ensures the weddings we plan are meaningful and truly reflect our clients as individuals, as couples, and states something about their shared values and sense of style.



  • Jessica Di Salvo Avatar
    Jessica Di Salvo

    We can hardly put into words how incredibly grateful we are to the entire Wedding Agency Ori team for our special wedding day. From the first contact to our wedding day, everything went very professionally, quickly and smoothly. We could have our wedding designed according to our ideas and our wedding planner Irina exceeded our expectations. From the hair & makeup, to the flowers and the photographer, everything was professional... Читать дальше - 29/05/2021

  • Vl63 Vl63 Avatar
    Vl63 Vl63

    I liked everything very much in organizing the marriage. A minimum of time, and the quality is high. Thank you so much!!! - 21/05/2021

  • Maria Zanko Avatar
    Maria Zanko

    Highly recommend! Alexandra is very helpful and responsive person. Conversation is very professional and at the same time very warm. If you look for something extra that is not in the package Aleksandra is the one you need to choose! - 14/05/2021

  • Melyse Peru Avatar
    Melyse Peru

    We found Ori just after the borders reopened in February. We had a lot of questions and uncertainties but the staff helped answer everything and were very proactive, even as news and restrictions were changing. We felt fully informed of what to expect, not only with the wedding plans but also with Tbilisi. Elena met us and sorted out all the arrangements, making the entire process very quick and easy.... Читать дальше - 06/05/2021

  • Melyse Revay Avatar
    Melyse Revay

    positive review  Everyone we worked with at Ori was incredibly professional yet very personable and attentive. We got married in February, just a few weeks after the borders reopened in Georgia. We had a lot of questions about the tevael restrictions and requirements and each question was answered with plenty of details and reassurance. Once we arrived, Elena met us and gave us full support in obtaining the license and certificate. We... Читать дальше - 05/05/2021

  • Irina Irina Avatar
    Irina Irina

    Thank you for our Happiness!!!!" We, Kai and Irina, dedicate these words to the Ori agency for the excellent work done! For organizing our wedding! Everything was at the highest level smoothly! From us, we want to thank Irma for her support and advice, but....Special thanks to Elena! Elena, you are a Professional in your field! Thank you again! We would like to wish the Ori Wedding Agency success in... Читать дальше - 03/05/2021

  • David G Avatar
    David G

    Ori wedding took care of everything for our wedding in April 2021. In particular, Taisia and Elena, who made the whole process seamless and they took care of everything before we went to Georgia. It made everything so much easier and let us enjoy our time in Tbilisi, without having to take time out and deal with paperwork, translations etc. Elena assisted us with the wedding formalities while... Читать дальше - 03/05/2021

  • Anj Fab Avatar
    Anj Fab

    Everything is beyond our expectations. From inquiries, Irma was very accommodating to every questions that we have. Irina was very hands on during the planning and preparation and in the event itself, you will not feel that your wedding is during the pandemic because of her support. We can’t find a word to thank everyone. A for the effort for the entire team. - 03/05/2021

  • Yulia Boyko Avatar
    Yulia Boyko

    The team was increadiable from the start, very helpful and professional and advised every single step in a outstanding manner. We highly recommend the agency and had so much fun planning our wedding with them! - 26/04/2021

  • Aray Seitova Avatar
    Aray Seitova

    We were very lucky to deal with OriWedding. Elena Manukian planned and made sure that every single paper was correct. She has a great knowledge of documentation and a wonderful communication skill. She managed to complete all papers within the short period of time. Everything went nice and smooth. It was well organized trip from OriWedding side. No fuss, no headache. We were trully impressed by the speed and accuracy... Читать дальше - 26/04/2021

  • April Sisperez Avatar
    April Sisperez

    I have nothing but good words for Ori. Irma was very responsive during the inquiry stage and she was able to provide us quotation based on our requests in a short period of time. They were very flexible with all the changes we made because of the pandemic.We are forever grateful to our wedding fairy Anna! She is God sent! She was amazing from the very beginning. Very professional, very... Читать дальше - 10/04/2021

  • Miles Comusa Gumbo Avatar
    Miles Comusa Gumbo

    positive review  Ori Wedding Planning Service was amazing
    We were so worried about my fiancee’s passport
    It was Less than 6months to expire but
    The immigration accepted us will warm
    Welcome Elena she one of the sweetest person
    She is always in time friendly and helpful 💯 customer service so if you're UAE Resident having difficulties getting married don't hesitate to go, Georgia Flight is affordable Same with the wedding...
    Читать дальше
    - 22/03/2021

  • B M Avatar
    B M

    We planned our wedding for only a month in the middle of Covid-19 pandemic and I couldn't done it without Ori Wedding.I highly recommend you book with this agency as they are very professional and responsive. Elena (our wedding planner from Ori) took care of every detail and we loved every second of our special day. She was clear in her communication, helpful with our decision making and she listens... Читать дальше - 17/03/2021

  • Kathrine Pandell Avatar
    Kathrine Pandell

    positive review  Ori Wedding Planning Service was crucial in making our intimate wedding feel romantic and grand, even with the wedding at the Justice House and during Covid-19. Irma and Elena both were amazing, answering questions quickly and making the legal process super easy; arranging the photographer to take gorgeous pictures and taking all the stress away. Worth every penny. - 30/11/2020

  • Iryna Medynska Avatar
    Iryna Medynska

    positive review  Ori Wedding organised a wonderful and perfect wedding for us! The team went above and beyond our expectations - particularly Irina, our wedding fairy, who was the best possible person we could have had co-ordinating our special day. If you are planning to have a dreamy wedding in beautiful Georgia, then definitely organise it with Ori and Irina! Good luck to you, Ori, and thank-you once again! We look forward... Читать дальше - 23/10/2020

  • Shirin Caraman Avatar
    Shirin Caraman

    Доброго времени суток дорогой читатель!Если ты за незабываемым праздником то тебе однозначно в ORI! У меня нет ни капельки сожаления ,что я обратилась к ним! ОRI не только оправдывает все ожидания но и предоставляет замечательных сотрудников которые будут с тобой в этот важный день!Я очень благодарна организаторам а особенно своему личному Юлии!У меня все было на высшем уровне,церемония,декорация,ресторан,прогулка и сборы!😍 А какую чудесную команду собрали для моего... Читать дальше - 17/03/2020

  • Лида Бон Avatar
    Лида Бон

    positive review  We had amazing experience with Ori wedding agency😍
    Everything was exactly how we wanted and planned (even better).
    We want to say big thank you to Yulia, our organizer,that helped us during all this happy and stressful time 🙂
    Thank you and appreciate your service !🙏
    - 08/03/2020

  • Olga Stotskaya Avatar
    Olga Stotskaya

    positive review  Хотим поблагодарить Свадебное агентство Ori за великолепную организацию нашего предсвадебного процесса и свадебного дня. Это агентство нашли случайно в интернете, прочитав отзывы довольных клиентов , решили воспользоваться их услугами и остались в восторге.
    После заключения договора сразу был назначен свадебный организатор Елена.
    Елена очень ответственно и качественно подходит к процессу организации свадьбы, была постоянно на связи, отзывчива, помогала с каждым возникавшим вопросом. Благодарим ее за это. Прайс услуг...
    Читать дальше
    - 11/02/2020

  • Di Enocida-Virgo Avatar
    Di Enocida-Virgo

    positive review  Ori wedding executed our wedding perfectly. Ms. Irina pulled everything together on our special day. She communicates well, detail oriented and answered all our questions. It just took a while before we got our wedding pictures but above all the wedding agency is highly recommended to anyone in need of a wedding planner - 29/01/2020

  • Мария Сидоренко Avatar
    Мария Сидоренко

    positive review  Мы очень довольны нашей свадьбой с Ori) все прошло легко, тепло , душевно и очень весело ! Спасибо) - 10/01/2020

  • Vanessa Villanueva Asmar Avatar
    Vanessa Villanueva Asmar

    positive review  My husband and I used the services of Ori to plan and organized our wedding in the beautiful country of Georgia. Being overseas, we were a bit worried of how the wedding would turn out as we wanted it to be perfect and memorable. Irina and her team did a very good job at achieving that. Every details were well planned and the whole team was very punctual, helpful, and... Читать дальше - 31/12/2019

  • Lora Novgorodova Avatar
    Lora Novgorodova

    positive review  Мы благодарны за самый не забываемый день в нашей жизни!
    Организованность, проффесианализм и лояльность это Ori Wedding.
    Отдельно огромное спасибо нашей свадебнлй феи Ирочки. Она провела нашу свадьбу так, что мы не переживали по мелачам, все было под ее конролем и наблюдением. Все гости в восторге, особенно мы!
    - 30/12/2019

  • Karim Kay Avatar
    Karim Kay

    positive review  Excellent service with extremely professional and friendly staff! - 19/12/2019

  • Kostya Aronberg Avatar
    Kostya Aronberg

    positive review  Огромное спасибо свадебному агенству ORI за организацию моей свадьбы в Тбилиси. Мы с женой будем вам вечно благодарны!! Привет с Израиля 😉 - 07/12/2019

  • Olga Rozhdestvenskaya Avatar
    Olga Rozhdestvenskaya

    positive review  Вспоминаю наш свадебный день как один из лучших дней моей жизни! Все прошло идеально и большая заслуга в этом команды Ori. Благодаря их труду и вниманию все, о чем я переживала, так и осталось страшным сном. Отдельное спасибо Ирине за то,что всегда была на связи, и ведущему Георгию- нестоящему профессионалу и просто очень хорошему человеку. Свадьба в Грузии было лучшим решением, которое мы могли придумать для свадьбы, а выбор Ori... Читать дальше - 30/11/2019