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About weddings and destinations

What are the advantages of choosing Georgia for your wedding?

The marriage registration procedure in Georgia is quite simple and you can legalize the marriage certificate in any country. Moreover, Georgia is rich with various landscapes: mountains, sea, vineyards, castles and churches, mountain lakes and valleys, canyons and gorges. All these picturesque places may become a wonderful location for your cosy celebration. Georgia is hospitable and generous, it has incomparable unique cuisine, ancient tradition of winemaking and very comfortable climate in any season.

The main advantage is that here you can combine a symbolic wedding ceremony, a civil marriage registration or a church wedding with a beautiful romantic trip around Georgia.

How safe is it in Georgia?

Georgia was named as the 7-th country in the 2017 rating of the safest countries in the world. The rating was made by the popular global database Numbeo. Moreover, Tbilisi is regularly named as one of the safest cities in the world.

Can you provide the price list for the hotels? Or can you recommend any local tour operator?

Yes, we have a list of partner hotels, which we can recommend to our guests. Send your individual request to us and we will provide the price list of our best hotel options according to your preferences.

Can you book a flight for us?

Our agency does not currently offer such service, but we will be glad to recommend you our partners.

Can you arrange a tour around Georgia for us?

Our agency does not currently offer such service, but we will be glad to recommend you our partners.

I want to buy a wedding dress/get a manicure/get a massage in Georgia. Can you help me to arrange it?

Our coordinators will be glad to recommend you the best salons, stores and beauty professionals who will help you to look perfectly on your wedding day.

Do we need witnesses for the official wedding ceremony?

Yes, you need two witnesses for the official registration. You can bring your own witnesses and in that case we will need their passports for translation. Also, we provide witnesses for the civil marriage registration as part of our wedding packages.

Can we get married any day?

Public authorities of Georgia do not work on public holidays, so ceremonies cannot be held these days. The list of these dates you can find here.

Except for these days, the registration procedure is available any day. You should also take into account that depending on the wedding date, some locations might not be available. The simplified procedure (only registration) in the public hall of Justice House, for example, is available only on business days. Also, depending on the date, marriage registration is held in different Wedding Halls in Tbilisi.

Is there a minimum or a maximum period for reservation of official marriage registration date?

Providing that you have all the necessary documents and the date is available in the House of Justice, you can have the marriage registration even the same day as the application has been submitted. However, in order to book the most convenient day and time we recommend you to make reservation in advance (from 2 days to 2 months before the wedding day).

Are there any limitations in the registration process for the citizens of other countries?

Georgian legislation does not have any limitations in marriage registration on the basis of nationality. In some cases, there might be some complications with the following legalization of such a marriage in the countries where it cannot be recognized for certain political or religious reasons.

What is the language of the official ceremony?

Official registration is held in Georgian language but we can provide an interpreter into Russian, English or other languages.

How long is the official registration?

Official ceremony is 15 minutes long. That is why we recommend our couples to invite a professional master of ceremonies who will hold a full ceremony based on your individual plan and in the language you prefer.

What are the requirements for the form and language of the notarized power of attorney?

The form of the notarized power of attorney is standard. It must contain the following phrase:

(Name and surname of the representative) is authorized to be our representative in the House of Justice in Georgia and apply for official marriage registration on our behalf. The representative is authorized to sign all the necessary documents, make applications and perform all actions associated with the fulfilment of this order on our behalf”.

It can be written in Russian or English. Afterwards, we will translate it into Georgian.

Is it necessary to provide the divorce certificate if bride or groom was previously married?

Yes, it is necessary. Moreover, the copy of the certificate must bear an Apostille and be certified by a notary in your country of residence.

Is it necessary to provide the birth certificate of a child from previous marriages?

The birth certificate must be only provided in case it is a common minor child. The certificate must bear an Apostille and be certified by a notary in your country of residence.

Is it necessary to put an Apostille on all the documents?

The copies of the foreign passports must be notarized but you do not need to put an Apostille on them (in case you send the documents in advance). However, copies of birth certificates and divorce certificates must bear an Apostille due to the Hague Apostille Convention.

Do the Registry Offices in Georgia accept documents in Russian or English?

Documents must be provided only in Georgian, that is why you need to notarize all the translations of passports and certificates.

Do we need to send copies of the documents in advance or we can bring the original ones in person? Is it possible to send the scans by e-mail?

You can bring the original documents in person at least 2 business days before the ceremony date. In that case you do not need to send the notarized copies (including the power of attorney) in advance. If you come less than 2 days before the ceremony date, you need to send the notarized copies of passports and the notarized power of attorney (and certificates with an Apostille if needed) with a delivery for the date stated before.

You can also send the scans of the documents to us, but the notarized power of attorney should be sent with a delivery service beforehand.

Can we translate and notarize all the documents ourselves or we have to do it with your help?

Translation of your documents into Georgian must be only done by a licensed translator and then be notarized by a licensed Georgian notary, that is why it is more reasonable to do all these operations with the help of our agency.

If we bring the original documents, will they be returned to us?

The original documents will be returned to you.

What is the procedure of payment for the wedding organization?

We will conclude an agreement and issue an invoice for the wedding package you have chosen. Payment shall be made through a bank transfer to the bank account of Ori Wedding LLC.

In which currencies can I pay for your service?

You can pay in GEL, USD, EUR and GBP.

When do I have to pay for your service?

You need to pay for our service within 5 business days starting from the date of signing the agreement. If you have chosen the official registration you have to pay 100% of the final price. If you have chosen wedding with symbolic registration you have to pay 50% within 5 business day and the other 50% one month before the celebration.

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