Travel time from Larnaca
1 hour
Number of villa rooms
4 rooms
Number of guests for accommodation
11 guests
Max number of guests at wedding
350 guests
Chapel area capacity
320 guests
Love gazebo capacity
40 guests
Mountain Hub venue capacity
100 guests
Hill area capacity for dinner
320 guests

Key advantages

  • Breathtaking scenery
  • Chapel on-site
  • Outdoor ceremony and dinner
  • Mediterranean and European cuisine

Commentary from planners

HoneyLi Hill offers a chance to experience Cyprus from a whole new perspective. After the heat of the coast, the fresh mountain breeze will create a perfect sense of comfort for your celebration. Here, natural beauty, an excellent location and high-level service combine to provide the perfect setting for a wedding in Cyprus.

The chapel on the villa’s grounds is ideal for wedding ceremonies, after which a magical photo session awaits you against the backdrop of the lush hills. And the wedding dinner under the open sky will be the perfect end to your special day.

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Discover the natural beauty of HoneyLi Hill

Where your wedding will be hosted

Village Melini, Larnaca, Cyprus