Cyprus is deservedly one of the best European wedding destinations. This beautiful island has a number of undeniable advantages: a relatively simple procedure for official marriage registration for foreigners, comfortable temperature all year round and many sunny days even in the autumn-winter period, a variety of landscapes, as well as a large selection of cool venues. 

The Ori team has been working on organizing events of different scales since 2017, and our experience has consistently confirmed that the choice of venue is a key point in planning a wedding, and all subsequent decisions related to decor or even choosing a dress are already much easier to make. Therefore, let’s go through the best venue options professionals recommend in Cyprus. For convenience, we have identified several types of sites and identified favorites in each category. Read our article on the best venues in Cyprus to find out what details you need to pay attention to, where the not so obvious advantages are hidden and what recommendations our top Cyprus expert shares.

By the Sea

Pristine white beaches and gentle sea waves, dramatic cliffs and yachts on the horizon, in a word, everything connected with the sea element is the epitome of Cyprus. Tourists come here primarily for a beach holiday, so it is very important to understand the local features of the island in order to make the right choice of site if you want a ceremony by the sea.

The first thing that is important to know about the beaches in Cyprus is that they are all municipal, that is, they are open to everyone. So if a sandy beach is conveniently located, then there you will surely meet vacationers on sunbeds.
A wedding ceremony, to a much greater extent than a photo shoot, requires privacy, a solemn atmosphere, and silence when pronouncing vows. This is the moment that you want to share only with the closest and dearest, or even only with your loved one.

Best spot for a ceremony by the sea are not those right on the sand, but the sites up the hill, by a cliff, and piers.

A secluded place on a hill with a stunning view of the sea is actually more convenient for a wedding ceremony.
While the photoshoot after the ceremony can take place right on the sea shore.

Our absolute favorite in this category is the birthplace of Aphrodite. From here you have a beautiful view of the sea and the rocks. In addition, historically this place has acquired deep meanings associated with the concepts of love and beauty that the Greek goddess personifies, which means that it has a good symbolic meaning for the newlyweds.

Despite the fact that almost all five-star hotels by the seashore offer a ceremony site near the beach, these spots are still quite crowded and cannot always provide the right atmosphere for the ceremony, so we recommend considering piers for a wedding by the sea, as they are more isolated and only the couple, guests, and the wedding planner will be let in. In particular, we recommend the Limassol pier, it belongs to the municipality and is suitable for holding an official marriage ceremony.

On Top of the Hill with a View

Imagine standing on top of a hill off the shore, admiring the breathtaking views: cozy villages, olive groves, a glimpse of the sea in the distance . If you like the rustic style and the air element, then the viewpoints on the top of the hill are your perfect match. The traditional local elements will be especially appropriate here (musicians, decor made from natural materials, earthenware, local oven-cooked dishes, clay jugs of wine).

First of all, in this category, we suggest  HoneyLi Hill — a small hotel with and a wedding venue with a beautiful view of the hills, mountains, and the village. This is a lovely, truly atmospheric place.

For intimate weddings of up to 20 people, we also recommend Terra Oliva Farm, an olive farm with ancient olives aged 300 to 1000 years old. It offers views of the green hills and valleys, and besides, this option will not hit the budget too much. Tell us about your preferences, and we will prepare a budget estimate.

At a Winery

Cypriot wineries are perfect for a wedding with a large number of guests. Our favorite is Hodjiantonas Winery near Limassol. It is one of the most beautiful, with good infrastructure and picturesque area. The main building of the winery is made of stone and is somewhat reminiscent of an ancient castle. There is also a spot for the ceremony near the gazebo on the green grass.

In Larnaca

Suppose you don’t have much time to spend in Cyprus and need to carry out the official registration of marriage rather quickly. Distances on the island are rather small, and the journey from Larnaca airport to the tourist area is about 20 minutes, and to Limassol — 35 minutes. In this post, we will focus on Larnaca, as there are many beautiful places for a photo shoot on your wedding day, and they are all close to each other.

The official ceremony conducted by the municipality of Larnaca can be arranged on the pier by the sea, and the fare will be lower than usual for an outdoor ceremony, since everything is close here. On the other side of the pier on the palm-lined promenade of Finikoudes is the ancient Larnaca fortress.

This is the very center of the city, three minutes from the charming church of St. Lazarus of the 14th century — and all these places are perfect for a varied wedding photo shoot.

Best of Luxurious

Of course, five-star hotels provide the highest level of service. We recommend the Anassa hotel, it is considered the best and most expensive hotel in Cyprus. The advantage of hotels is that their well-groomed territory has many nice little spots for an open ceremony. In addition, the couple will not need a transfer, which creates additional comfort and simplifies the schedule of the day.

One of the most luxurious among the isolated wedding venues is Lexeco Estate. It is not by the sea, situated in-land, and it has a very beautiful infrastructure: a green island, a church, a lake. This option is perfect for a wedding of up to 50 people.

For the Winter Months

In Cyprus, the weather is lovely almost all year round, and even in the winter, the chance that the weather will not interfere with an outdoor ceremony is about 80%. However, in the event of sudden rain or strong winds, a plan B is essential, so pier or cliff decks are not suitable for the winter months.

Among the venues for a small number of guests, we recommend Liopetro or Nikouklis, as they have closed rooms. And the most comfortable option is a wedding in a hotel, for example, Anassa, which we mentioned above. A huge plus is that you can schedule a ceremony outdoors, and with a high probability it will go well. But at the same time, in case of bad weather, the hotel can quickly transfer the ceremony and buffet reception to the veranda or to some kind of indoor space.

We have shared our favorite venues in Cyprus in some of the most requested categories. In fact, there are many more interesting places for a beautiful wedding ceremony in Cyprus, and we will definitely write about them. To keep up to date with new posts, follow our Instagram account. And to start planning your wedding in Cyprus right now, contact our specialists in any way convenient for you.