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Cyprus, the island of legends, where the ancient meets the modern, holds within its stunning vistas a plethora of venues that promise to elevate any wedding into an unforgettable experience. Amongst the jewels of this island are its breathtaking wedding venues, each offering a unique charm and luxury that captivates couples and guests alike. So, let’s find out where is best to get married in Cyprus? Here is Ori’s take on the top 10 locations for a wedding dinner in Cyprus.

Columbia Beach Resort - A Village by the Sea

Maximum capacity
 250 guests
Number of rooms
Dinner price
from €80 per person
Drinks package price
from €30 per person

Nestled along the azure waters of the popular Pissouri beach not far from Limassol, the Columbia Beach Resort stands as a testament to unique architecture. With its layout reminiscent of a charming Mediterranean village, this resort boasts a main building and bungalows set amidst paved streets. Here, every detail exudes 5-star service and luxury.

From a traditional Cypriot meze to the finest contemporary European cuisine, the resort offers a refreshing twist with different dinner formats for those seeking a distinctive dining experience. Whether in elegant indoor restaurant settings or romantic outdoor venues weddings, at Columbia Beach Resort are tailor-made for memories. Couples can exchange vows in the serene All Saints’ Church before reveling in the grand banquet hall, indulging in exquisite cuisine from various restaurants, all within the enchanting embrace of this coastal haven.

The following ceremony and dinner locations are available as a part of the venue:

Oval Terrace

The venue looks out on the hotel pool, garden and bay providing the perfect backdrop for a cocktail reception. Up to 70 guests may be accommodated for a reservation fee of  €300, and can enjoy drinks and canapés while admiring the captivating views.

Resort Lobbies

The lobbies are a great option to have during the winter season. They can host a large party for up to 200 participants with no extra reservation charge, and boast a stylish contemporary decor to match the style of your celebration.

East Lawns

The lawns on the east side of the resort with their serene atmosphere are perfect for a more intimate celebration with up to 50 guests. The reservation fee for this option is €300.

West Lawns

Charming lawns on the west side of the resort offer magnificent views and a spacious open-air area that can seat up to 250 people and costs €500 to reserve.

The dinner options available on both the West and East lawns are versatile. Depending on the number of guests, they may include a cocktail reception, individual serving, meze (served family-style at the table), or buffet-style dining. 

Eros Cocktail Bar Terrace

With its delicious selection of signature cocktails, Eros Cocktail Bar is the perfect place for some cocktail reception or welcome drink setting the tone and creating the vibe for the celebration evening before the dinner itself. The indoor bar boasts a stylish, nautical theme, while the terrace offers panoramic views of the west infinity pool and Pissouri Bay. It can host up to 80 people, with the reservation price of €300.

Ouzeri Bar

A traditional bar with natural stone decor, Ouzeri serves snacks and drinks, including ouzo – Greek dry anise-flavored alcoholic beverage. They also offer the locally-produced spirit zivania – Cypriot brandy, mixture of grape pomace and local dry wines – and wines from a private cellar. The bar will be comfortable for a celebration with up to 30 guests, and the reservation price is €300.

Poseidon Beach Bar

Surrounded by tall trees, this bar is a quiet oasis, where you can have a cool drink, delicious ice cream or tasty snack, while listening to the sound of the waves. The venue also provides mouthwatering meat dishes that are cooked under the stars on a fire-pit centered BBQ. The reservation price here is €400 for up to 70 guests.

All Saints Chapel

A marvelous little church with traditional architecture, the chapel seats up to 40 persons outside and accommodates up to 15 persons inside. With its stunning location overlooking the sea and vibrant interior, it provides an ideal setting for a wedding ceremony. The price of private reservation is €600.

Overall, this 5-star venue will be an excellent choice for a big luxury celebration with a large number of guests or a more private affair. The variety of settings and impeccable quality of service will leave you and your guests feeling pampered and well-entertained. However, please be advised that during high season it will only be possible for this location to host your event after booking accommodation for 3-5 nights.

Coral Residences - Coastal Elegance

Maximum capacity
 250 guests
Number of rooms
12 villas and 20 apartments
Dinner price
set menu from €110-130 per person, family menu from €65
Drinks package price
from €32-40 per person

For a more intimate affair by the sea, Coral Residences in Paphos beckons with its compact yet sophisticated venue. With a diverse cuisine featuring delectable flavors of International, Cypriot, and Asian dishes along with exquisite BBQ, the venue also caters to couples’ unique preferences by offering the flexibility to design a personalized menu tailored to their tastes and the celebration style. Positioned right next to the shoreline, this locale boasts a picturesque lawn surrounded by swaying trees, creating a serene ambiance. With a flexible area that easily accommodates marquees, couples have the freedom to customize their dream wedding. The venue is suitable for weddings of different scales, perfectly accommodating both intimate gatherings of 20-30 guests and grand celebrations hosting up to 100-200 guests. Here, you have the opportunity to allocate the required minimum deposit of €5.500 for private hire fees, as well as food and beverages.

Upper Area

The area combines breathtaking views with perfect surroundings for a private celebration with up to 150 guests. The available options for dinner include plated, family-style, buffet, or set menu.


Whether it’s an extravagant beachside party or a romantic ceremony with up to 150 guests, this venue can cater to every demand. Enjoy the sound of the waves and the feel of sunlight on your skin as you celebrate your big day.


With an uninterrupted seascape all around and flexible decor options, the Clubhouse will be ideal for an imaginative dinner party with up to 120 attendees.  

At Upper Area and Clubhouse, both set menu and buffet-style dining options are available, each offering an extensive selection of cold and hot starters, soups, and desserts to ensure a memorable dining experience. You can choose from set menu options, including a 4-course meal for up to 60 guests at €110 per person, a 6-course meal for 40 guests at €120 per person, or a 7-course meal for up to 25 guests at €130 per person. Alternatively, buffet-style dinners present three menu choices: the Cyprus menu at €65 per person, the carving menu at €70 per person, and the barbecue menu at €75 per person. Please note that there is a minimum requirement of 50 adults for each buffet option.

The Arena at Cap St Georges

Located at Coral Residences’ sister property, Cap St Georges Hotel and Resort, this venue is made for exclusive events, and can host up to 250 guests at a time.

This is not only the largest venue at Coral Residences but is also renowned for its culinary excellence. Seafood and local ingredients are expertly crafted into delectable dishes, representing the essence of Mediterranean and Cypriot cuisine. Culinary offerings extend to international cuisine particularly featuring Asian and Italian dishes.

Expert sommeliers will curate a selection of favorite wine and champagne labels to complement every moment of your celebration, from day to night.

The hiring fees for every venue at Coral Residences are the same and make up €2000 for private use when hiring its ceremony, cocktail & reception venues. The price is valid until midnight, and afterwards every extra hour costs an additional €250. If you hire a ceremony and cocktail or reception venue, then the price will be €1500.

HoneyLi Hill - A Hilltop Haven

Maximum capacity
320 guests
up to 11 guests
Dinner price
buffet menu from €75, traditional menu from €82
Drinks package price
from €17 per person

Perched atop a scenic hill, HoneyLi Hill offers a romantic setting against the backdrop of white cliffs. Framed by the grandeur of surrounding mountains, its quaint chapel nestled below offers a picturesque setting for ceremonies.

Here, you can enjoy a dinner featuring traditional cuisine. The dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients, will infuse your party with authentic Cypriot flavors. A wedding here promises a unique experience. Couples can exchange vows amidst island’s breathtaking landscapes, complemented by the venue’s rustic charm. 

The Villa

A stunning family-owned villa on a majestic hill, the venue is a fantastic place for any intimate wedding event with no more than 11 guests, for a fee of  €950 for two nights of festivities.

The Chapel

A private chapel with a quaint rustic look, it offers couples an opportunity to have an unforgettable event, surrounded by rolling hills. It can host up to 320 guests, and the price is €350.

The Love Gazebo

Hidden away among the venue’s picturesque gardens, the gazebo can seat a party of up to 40 people in perfect seclusion. The reservation price for this location is €1500.

The Mountain Hub

The hub is a lovely retreat that mixes capacity, great service and an atmosphere of relaxation, offering an area for up to 100 guests for the fee of €1500.

The Hill Area for Dinner

Promising marvelous hill views, this area is one of the most spacious on offer, with the capacity to accommodate up to 320 attendees, and a reservation fee of €1500.

Here, an open-air wedding dinner creates an enchanting atmosphere of rustic chic where you and your guests can indulge in delicious culinary delights of Mediterranean and European cuisine, with the option of either table service or buffet-style dining. 

Dafermou Winery - A Modern Affair

Maximum capacity
350 guests
Dinner price
from €60 per person, wine included
Drinks package price
hard liquors from €10 per person

Just a stone’s throw from Lefkara, the Dafermou Winery presents a modern oasis for wedding celebrations. Here, ceremonies and dinners unfold against an open-air backdrop, with a well-stocked bar and dancefloor to keep the festivities alive.

The spacious indoor hall, with its modern design and expansive windows, offers panoramic views of the surrounding vineyards. Guests can also enjoy the unique experience of witnessing the winemaking process through transparent views into the winery’s operations. Exquisite variations of Mediterranean flavors, paired with wines from the Dafermou Winery, guarantee you and your guests a delightful wedding dinner. 

Outdoor venue

A spacious grassy area that can be transformed according to your taste for an ultimate celebration. It works especially well for large gatherings, so if you are planning a grand wedding, this venue seats 300 people and is available for reservation at €8750. The outdoor area is available from May to October. Here, against the backdrop of the sunset, candles and lights will illuminate the venue, adding magic to your evening. The dinner is presented in a buffet style, offering guests a wide array of delicious dishes to choose from.

Indoor venue

An extravagant dining area that has everything you need to celebrate in style. Here, quaint rustic charm meets modern decor, and the delectable wines and dishes served will take your breath away. It’s a great choice for a party with up to 350 guests, with a fee of €8750.

Terrace, 2nd floor

The terrace of Dafermou Winery offers visitors picturesque vineyard views, as well as a sunlit sitting area and wonderful Mediterranean food. While not as spacious as its sister venues, it can host up to 200 guests and has the same reservation prices of €8750.

Dafermou Winery is a fantastic choice for wine-lovers but will prove no less exciting if you appreciate a chance to experience the best of the Cypriot countryside hospitality.

Minthis Hills - Tranquility Amidst Nature

Maximum capacity
350 guests
Number of rooms
Dinner price
from €70 per person
Drinks package price
€35 per person

For those seeking tranquility amidst nature’s embrace, Minthis Hills offers a peaceful retreat. Set amidst verdant landscapes, this venue promises relaxation and enjoyment in equal measure.

The culinary offerings here are a delight, complemented by impeccable service that ensures every guest feels pampered and attended to. Chefs generously incorporate the gifts of Minthis’s land as ingredients, such as hand-picked nuts and figs, herbs, honey from their own beehives, olive oil from local olive groves, and fruits from gardens, creating exquisite dishes that pair wonderfully with the finest Cypriot and international wines.

Monastery Courtyard

Celebrate your wedding in the courtyard of the 12th century cloister on the grounds of the resort. The refined historical atmosphere of this place is bound to make your ceremony an unforgettable occasion. Here, you can invite up to 80 guests, and the reservation fee is €800.

Clubhouse Restaurant

A luxury dining spot overlooking the resort’s golf greens boasts a world-class menu of mouth-watering dishes, made with locally-sourced organic ingredients. You can easily reserve this venue for €1000 and host up to 120 guests.

Lawns for Ceremony and Dinner

Lush green lawns provide a picturesque backdrop for both ceremonies and dinners. Impeccably maintained lawns of Minthis Hills are a great choice for an open-air ceremony, and can be reserved for €800 to celebrate the occasion with up to 200 guests. 

The lawns of the resort make an equally attractive diner venue selection. Enjoy the sun, fresh air and green surroundings with up to 200 attendees for a fee of €1000. A gentle lavender breeze and tender sunlight infuse the air with an incredible fragrance from the garden of aromatic herbs, creating an atmosphere of pure magic. As the evening approaches and the sky is painted with the soft hues of sunset, the lawn transforms into a corner filled with warmth and romance, perfect for sharing laughter, love, and creating unforgettable memories.

Guests will have the choice between buffet or sharing menus. The diverse buffet menu offers an array of salads, appetizers, dips, hot dishes, a delightful carvery station, and delectable desserts. Alternatively, there are sharing menu options, including both cold and hot starters, along with an enticing selection of main courses to cater to every palate.

We highly recommend this venue for an event with a large group of guests and a stylish but reserved feel. 

Ktima Alassos - Secluded Serenity

Maximum capacity
100 guests
Dinner price
from €36 per person
Drinks package price
from €32 (€10.50 per extra hour)

Ceremony and Dinner Venue

Located on the shores of Paphos, Ktima Alassos beckons with its spacious and secluded setting. Ideal for grand weddings, this venue features a ceremony area overlooking the sea, followed by open-air dinners on its expansive lawn. The secluded beach adds a touch of exclusivity, while the stunning sunsets create a magical backdrop for unforgettable moments. This exclusive venue has a rental fee of €1150 total rental fee, and €950 without ceremony, with a minimum spent on food & beverages of €3500 weekdays and €5000 weekends.

Here you’ll discover a wide range of cuisines to suit every taste. The international menu features a delightful selection of dishes, ensuring that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. For those seeking a taste of local flavor, Cypriot cuisine presents an authentic culinary experience. Whether you prefer the variety of a buffet-style meal, the elegance of a set menu, or the exquisite flavors of meze, the venue promises a dining experience that leaves a lasting impression.

For dinner, there are various drink packages priced from €32 (€10.50 per extra hour) to €42 per person for a 4-hour duration (€13 per extra hour). Additionally, standard and premium packages are available at €52 (€16 per extra hour) and €82 per person (€24 per extra hour) respectively, for the same duration. Cocktail and drinks reception costs range from €15 to €21 per person per hour. Hot, cold, and sweet canapés are priced at €1.95 per piece, with a minimum order requirement of 4 pieces per person.

Dinner menus offer a diverse range of culinary experiences, from the English BBQ priced at €45 per person to the Cyprus BBQ at €55. For those seeking a variety of flavors, the Meze option is available at €64 per person. Additionally, the set menu starts from €46, while the Carving buffet menu is priced at €62 per person.

Cavo Zoe - Intimate Luxury

Maximum capacity
200 guests
Number of rooms
Dinner price
from €50 per person
Drinks package price
from €40 per person

Tucked away in Protaras, the Cavo Zoe Hotel offers a private and intimate setting for wedding celebrations. The spacious lawn, with its protective dome against the elements, ensures that outdoor dinners proceed without a hitch. It serves as a space for both ceremonies and dinners, providing an open-air setting for guests to gather and celebrate special occasions.

Adjacent to the lawn stands the Amavi Events venue, featuring a large covered gazebo for hosting dinners under its sheltering roof. The nearby modern church adds to the convenience, providing couples with the option of a seamless ceremony and reception in a luxurious yet private environment.

Agios Andreas Chapel

A venue that can be booked upon your request, the chapel is fit for a cozy celebration with up to 20 guests.

Amani Events Venue

A brand new venue suited both to ceremonies, receptions and dinners, Amani can be an elegant solution for a wedding with up to 200 guests. The reservation fee makes up €1750 for a ceremony and reception, €500 for ceremony only and €1500 reception only.

At Cavo Zoe, buffet menus are designed for a minimum of 40 persons, with a minimum charge of 40 applying for smaller groups. Guests can enjoy the Cyprus Speciality Buffet at €60 per adult, indulge in the Barbecue Buffet for €65 per adult, or savor the flavors of the Mediterranean with the Mediterranean Buffet at €70 per adult. For those seeking an elevated dining experience, the premium buffet is available at €90 per adult.

Set menus are offered for parties of up to 40 guests, with options ranging from €50 to €60 per adult. Meze menus, suitable for parties of up to 50 guests, include the local meze at €50 per adult and the premium meze at €60 per adult.

Dinner drinks packages are priced between €40 and €60.

For a sophisticated start to the event, couples can choose a cocktail reception, featuring a selection of cold, hot, and sweet canapés at €3 per piece. Alternatively, they can opt for the canapé package at €20 per person for a delightful assortment.

Choosing Cavo Zoe as your venue, you choose comfort and relaxation that will be available to you, regardless of the number of guests or wedding arrangements.

Anassa Hotel - A Paradise Unveiled

Maximum capacity
300 guests
Number of rooms
Dinner price
from €110 per person
Drinks package price
from €38 per person

At the easternmost point of the island, overlooking Pomos Beach, the Anassa Hotel stands as a beacon of luxury and opulence. With its sprawling wings enveloped in blooming gardens, this hotel offers unparalleled privacy and tranquility. Each room boasts a private entrance, allowing guests to move freely without interruption. The exquisite restaurants, adorned with marble and bathed in natural light, promise culinary delights amidst a serene ambiance.

One of the unique features of Anassa is that they make all of their cheese, bread, pastries, jams, and sauces onsite, ensuring the freshest and most authentic flavors, including options that are gluten, sugar, and dairy-free. Additionally, they promote seasonal local produce and specialties. Here, guests can immerse themselves in the peaceful symphony of nature, with birdsong and fluttering butterflies creating an idyllic backdrop to unforgettable moments.

Basiliko Restaurant

The Basiliko is a well-known signature restaurant of the hotel, where you can enjoy a candlelit dinner with a small party of guests. It can accommodate a banquet-style event for 40 guests, arranged with four round tables seating 10 guests each. Its atmospheric halls can be reached by a winding staircase that leads into a stone cavern with vaulted ceilings, also featuring an intimate courtyard. Here, vibrant Asian cuisine harmoniously blends with enchanting Mediterranean flavors. From pillowy soft bites of Alaskan Crab to melt-in-the-mouth Beef Tataki, guests can indulge in our exquisite set menu offerings at Basiliko.  A reservation is possible for a €4500 fee.

Zephyros Ballroom

Situated on the ground floor of the hotel, Zephyros is its most spacious and opulent venue. It can be used for a gala dinner or a formal banquet, and the adjacent luxurious foyer can make the couple’s entrance appear truly special. The area can be booked for €2000 and offers 280 seats for your guests. At Anassa, buffet-style dining offers two international buffets alongside a Cypriot buffet, featuring an array of appetizers and salads, hot and cold dishes, as well as desserts for €85.00 per person. For those seeking an elegant dining experience, the plated set menu offers a variety of menus, with prices ranging between €120 and €150 per person. The meze menu, featuring the traditional Cypriot meze served sharing style on the table is priced between €110.00 and €130.00 per person.

Village Square

With the hotel’s chapel as a charming backdrop, this venue emulates the authentic feeling and atmosphere of a real village square, complete with all the facilities needed for a lavish dinner. It is spacious enough to accommodate up to 300 people for a fee of €2500. Buffet options feature hot and cold dishes, signature homemade dips, live grilled meat and fish, and wood-fired oven specialties, priced at €90.00 per person. International buffet options include hot lamp stations, priced at €95.00 per person, and the international live station buffet ranging from €130 to €140.00 per person. For an elevated experience, couples can opt for the grand buffet at €150.00 per person. Plated set menu options at Village Square offer a selection of menus priced between €120 and €150 per person. Additionally, meze menu options, where all menu items are served sharing-style on the table, are priced between €110 and €130 per person.


This nightclub is a place where dining meets lively music and dancing for an energetic finale to your wedding celebration. Up to 150 attendees can dance the night away at this amazing venue, and the reservation price is €1000. Here, your after-dinner party can last until 3 a.m. The dining option available is after-party beverages and snacks of your choice, which are served at the open bar.

Sunset Terrace

A well-placed location, this area offers fantastic views over the Akamas Peninsula and unrivaled privacy, which makes it great for intimate ceremonies and dining settings. Catering to 20 guests for a ceremony, 40 guests for a cocktail party and 16 guests for a wedding dinner, it is available at €1000 reservation price. The dining options include either a buffet or a set menu. From delicious seafood delicacies and meat to flavorful vegetarian dishes, the dining options cater to diverse tastes and preferences, ensuring a memorable culinary experience for all guests.


The restaurant is a venue that is best reserved for private formal dinners, where the guests can savor Mediterranean cuisine and rest on a large outdoor terrace with olive trees, overlooking Latchi bay. It can seat 100 guests inside and 140 outside with a reservation costing €2000.

Amorosa Terrace

An elegant indoor-outdoor venue, Amorosa offers a quiet retreat with stunning views from high above the bay. For your dining pleasure, you can entertain up to 110 guests, and up to 300 at a cocktail party, all for a reservation price of €2000.

The Chapel

The nearby chapel may be an ideal choice for a more reserved, and private, celebration. It can host up to 40 people and the reservation fee is €500.

The Anassa hotel is a diverse and flexible location that can offer you the celebration of your dreams no matter the scale and style.

Parklane Hotel - A Sanctuary of Comfort

Maximum capacity
550 guests
Number of rooms
Dinner price
from €75 per person set menu, from €80 buffet menu
Drinks package price
from €48 per person

As one of Cyprus’s newest and most luxurious hotels, the Parklane Hotel offers a sanctuary for lovers of comfort and indulgence. Situated next to the sea, near Limassol, this modern architectural marvel boasts expansive halls and banquet spaces. The hotel’s vast territory includes a spa complex and a sandy beach, promising a plethora of activities for guests of all ages.

With its Disney-like center for kids and luxurious amenities, the Parklane Hotel ensures that every moment is filled with joy and relaxation. In this unique resort, guests can explore four distinct restaurants, an experimental bar, an exceptional sushi venue and a poolside lunch spot. They have an opportunity to indulge in dishes ranging from local to Mediterranean, Greek, French, and Italian cuisine.

Diamond Ballroom

An elaborately designed space, the ballroom features a column-free area with high ceilings and spectacular lighting. It can be adapted to any requirement, while its size – 800 square meters – makes it perfect for a grand party with many layers of entertainment and fine dining. Reservation is available at €3000 and the largest number of guests that can attend is 500. Diamond buffet menu is available for a minimum of 50 persons at €110 per person.

Great Lawns

The sun-kissed lawns of the hotel are a perfect spot for a grand open-air party. Accommodating up to 350 people, they let you enjoy fine Cyprus weather as a part of your special day. The reservation price here is also €3000. 

Parklane Hotel offers set menus and Cypriot buffet menu choices: the 3-course set menu is available at €75 per person and the 4-course menu is priced at €90 per person.  For those seeking a taste of authentic Cypriot cuisine, the Cyprus buffet menu awaits, offering a culinary journey filled with local delights, priced at €80 per person for a minimum of 50 guests. When it comes to drinks, there are both local and international options. The local drinks package costs €46 per person, while the international drinks package costs €110 per person.

Amphora Hall

Amphora Hall can accommodate up to 50 people within its stylishly decorated walls. This inviting space with high ceilings is bathed in natural daylight, due to the panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows. The room opens onto a terrace with a view of the sea. Perfect for an intimate dinner, this venue can be reserved for €3000. You and your guests will explore a diverse range of flavors of local and international cuisines. Couples have an opportunity to customize the menu to craft a banquet as unique as their love story.

Nammos Limassol Restaurant

A luxury restaurant of the Nammos family, this venue offers delicious Mediterranean dishes with the finest local ingredients, sourced only from premium farms and trusted fishing partners. Boasting subdued chic decor, it will be a fantastic place to celebrate your wedding with a party of up to 200 guests. Reservations are possible at €8000 – 10000.


Nestled on the seaside, amidst majestic palms, these secluded gazebos have been thoughtfully designed specifically for a couple in love to enjoy a dinner under the open sky. Every charming gazebo provides seating for up to 4 people. Here, in an atmosphere filled with the warmth of the sea breeze and the gentle glow of lanterns, you can share tender moments in comfort and luxury.

Park Room Hall

A large celebration area that can seat up to 200 people, Park Room Hall is suitable for any event style. Apart from its impressive size, the venue opens into a terrace with scenic sea views. The reservation fee for this option is €3650. Here, the Park buffet menu is offered, meticulously crafted for a minimum of 50 persons, priced at €95 per person.

Park Room Terrace

A scenically placed terrace adjacent to the Hall, this area offers visitors panoramic views over the sea and a chance to have a fantastic celebration with an indoor-outdoor setting. It can host up to 300 people for a reception and has a reservation price of €5000. The menu includes 5 cold canapés served with premium prosecco and non-alcoholic fruit punch at €30 per person.

The Chapel area

The chapel is secluded in the hotel’s gardens, providing a private area for a celebration that appears intimate even with a large number of guests. The area around the chapel can easily accommodate up to 350 guests for a fee of €3000.

Clearly, the Parklane Hotel is a venue for those who appreciate luxury and highest quality of service. It has impressive venues for both indoor and outdoor events of any size and imaginative power.

Elysium Hotel Paphos - A Castle of Dreams

Maximum capacity
600 guests
Number of rooms
Dinner price
from €64 per person
Drinks package price
from €40 per person

Stepping into the Elysium Hotel Paphos is like entering a fairytale castle from medieval times. This five-star marvel boasts a sprawling territory dotted with secluded corners and enchanting features. From a drawbridge entrance to a chessboard amphitheater and a beautiful library, every corner exudes charm and elegance. Guests can dine in style at a selection of restaurants offering diverse cuisines, all while basking in the beauty of the sea views and lush greenery. 

In the restaurants of Elysium Hotel, you can enjoy dishes from international cuisine, including Italian and Japanese specialties. Restaurants provide visitors with delicious gastronomic delights, featuring appetizing and healthy cuisine crafted from local, fresh, and aromatic ingredients; the kitchens receive daily deliveries of numerous vegetables and herbs grown by local farmers on the lands adjacent to the hotel premises.

The hotel’s skilled team of chefs has prepared an inspired authentic selection of menus to suit any event from small to large. A wide range of cocktail menus, set menus and buffet menus as well as canape selections and much more have been created. Those menus feature authentic recipes showcasing dishes from Cyprus and around the world. Whether you desire a truly traditional Cyprus cuisine or would like to sample a more international cuisine, chefs will create a menu that is perfectly aligned with your culinary vision.

With its meticulous attention to detail, including a luxurious spa and top-notch service, the Elysium Hotel Paphos promises a wedding experience straight out of a dream.

The Mediterraneo Restaurant

Just a few steps away from the sea, this open-air restaurant offers a blend of tradition and sophistication. You can host up to 120 guests in this charming venue, with music and delectable local Cypriot dishes available for a reservation fee of €850. The restaurant offers a choice between a set menu and a buffet, as well as a delightful meze menu option. 

Sunset Pier

For an intimate dinner gathering of up to 12 guests, bask in the secluded charm of the venue’s pier. It indulges its visitors in a bespoke dining experience, with a personal chef preparing mouthwatering dishes with a dramatic sunset backdrop. The reservation fee is €500 for 2 persons, plus an extra €240 per additional couple.

The Atrium

This indoor oasis, adorned with mosaics, urns, and a timber roof, accommodates up to 90 guests for a dinner party, and up to 450 for cocktails. Available for a fee of €600, it offers a versatile space for your celebration, ensuring a memorable evening. Whether you prefer a formal plated dining experience accompanied by wines and concluded with petit fours (bite-sized desserts) and coffee, or if you wish to explore global cuisines in a cultural celebration, this venue will offer various styles to suit your preferences.

The Messina Hall

A luxury hall with paneled ceilings, marble floors and enormous windows, the Messina delivers a sense of magnificence and intimacy that is hard to find elsewhere. Typically chosen for smaller events, it provides seating arrangements for up to 50 people, and can be reserved for €450. Your guests will be delighted by the diverse culinary offerings of the Messina Hall, featuring both the set menu and the meze menu selections.

The Basilica Foyer

Adjoined to the Basilica ballroom, the foyer features an attached terrace, providing guests with a seamless transition to an outdoor setting. Ideal for gatherings of up to 50 guests, the venue can be used not only for a small intimate wedding dinner but also a pre-dinner drinks area. The venue provides a delightful balance of elegance and comfort at €500 as a dinner reservation price. Along with a set menu, it offers a meze menu, where all items are served on the table to be shared among guests.

The Basilica Ballroom

Step into grandeur at the spacious Basilica Ballroom, reminiscent of an ancient basilica with Byzantine tapestry motifs. Hosting up to 300 guests in this pillar-free hall, you can enjoy a lavish feast as you celebrate your love amidst opulent surroundings. To reserve this venue, the fee is €950. Moreover, the hall can be subdivided into three smaller rooms and is ideally suited for smaller banquets and receptions. At this venue, guests are offered three menu options of hot fork buffets, each featuring a selection of cold dishes, hot specialties, a carving station, and desserts.

The Ristorante Bacco

The Ristorante Bacco at the Elysium Hotel offers its guests gourmet Italian cuisine, paired with the finest wines, all in an intimate atmosphere of a canopied courtyard. It seats up to 40 people indoors and 100 outdoors and can be reserved for your wedding dinner for  €650.

The Life-Giving-Source Chapel

Nestled at the hotel’s forefront, this intimate chapel hosts up to 30 guests inside, with an option of additional seating arrangements to be made outdoors. The reservation price for this area is €450.

The Library Terrace

Delight in sunset vistas at this outdoor venue, serenaded by the ocean’s melody and palm tree reflections. Live saxophone tunes or relaxing background music can be arranged for the cocktail reception. This expansive terrace doubles as a perfect spot for fireworks, adding a magical touch to your evening. Reservation can be made for an outdoor cocktail party with up to 750 guests for €600.

The Seafront Venue

First introduced in 2019, this venue offers elegant style and exceptional service. Located right at the seaside, it’s perfect for an intimate party of 40. The venue gives couples an opportunity to dine under the stars with pristine sand and the sound of waves as an accompaniment. A four-course sharing-style menu is offered, accompanied by unlimited classic beverages for 4 hours, featuring house wines, local beers, soft drinks, and mineral water. Here, guests also can enjoy a specialized menu featuring live cooking; a full-flame BBQ menu awaits, served directly to the table. This includes a cold selection presented on sharing platters, hot specialties prepared live by chefs at the grill station, and dessert platters served on sharing platters at the table. This venue requires a reservation fee of €1950.

Orpheus Amphitheatre

This venue is a stylish outdoor seating area that is reminiscent of traditional ancient amphitheaters. It can accommodate up to 90 persons, and the reservation fee is €600, with an outdoor cocktail option for €450. The hotel presents a wide variety of beverage packages to complement any cocktail reception, dinner, or after-dinner event. Guests can choose from a selection of local and international drinks, accompanied by carefully curated assortments of nuts and assorted crudités. Celebrate with champagne or sparkling wine receptions. Additionally, guests can enjoy an exotic and tropical fruit punch reception, featuring a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic fruit punches garnished with fresh seasonal fruit.

It’s worth mentioning, that the hotel offers a sample menu tasting for wedding couples or the nearest relatives. Any additional guests will be charged at €55 per person. Menu tastings are available once the couple has finalized their menu selection and are limited to the dishes included in that specific menu. It’s important to mention that the hotel doesn’t offer tastings for all items listed in their banquet menus.

Thanks to the great variety of venues at this location, the Elysium Hotel can cater to any celebration type.


To summarize, Cyprus stands as a haven for couples seeking a dinner at the perfect wedding destination, with its array of enchanting venues offering luxury, charm, and breathtaking natural beauty. Whether exchanging vows by the sea, amidst vineyards, or atop scenic hills, Cyprus promises to weave unforgettable moments into the fabric of your love story. Needless to say, we at Ori voted these destinations асthe best choices for couples hands-down. Anyway, each venue possesses its own distinct charm, just as every wedding does, and we are here to assist you in selecting the perfect setting that reflects your style and vision. By carefully curating the best venues and considering a wide variety of wedding preferences, we at Ori have crafted a selection of comprehensive wedding packages in Cyprus to cater to every couple’s unique vision. Follow the link to explore our packages further.  Just get in touch with us and we will support you at every stage of making your dream come true.