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Official marriage registration in Georgia and Cyprus

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Marriage registration is a significant milestone for couples, marking the official establishment of their marital status. Our agency offers professional services for organizing marriage registration in Georgia and Cyprus. Whether you choose to register your marriage in Georgia, amidst the beauty of the capital, Tbilisi, or have a ceremony in Cyprus, on the sunny island of love, we will handle everything to ensure a smooth process for you, without any difficulties.

Due to the adept organization and support of our experienced team, you won’t have to worry about the complexities that may arise during the documentation process or in dealing with governmental authorities. Our wedding planners will provide you with all the necessary information regarding legal requirements, the application process, venue selection for the ceremony and other essential aspects.

We guarantee professional support at every stage of the process, from preparing the necessary documents to finalizing the legalization and sending the marriage certificate to your country. You can enjoy the wonderful moments and the beginning of a new chapter in your married life, knowing that your registration will proceed just as you planned.

Marriage Registration with Ori

We have been helping many couples in registering their marriage. There are several reasons why they prefer us

Extensive experience in organizing marriage registrations

For over 7 years, we’ve been organizing marriage registrations. Having dealt with a wide variety of challenging situations associated with this process, we are well aware of all its intricacies and are ready to take full responsibility for the documentation so that you can focus on the important moments of your wedding without worrying about bureaucratic matters.


Specialized department managing marriage registration

The Ori agency has a separate department specializing exclusively in documentation related to marriage registration. We understand the concerns and anxieties that can arise, especially when it comes to paperwork and formalities. We’ve established this department to be able to provide comprehensive and personalized solutions for every couple.


Marriage registration for couples from different countries

Marriage registration for couples from different countries requires special attention to detail. Georgia and Cyprus are popular wedding destinations and over the years we have assisted many couples from various countries to get married in these two countries. We will help you navigate through all the specific aspects of marriage registration for foreign couples in Georgia and Cyprus.

Discover all the opportunities

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Would you prefer a private registration for just the two of you, or a destination wedding with a ceremony and guests?

In Georgia and Cyprus, you can choose the perfect format for your marriage registration that aligns with your desires and preferences

Why Georgia

Among the advantages of official marriage registration in Georgia for foreigners are:

Minimal document requirements

Visa-free regime for most countries

Marriage registration in just 1 day

Georgian marriage certificate recognized worldwide

No obstacles to registration for couples of different religions

There are many options for organizing a ceremony: in the public hall of the House of Justice, in wedding halls, or an outdoor ceremony in the mountains, in the vineyards, overlooking the lake, or stunning venues with a city view, and so on.

Local charming atmosphere, exquisite national cuisine and wine, alongside Georgian hospitality.

Why Cyprus

Among the advantages of official marriage registration in Georgia for foreigners are:

Easy and simple visa procedures (visa-free entry for citizens of 90 countries)

Quick legalization of the marriage certificate

Cyprus is one of the most romantic places on Earth, as it is here that the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, was born.

Due to its excellent climate (324 sunny days a year), Cyprus is a wonderful place not only for weddings but also for honeymoons.

Mediterranean hospitality and European-level service

Documents List

We have gathered all the documents required for marriage registration

How will the marriage registration take place?

The preparation and process of marriage registration consist of several stages

Consultation with our wedding planner

We’ll help you identify the necessary documents and answer any questions you may have.

Providing necessary documents

You send the required documents via email. Our agency will arrange for translation and notarization.

Submitting the application

Accompanied by our wedding planner, you submit the application, specifying the day, time, and location of the registration.

Marriage registration

After confirmation of the application, you arrive at the designated time and place where you have chosen to tie the knot (Ministry of Justice, Registry Office, or an outdoor ceremony at your chosen location).

Fast and Hassle-Free Marriage Registration

Planning to register your marriage but not sure how to start?

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Best offers for marriage registration in Cyprus

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We organize weddings at the most romantic and picturesque venues in Georgia and Cyprus


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From the specifics of marriage registration for foreign citizens to selecting a venue and organizing the ceremony: everything you need to know about marriage registration in Georgia, Cyprus, and Greece
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