How to Get Legally Married in Georgia?

With picturesque locations and stunning wedding venues to choose from, it’s no surprise that more couples than ever are considering legal marriage in Georgia. Before you start planning an overseas wedding anywhere in the world, it’s important to take the time to research the local wedding laws. Many foreigners face similar challenges, but after reading this guide, you’ll find that there are many ways in which you can host your dream wedding in this country. Keep reading as we share everything you need to know about getting legally married in Georgia and the key documents you’ll need to prepare.

There are so many reasons why Georgia has become a popular wedding destination in recent years. The beautiful scenery across the country means you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect location for your wedding. On top of that, the hospitality and cuisine in this country has an excellent reputation, ensuring the catering at your wedding venue is of exceptional taste and style.

One of the main reasons that people travel here from overseas for a wedding is to save money. You’ll find that wedding venues and caterers offer great value-for-money packages, and your savings will go much further here than they would in countries such as the UK and the US. Some couples, especially ones that come from two different countries, are unable to get married in their home country due to religious or bureaucratic reasons. Georgia is open to welcoming couples from all religions, so you can avoid these complications and get married much quicker than you thought possible. It’s an option that couples from around the world who are required to be married to gain citizenship or a visa for their home country often consider to speed up this process.

There are plenty of good reasons to get married in Georgia, and with the ease of the wedding planning process here, we are seeing more and more couples looking at this amazing country as a wedding destination. No matter what type of wedding you’ve always dreamed of, you’ll find that there are many options on offer to you across the country.

The affordability of weddings in Georgia is one of the top reasons we see couples travel here. Not only are flights available from throughout Europe, and there are good connections from places around the world, but you’ll also find that getting around the country is easy. Accommodation costs will be much lower here than elsewhere in the region, helping you extend your stay if you would like to enjoy your honeymoon here. It’s also less off-putting for family members and friends who you want to be part of your big day, as they’ll find it’s not as costly as some overseas weddings.

Compared to many other places you might consider getting married, such as Spain, Italy, the UK, the US, or France, you’ll find that you might even be able to lower your wedding costs by half. The venue rentals, wedding services, and catering are much cheaper here for the most part, and when you take the time to shop around and find the option that fits your budget, you’ll be able to make your wedding more affordable than you ever imagined possible.

Marriage Registration Fees in Georgia

Our agency offers several comprehensive packages for marriage registration. We’ve meticulously considered every aspect, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free process. The package for marriage registration at the House of Justice costs ₾1275 ($475). It includes the organization of the ceremony in a public hall, necessary paperwork for official registration, the ceremony conducted by a Justice hall officer in Georgian, translation services (for the ceremony), and transportation for the couple and witnesses to the ceremony (if needed). Additionally, there is an extra charge for holding the ceremony in a private hall: 169 GEL (62 USD) on weekdays and 258 GEL (95 USD) on weekends.

Our official registration package for residents of the UAE is priced at 1629 GEL (603 USD), while for residents of Israel, it is available at 440 USD or 1190 GEL.

Georgia Weddings Legal Requirements

When it comes to the legal requirements of getting married in Georgia, the good news is that they welcome couples who are not citizens of the country. You don’t need a residence permit to get married here, but you will need to ensure you have the documents ready for this process. No particular religion needs to be followed to get married here, making this an option that’s more accessible than in some other countries. For citizens of 94 countries, you don’t even need a visa to visit the country and get married. People are always surprised by how quick and easy the paperwork process is here compared to other foreign weddings, meaning you can prepare your wedding documents in just a day or two if needed.

A marriage performed in Georgia will be recognized as legal around the world. To get married here, you will need two witnesses, but you don’t need permission from the bride’s father or guardian in order to register the marriage. The minimum age for marriage is 18 and no medical exam is needed before the ceremony. As you can see, there are fewer hurdles to jump over in Georgia than in some other countries, which is why it’s becoming such a popular option with visitors from around the world.

Quick and Easy Marriage Registration Process in Georgia

While you do need to make sure you follow the guidelines we share here, you’ll be pleased to learn that getting married in Georgia is so much quicker to plan than many other countries. Couples can speed up their wedding process if needed, with many couples completing everything, including the wedding ceremony, in just one day. This can help you if you are dealing with bureaucratic challenges related to your partnership or children.

Application Procedure

Our planner ensures all application requirements are met and guides you through the application process. Submitting documents at the House of Justice typically takes 20-40 minutes. In case a power of attorney is sent to the wedding planner, the couple’s physical presence isn’t necessary.

The permission for marriage registration can be obtained in just a few minutes or hours, thanks to how effective the administration processes are here. If you are seeking a quick and plain registration without a ceremony, you can opt for registration in the House of Justice hall. After submitting your application, wait for confirmation, typically within 40 minutes to a maximum of 5 hours. Your wedding planner will then receive an SMS verifying document approval, permitting you to proceed with the marriage registration.

Legalization of marriage certificate

The legalization of marriage certificates typically ranges from 1 to 8 days, depending on the urgency. On the other hand, legalization at the consulate may extend the timeframe by an additional 2-3 days. Another advantage of marriage certificate legalization in Georgia is that the couple isn’t required to stay in Georgia throughout the entire legalization process. All necessary procedures can be efficiently completed without their physical presence and subsequently sent to them via mail. That said, the couple’s presence is only required for the marriage registration itself.

Do You Need a Witness to Get Married in Georgia?

To get married in Georgia, you will need two witnesses to make the wedding official. This isn’t as challenging as you might think though. The first option is to have your friends or relatives who are attending the wedding be your witnesses. This could be anyone from your travel party that you would like to select for this role. 

If you are planning an intimate wedding in Georgia with just yourself and your partner, Ori agency can support you by providing witnesses. This means you can go ahead and have your dream wedding without worrying about fulfilling this legal requirement. Just make sure you check ahead of time that this is something that can be offered to you to avoid issues closer to your wedding date. In case you have your own witnesses accompanying you for registration, make sure they bring their valid passports. Our agency will provide the notarized translations of their passports if they are non-citizens of the country.

What Documents Do Foreign Citizens Need to Get Married in Georgia?

In order to enter the country and get married, you’ll need

  • a valid passport that is still in date. The passport will then need to be translated into the local language, and the passport should be certified by a notary.
  • If this marriage is not your first marriage, then you’ll need a divorce or death certificate from your previous marriage. This certificate will also need to be translated, notarized and apostilled (if your country has ratified the Apostille Convention) or legalized with the embassy seal (for non-convention countries) by your country of residence.
  • If you have a minor child, their birth certificate must also be notarized and apostilled (if your country is a member of the Apostille Convention) or legalized with the embassy seal (for countries not part of the convention) by the relevant authorities in your country of residence.

So, the good news regarding the paperwork is, that if you have not been married before, then you only need passports for marriage registration. Download the list of required documents for marriage registration in Georgia, created by our team. There, you’ll find a comprehensive list of documents required for citizens of different countries. When it comes to the translation and notarization of your documents, our agency will ensure it is handled efficiently and accurately.

What Do Foreigners Need for a Wedding in Georgia?

Once you’ve decided that you are going to get married in Georgia, you’ll want to prepare everything so that you can focus on enjoying your wedding ceremony. The first step is to make sure you have the key documents we shared above. Many couples from overseas opt to work with a local wedding planning agency to take care of all of the details of the wedding. This can be especially useful if you are not able to visit many times before your wedding and can help to take any of the stress away from your wedding day.

Ahead of your ceremony, you’ll need to submit an application for marriage with the House of Justice in Georgia. This will allow you to get the license for your marriage. Your wedding registration will take place when you are in the country, and this is when you’ll need to have your two witnesses present. They will consent to your marriage, and then you’ll be given the certificate of marriage. You can then relax and enjoy your wedding ceremony and celebration. To make this process less stressful, we recommend spending a little time in the country ahead of your big day so you can ensure there are no delays in the process.

Can You Get Married at 18 in Georgia?

Couples who are 18 are allowed to get married in Georgia. Both locals and visitors from overseas who are looking to get married at this age are welcome to plan a wedding here. You’ll follow the same process as shared above for all of the paperwork elements of the wedding planning when getting married at the age of 18. You will still need to have the two witnesses in place but remember that you can also find these through our agency. 

A big advantage for younger couples looking to get married here is that parental approval is not required. We know that many countries require this, but in Georgia, no parental approval will be needed for anyone aged 18 looking to plan a wedding. This can also help individuals who are struggling due to mixed beliefs and religions with their families. As long as you have all the correct documentation and a legal passport, you’ll be ready to start planning your wedding.

How Many Times Can You Legally Get Married in Georgia?

If you’ve been married before, you might be wondering about your options when it comes to getting married in Georgia. As we shared earlier, if you have been previously married, you will need to present a divorce certificate or death certificate in order to go ahead with your marriage. This will need to be translated as well ahead of your wedding and registration process. There is no limitation to the number of times you can get married in Georgia, which makes this a good option for anyone moving on from a previous marriage. You’ll find they are very welcoming of couples from from all over the world making it easy to plan your wedding.

By following the advice we shared above about getting legally married in Georgia, you can ensure you have all the paperwork in place to have the wedding day of your dreams. Georgia is a great option for anyone who is looking to avoid some of the bureaucracy involved in weddings in many other countries. It’s a more affordable and quicker option for many couples, and we’ll be excited to work with you to help you plan your big day. That said, let’s delve into the different registry offices available in Georgia, where you can officially register your marriage.

Registry Offices in Georgia

Foreign couples can register their marriage at рegistry оffices in Tbilisi or in any other city in Georgia. There are two options for marriage registration at the House of Justice. The official marriage registration in the public hall of the House of Justice is suitable for couples who simply wish to legally formalize their marriage and do not plan to hold a formal ceremony with guests. Marriage registration in the wedding palace at the House of Justice includes musical accompaniment and a bottle of Georgian sparkling wine for the newlyweds and their guests. Moreover, in Tbilisi, there are the Registry Offices “Konka” and “Uznadze”, as well as the Wedding Palace situated atop Mtatsminda Mountain. 

Konka Wedding Palace is located on one of the unique and charming streets in the heart of the old city. This wedding palace, with its traditional openwork balcony, is the oldest registry office in Georgia. The building was constructed back in 1897. Konka is ideal for couples who wish to celebrate the creation of their family in the atmosphere of traditional Georgian style. The balconies with their carved arches and ornate balustrades will serve as an excellent background for your wedding photоshoot, taking you into an atmosphere of romance and elegance of the traditional Georgian environment.

The Wedding Palace on Uznadze Street is located in the city center, on the banks of the Kura River. There are two capacious halls, each distinguished by its unique style and design, elegantly decorated in a palette of white and pink. The history of this Wedding Palace on Uznadze Street spans several decades. Today, you can become one of the hundreds of loving couples who have chosen to hold their official ceremony in this splendid Wedding Palace. 

Mtatsminda Mountain, towering above Tbilisi, is a favorite spot for romantic walks among locals and guests of Tbilisi. Here, in the park, you will find a small Wedding Palace, where you can hold an official ceremony. Just imagine how the funicular takes you to the top of the mountain, and Tbilisi unfolds before you step by step! The picturesque park is an ideal setting for a wedding photo shoot in a natural environment. Your photos against the backdrop of the breathtaking views of Tbilisi from above will adorn the pages of your wedding album and serve as a reminder of the magical moments you experienced on your special day. So, if you dream of a magical wedding ceremony, the Wedding Palace on Mtatsminda Mountain is the perfect place to turn that dream into reality.

When speaking about marriage registry offices in Georgia, the Wedding Palace of Signagi deserves a prominent mention. This picturesque Georgian town with its cozy streets and alleys is renowned as the City of Love. Many couples choose to come here to celebrate their wedding ceremonies and capture romantic photoshoots. Among the registry offices in other cities are “Dolphin” in Batumi and the Marriage House in Kutaisi with a ceremony hall.

In Georgia, registry offices operate on a specific schedule. Once you’ve chosen a registry office for your marriage registration, our wedding planner will provide all the details regarding both the schedule and pricing.