Paphos is one of the most popular places in Cyprus to get married, especially among UK citizens. With couples traveling from around the world for a wedding in Cyprus, we understand that everyone has a different budget and set of expectations when planning a wedding. The good news is that Paphos has different venues for weddings in Cyprus for any budget. Whether you are looking to plan an intimate elopement or a more extravagant wedding with hundreds of your loved ones, you’ll find something to fit your idea of a dream wedding in Paphos, Cyprus. Wedding venues and packages in Paphos offer a variety of stunning locations and customizable options to suit every couple’s vision.

One of the best ways to make planning your overseas wedding easier is to work with a wedding planner in Cyprus. Here at Ori Wedding, we have over six years of experience working as wedding planners. As a local wedding planner, we carefully pick local suppliers who will offer the highest quality wedding experience. Our team takes pride in our expertise when organizing different cultural weddings, such as Indian, Lebanese, and Iranian weddings. Learn more about Lebanese weddings in Cyprus and discover why the Island of Love is the perfect venue for Indian weddings in our blog.

Keep reading as we discover the different types of wedding venues and packages on offer in Paphos. Our team will be here to support you every step of the way in planning your wedding in Cyprus and making your wedding day one of the most memorable moments of your life.

Why Paphos?

Paphos is one of the most popular wedding locations in Cyprus for many reasons. It’s very convenient and easy for visitors from around the world to access, so if you have friends and family members flying in for the wedding in Cyprus, it will help to make traveling here easier. On top of that, there are extensive hotels and resorts on offer in Paphos, allowing all of your loved ones to find accommodation for their stay that fits their budget. Paphos also makes a great base for exploring the island. It’s ideal for couples who are looking to extend their stay in Cyprus and enjoy a honeymoon here as well.

Paphos has wedding venues of all shapes and sizes. No matter what type of venue you are hoping for when you start to plan your wedding in Cyprus, you’ll have no trouble finding something to fit your requirements. There are also a huge number of high-quality wedding caterers and vendors in the area, so you’ll be able to add all of the extras to your wedding that you would like. 

Types of Wedding Venues in Paphos

Paphos has wedding venues to cater to all budgets and party sizes. You’ll find a unique range of backdrops when comparing ceremony venues in Paphos, ranging from beach resorts to more classical gardens and buildings. 

Wedding Venues and Packages in Paphos, Cyprus

Budget-Friendly Wedding Venues in Paphos

The Paphos Town Hall is one of the simplest options for a quick and cheap wedding in Cyprus and is just a ten-minute drive from the tourist area. Mulberry Terrace is a great option when working on a budget. This beautiful wedding venue is set high above Paphos and offers you a quiet taverna, which is perfect for small weddings and vow renewals. After, you can stick around to enjoy a traditional meal with your loved ones and toast to the start of your married life.

When it comes to working with a stricter budget, you’ll find that your money goes further in Cyprus than it might elsewhere in Europe. You might opt to have a low-key wedding reception in a local restaurant, where you can enjoy delicious local cuisine and warm hospitality. Elopements are very popular in Paphos as well and are a good option for couples who just want a small ceremony by the beach before enjoying their honeymoon on the island.

Large Wedding Venues and Resorts in Paphos

For a more extravagant option when looking at Paphos wedding venues, you may want to consider a large beach resort. These types of venues allow a wedding planner in Cyprus to cater to hundreds of guests. Popular locations include the Olympic Lagoon Paphos and the Alexander the Great Hotel. If a sea an ocean wedding has always been your dream, Ktima Alassos is a very exclusive option. You’ll look out over the sea while exchanging your vows. 

Coral Residences is another exceptional wedding venue in Paphos. Whether you dream of a romantic dinner with loved ones or a lavish party in a private setting by the sea, Coral Residences offers it all. You can arrange a romantic beach ceremony and a luxurious party accompanied by the sounds of the sea waves. The wedding dinner can also be arranged in the cozy atmosphere of the Clubhouse restaurant, overlooking the endless sea.

The Mulberry Terrace
The Mulberry Terrace
Coral Residence Wedding Venue
Coral Residence Wedding Venue

These are just a few of our favorite ideas for wedding venues, but our team will be happy to look at both wedding and reception venues with you and suggest the best option based on your guest count and ideas. To save you hassle when planning your wedding, you may want to consider a wedding package. These all-inclusive packages take care of almost every element of the wedding and are ideal for couples traveling from overseas who don’t want to keep coming back and forth to plan their wedding day.

Paphos Wedding Packages

When working with our Cyprus wedding planner, we’ll present you with a variety of options based on the initial ideas that you share. We offer a range of packages, and our experienced team can recommend the best all-inclusive wedding packages for your budget and party size. Paphos wedding packages take care of all of the hassles of planning a wedding and allow you to just look forward to the big day and celebrate your love.

For the simplest of wedding days, we offer a basic package for Official Marriage Registration in Cyprus. This is an ideal option for anyone who can’t get married in their home country and just wants to have a simple ceremony and receive the paperwork for marriage. This is included in many of our other all-inclusive wedding packages and you can also upgrade to add the option of registering your marriage at the site of your wedding.

One of our favorite wedding settings in Paphos is featured in this Paphos Wedding Package. The ceremony will take place within the courtyard of a Greek monastery, where you’ll enjoy a peaceful environment amongst the historical walls. From there, you’ll enjoy a wedding dinner at the Minthis Hills Resort, where you’ll enjoy Mediterranean cuisine in their Clubhouse or Green Lawn. Many other extras are added to this package, and our Cyprus wedding planner will work with you to customize it and add extras if needed.

For a beach wedding, this Beach Wedding Package offers various venue options. For a Paphos wedding package, you can choose the Sea You Beach Bar, where you’ll be able to get married right by the sea. The wedding venue can double up as your reception venue, where you’ll enjoy dining under the soft glow of candles. While basic photography, flowers, and other features are included, you could also enhance the experience with a violinist or a videographer to capture your memories.

Wedding Venues and Packages in Paphos, Cyprus


There are so many options when it comes to wedding venues and packages in Paphos. Our team will work with you every step of the way to create your dream wedding, whether that’s with one of our popular packages or through a custom wedding package. Paphos is a popular wedding destination for couples from around the world who travel here with their friends and family members to enjoy the amazing weather, beautiful wedding venues, and warm hospitality from the locals. Contact our team today to learn more about our wedding packages or to discuss any questions you have about getting married in Cyprus.