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How to get a divorce in Georgia

What should you do if you got married in Georgia, but now the story you shared is over and you’re going to take separate paths in life? In this blog post we will talk about the documents required and the tasks that you can just pass on to Ori.

Before starting the process let’s check that all the necessary requirements are in place. So for a couple who got married in Georgia to get a divorce in Georgia, the following criteria should be met.


1 – The marriage must be registered in Georgia only.

2 – It doesn’t matter if the marriage was organised by Ori.

3 – The parties must not have any claims to each other, including financial ones.

(с) Makho Kipshidze

If everything fits and you are ready to move forward and hire the Ori team to organise the application and prepare the documents, then please kindly double check you have everything at hand according to the list.

What the couple provides

1 – scan copies of the passports that were used for the marriage registration.

2 – two separate papers with power of attorney, one from the husband and one from the wife with apostile or consulate legalisation (depending on the country of residence), that entitle the Ori planner to be the trusted representative of the couple at the Public Service Hall of Georgia.

3 – information about the last names of the husband and the wife that will be assigned after the divorce.

As soon as all the documents are provided, the Ori planner launches the process and ensures it’s up and running step by step.

Responsibilities of the Ori representative

1 – Prepares the notarised translations of the passports and powers of attorney

2 – Files the application for divorce on behalf of the couple

3 – Tracks the application review process and fulfils the additional requests of the House of Justice

4 – Once the divorce papers are received (2 copies, for husband and wife), submits them for translation and apostile (express processing can be requested) or legalisation for the country you need

5 – Sends documents to the couple with a courier service

(c) Romain Dancre


From the moment the papers with power of attorney and other documents from the couple are received, the process of getting the divorce certificate takes up to 15 business days. Then 8 business days are required for the apostile (standard time) or 12-15 business days for the consulate legalisation, and apart from that one should allow for the courier post delivery time.


The cost of our services is calculated individually, but the average to keep in mind is around $650.

In addition to the working hours of the planner the cost of filing for the divorce also includes:

  • translation and notarization of the power of attorney to file for a divorce with an apostile — the rate is per page and depends on the language
  • submitting an application for divorce
  • translation and apostile of the divorce certificate — the rate depends on the country and the number of copies needed
  • postage of the documents

You could also try to organise this whole process yourself, but delegating the job to us has a number of advantages. For example, you will not need to travel to Georgia, look for the translators and notaries, and stay in Georgia waiting for the documents to be ready. In your country of residence you would probably need to apply to court to get a divorce certificate, and it’s a lot of fuss and money, so hiring Ori for the job you will save yourself from plenty of headache.


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Wedding in Georgia for Israelis

You want your destination wedding to go perfectly, but you are afraid of the difficulties associated with organization and document preparation? Congratulations! You have found a solution to this problem 🙂 Ori Wedding Agency is ready to relieve you of all time-consuming duties. From start to finish we will guide you through all the stages of preparing your holiday.

Georgia is a unique country not only because it is a magical mixture of stunning natural landscapes, hospitable people and rich cuisine, but also a place where bureaucracy is minimized. Couples from all over the world fly here to marry without burdening themselves with difficulties in paperwork. And in recent years, Georgia has become particularly popular among couples from Israel. In this article, we decided to figure out the reasons for their choice and share with you some tips on planning a wedding in Georgia.

(c) Anastasia Sholkova

Why do couples from Israel choose Georgia?

Georgia is a hospitable and tolerant country. Any guest is welcome here, regardless of his or her religion or nationality. On the streets of the capital, you can hear people speaking different languages and find representatives of all countries and cultures. Having decided to hold your wedding in Georgia, you will not encounter any political or religious obstacles here. Whatever citizenship you have, in Georgia you will easily and quickly register your marriage. Getting all documents ready and official marriage registering will not take you much time and effort.

A wedding in Georgia is less expensive than in other countries: on average, registration for Israel citizens will cost from $270. Even taking into account air tickets and a wedding banquet for your guests, a wedding in Georgia will be much more affordable than in Israel or other European countries. For example, a dinner for two in the capital costs from $90. For the inhabitants of Israel, this mountainous country is an ideal place for a wedding because it is relatively close. Direct flights from Tel Aviv fly every day, and the flight will take only 2.5 hours.

Georgia also has a large selection of wedding opportunities. Imagine yourself on the pier of a mountain lake, which is surrounded by snow-covered caps of the Greater Caucasus or in a medieval fortress in the middle of a forest, in sunny vineyards or on a rocky coast… Your wedding can be held in any of these fabulous locales. Georgian cuisine has an ancient history and impresses with its taste palette. If you are planning a dinner for relatives and friends, we will help you make the most comfortable version of the menu, which will take into account all the preferences of your guests. Some restaurants in Tbilisi, for example, can provide banquets following the kosher traditions.

What needs to be done to get married in Georgia?

First, you need to set a date for the wedding. Then contact us at least two weeks before the celebration, so that we begin to prepare all the documents. Make color scans of your passports, issue a power of attorney at a notary public in the name of your wedding planner and send them to us by email. In Israel, a notary public places an Apostille, so when you do the power of attorney, do not forget to put an Apostille and certify all the necessary documents.

Additional documents:

  • If you have previously been married or have a common minor child: clear scans of a copy of the divorce certificate, scans of a copy of the birth certificate of a child, which must bear an Apostille and be certified by a notary.
  • Clear scans of the passports of two witnesses. If only two of you will arrive, no problem — we will provide the witnesses.
(c) W-art

You don’t need to apply for a visa to come to Georgia: residents of most countries can stay there for a year without registration.

After the end of your celebrations, within 2-4 weeks, we will send you a registered letter with a marriage certificate in English. Unfortunately, a Hebrew translation by a translator who is not located in Israel cannot be recognized by the state. You can use the services of a certified translator in Israel or leave your certificate in English. It is also valid because names are duplicated in English in Israel passports.

How to choose a place for a wedding?

To choose a venue for your wedding, tell us about your preferred holiday format (open-air ceremony, classic civil registration at a registry office or a large party until the down) and the number of guests (will it be a wedding for two or a cozy evening with friends and loved ones). Depending on your wishes, we will select for you the most appropriate version of the locale.

The capital of Georgia is a city with a long history. Each street of Tbilisi is saturated with love, and the city slogan states: “Tbilisi is the city that loves you”. Go on a photo walk through the old town and you will easily see it. Walk along the narrow cobbled streets, examine the facades of small fabulous houses trimmed with stucco and carved balconies, stop by each courtyard. It is said that in the old part of the city you cannot find two identical balconies: so unique architecture of each building is! After a walk in this colorful area, you will have beautiful wedding photographs as a nice memory.

(c) Anastasia Sholkova
(с) Mate Mateshvili

Georgia is recognized as the birthplace of winemaking, and it is the eastern region of Kakheti that is the cradle of this ancient tradition. If you decide to conduct field registration outside the city, you can do it in one of the many sunlit vineyards, on the bank of a picturesque lake, in a cozy chateau or even in a mysterious medieval castle. The choice is truly limitless. Here you can also please yourself and your guests with a wine tasting, go on a tour to the ancient monasteries or ride a horse. And if you come from September to October, you will take part in the traditional harvest feast Rtveli. We are convinced: sunny Kakheti is the warmest region of fertility and cordiality.

For a summer wedding, the best option is the alpine region of Kazbegi — the place where Europe’s highest mountains live. Celebrate this momentous day on a spacious terrace under a low sky, strewn with stars and the bright Milky Way. Like in romantic movies! In Georgia, you can easily become the main characters of a beautiful film about love. 🙂

We can talk about the natural diversity of this country infinitely. Almost everything is possible in Georgia. Share your ideas and dreams with us, and we will do the rest.


Wedding in Georgia for UAE residents

Do you want to sign all the documents as soon as possible and finally become husband and wife? We are convinced: you will not find a better place for a quick and affordable marriage than Georgia. Because in Georgia everyone can get married just in one day!

But the advantages of Georgia are not limited by the simplicity of paperwork. This ancient and rich culture is located exactly at the intersection of Europe and Asia. Here you will find many opportunities for an exciting and enjoyable vacation, as well as incredibly beautiful nature that will affect the most subtle notes of your soul. Snow-capped mountains that touch the sky; rainforests bordering the sea coast; boundless vineyards bathed in the sun; real deserts and monasteries carved in stone. All this will become a perfect place for the most unforgettable day in your life!

Why do couples from the UAE choose Georgia?

Georgia is a hospitable and tolerant country. Georgians are sincerely happy to have any guests, regardless of their religion and nationality. In the streets of Tbilisi you will meet people from various countries and cultures. You can hear English, Arabic, Turkish and Russian. Here you will have a chance to go to a mosque, a Catholic church or an Orthodox church. When you decide to do your wedding in Georgia, you will meet no obstacles: neither political ones, nor religious ones. No matter what citizenship you have you will be able to register your marriage fast and easy.

The UAE residents can also easily get to Georgia. Two direct flights from Dubai fly to the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, every day. Prices for a round-trip ticket range from $300. The flight duration is only 3.5 hours, and since the airport is within the city area, you will reach Tbilisi center in 30 minutes. You don’t need to apply for a visa to come to Georgia: residents of most countries can stay there for a year without registration.

For those of you who have decided not to be limited by a simple registration (which costs only from $420) and want to celebrate this significant event, the price level for various services in the country will be a pleasant surprise. A special dinner for two in one of the restaurants in Tbilisi will cost from $90.

(с) Mate Mateshvili

What needs to be done to get married in Georgia?

When you decide on the date of your celebration, just send us an on-line request to organize your wedding at least two weeks before the scheduled date. We need only color scans of your passports. For couples planning an onsite registration in one of the regions of the country, it will also be necessary to prepare a legalized and notarized power of attorney in the name of your wedding planner. If you have any difficulties with issuing a power of attorney, then you just need to come two days before the scheduled wedding date and apply for marriage registration in one of the registry offices of Tbilisi.

Other documents that may also be needed:

  • If you have a residence permit in the UAE: clear and colour scans of the document.
  • If you have previously been married or have a common minor child: clear scans of a copy of the divorce certificate, scans of a copy of the birth certificate of a child, which must be legalized and certified by a notary.
  • Clear scans of the passports of two witnesses. If only two of you will arrive, no problem — we will provide witnesses.

The marriage registration procedure takes no more than a couple of hours. Legalization of a marriage certificate for the UAE on average will take from 2 to 4 weeks. When the documents are ready and translated, we will send them to you by registered mail to any address convenient to you.

How to choose a place for a wedding?

If you prefer to have just an official registration, then Tbilisi is the perfect location for you. A couple of hours — and you are already husband and wife. But do not miss the opportunity to get to know Georgia a little closer, because the memories of this day will be even brighter. Right after the registration, you can walk along the cobbled streets of the old city and feel all historical layers of this ancient city. In the center of Tbilisi, there are famous baths on natural sulfur springs. Be sure to take a couple of pictures in front of this colorful place.

There is also a real city of love in Georgia — Sighnaghi. Its registry office works around the clock, like in Las Vegas! 🙂 How many romantic stories this sun-drenched city keeps in the eastern region of Kakheti! From the walls of the city fortress, there is a stunning view of the famous Alazani Valley. It is so large that on the horizon it completely dissolves in the warm southern sky.

(c) Mate Mateshvili
(c) Anastasia Sholkova

Depending on your preferences and the number of days that you decide to spend in Georgia, we will help you choose the location for an onsite registration almost anywhere in the country. You will have a difficult choice: a fabulous forest or a pier of a mountain lake, the highest mountains of the Caucasus or vineyards buried in greenery and bathed in the sun, a rocky coast or an ancient monastery carved into a rock? We will find the perfect place for you!

To appreciate the beauty and diversity of Georgia’s natural and cultural treasure, plan a short vacation before or after the wedding. So you can immerse into the atmosphere of the hospitality of the locals, try the world-famous Georgian cuisine and see the real miracle of the unique nature of different regions of this country. We promise that after meeting Georgia a piece of your heart will stay here forever. And we will make sure that these days are filled for you only with the most beautiful and warm impressions!


Why Choose a Wedding Planner?

Every couple who decides to plan a wedding faces this essential question: should they do it themselves or is it better to hire a professional? Some couples consider that planning on their own is an exciting adventure to the world of restaurants, photographers and bouquets. Others find event organization time-consuming and complicated. In these cases, wedding planner is definitely an answer: it will surely save you from losing your mind in a pre-holiday fuss and added stress. In this article, we talk about those difficulties which might arise while you arrange a wedding on your own. We reflect on how wedding planner deals with these challenges and illustrate it with some examples.

Wedding planner = experience

Event organization on your own is typically characterized by lack of experience in the field. Even if you are a hair and makeup artist or you have a friend who is a designer. Many people get very enthusiastic about such new tasks as they are challenging, inspiring and invigorating. They will also bring you a couple of unforgettable stories which you’ll be able to share with your friends later, over a cup of tea.

But these stories might be not that pleasant sometimes. We’ve been told about several cases where an inexperienced couple has chosen an unreliable photographer (or a friend who had just a part-time job as a photographer) and ended up losing all the materials because of the photographer’s irresponsibility. One mistake can ruin weeks of all your hard work.

(c) W-art
(c) W-art

Professional wedding planner will spare you such mistakes. They have done all the mistakes before they started working with you :). The team have become experts in what they do. Wedding planner knows which seasonal flowers will wither before they are even placed on the ceremony arch. Wedding planner knows what unexpected difficulties each region might offer. That is why a planner always thinks through Plan B so that a sudden rain doesn’t spoil your beautiful feast in the mountains or in the vineyards. A planner will also know what to do in case of emergency. When a wedding cake falls down right on the floor, they will quietly replace it and nobody will notice the change. Sometimes our planners become florists, tailors, psychiatrists and even meteorologists! We’ve been through a lot, and we are ready for almost everything. 

Experienced wedding planner will help you plan your budget wisely: they will stay within your preferred budget, without compromising the overall quality. As the main goal of the team is not to benefit but to achieve guaranteed result, create lifelong memories. Wedding expert thoroughly calculates all expenses which helps you to avoid unreasonable spending. 

A planner will also know what to do in case of emergency. When a wedding cake falls down right on the floor, they will quietly replace it and nobody will notice the change.

Wedding planner = knowledge of the venues

Choosing a wedding venue is an essential step in your wedding planning. This might be the most difficult task for couples who plan their distance wedding. Unfortunately, few hotel and restaurant web-sites provide credible and realistic photos of their venues, so quite often they don’t help you to create a whole picture of the place. Also, you have surely been in the situation when image doesn’t correspond with the reality at all. To save the situation, find a couple of friends who have visited some of these places and ask them to share their thoughts and impressions with you. Vivid images and personal experience will help you get a better idea of these venues.

When you hire a wedding planner, you get not just a person who has been at all the wedding venues in the country, but also – and this is more important – knows them from the inside. Our team members, for example, regularly examine the quality of the services our partners offer: they visit restaurants together with their friends and relax in the hotels with their families. We recommend only those places which we have verified ourselves.

Wedding planner will not miss any important details which your friends might accidentally leave out. He/she will draw your attention to those advantages which can seem insignificant at first glance (convenient walking routes for your beautiful wedding photos), and point to not so obvious disadvantages (long distance from the airport). After a careful overview of the venue’s features and thorough discussion with your planner, you will surely get exactly what you were expecting to see. The reality will be just as you have dreamed about it for months or even years.

(с) Anastasia Sholkova

Wedding planner = a trustworthy team of vendors

Planning a distance wedding poses a risk of collaboration with amateurs or unconscientious vendors. Even if you have chosen someone on the recommendations of your acquaintances, you can never be sure that you will get what you’ve agreed about in the first place. Wedding agency located right in your chosen country, among others, has one significant advantage: the team communicates with all the contractors in person. Experienced wedding agency maintains relationships with those partners who have proved to be responsible and reliable. That is why, while signing a contract with a wedding planner, you sign a contract with a numerous team of trustworthy vendors in all fields.

(с) Anna Khomutova
(с) Anna Khomutova

Wedding planner = confidence and tranquillity

Contract provides guarantees. We always sign a contract with our couples, so we commit ourselves to have full responsibility for services we provide. If anyone involved in your wedding organization has an emergency right on your big day, we immediately provide a substitute of the same quality. As we must make sure that all the details of your wedding are under control. Also, wedding planner sticks to a strict schedule, and we even control each contractor from the moment they leave home till the moment they fully provide their services.

Rely on a wedding planner and you will spare yourself trouble and concern. There will be no worries whether your guests don’t get wet under a heavy rain in the mountains or whether there is enough food and wine for everybody. Let your thoughtful wedding planner manage any arising issues and clear your mind for the most beautiful thoughts. All you have to do is just relax and enjoy, while we take care of nice weather, delicious food and cool photos!

(c) W-art

Registry Offices of Tbilisi

Many couples dream of an original wedding abroad, surrounded by ancient rich culture and beautiful nature of Georgia. Some of the couples prefer to complete all formal procedures in their own country, and go to Georgia just to organize symbolic ceremony and wedding dinner. But not all the newlyweds have heard that Georgia has one of the most simplified procedures of marriage registration. Registration at the Georgian State Registry Office will no longer seem such a complicated task.

Which registry office to choose? What is the difference between them and what is important to take into consideration while submitting the application? In our new article we answer all these questions. Сhoosing a registry office for your wedding now becomes a quick and easy step on the way to your big dream.

(c) W-art

General info

There are three registry offices in Tbilisi which provide a civil marriage procedure to the foreign citizens. The main differences between them are their location, interior and price. Normally, the price for the business days is lower than the price for the weekend, so at this stage you will have an opportunity to optimize your wedding budget. Below we are going to talk about private ceremonies which you need to pay for, but firstly we would also like to mention a ceremony in the public hall of the Justice House. This will be free for you, but the entire process of submitting the application and waiting time might last from a couple of hours to the whole day. Thus, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee to our couples that they will have a quick and comfortable procedure here. The paid private ritual, otherwise, will take you just 20 minutes! After a short and pleasant ceremony in the elegant hall, you can continue your feast at the photo shoot in the narrow streets of Tbilisi or at the cozy dinner with a splendid night view of the old city.

The Justice House

Apart from the public hall, there is a closed private hall for wedding ceremonies in the Justice House. This hall has its own separate entrance, hidden from the public. You will enter this beautiful room to the solemn music and no one will violate the significance of this instant. The private hall has been fully renovated recently: now it is designed in a modern style with the use of white, beige and blue colours. Decorations of fresh flowers add softness and tenderness to the overall interior. By the way, just right near the House of Justice there is the Dedaena park (park of the mother tongue) and a popular tourist sight, The Dry Bridge with its colourful flea market. After having the ceremony, you can visit these lovely places, take some nice pictures and then move to the city centre. 

(c) Anna Khomutova

Family is one of the main values in Georgian culture.

(c) Anastasia Sholkova

Konka Registry Office

The second registry office we’d like to tell you about is located not far away from the famous Gabriadze Theatre, right in the heart of the old city. The building of the Konka Registry Office was constructed in 1897, which makes it the oldest registry office in the entire country. Its rooms are regularly renovated, but the initial authenticity and unique ancient style of the place stay as charming as always. This registry office will be suitable for couples who want to celebrate the creation of their family being surrounded by the traditional Georgian style. Here, on the balcony of the building, you may also start your photo shot: its carved arches and patterned banisters will become a perfect background for your first wedding photos. The location of this registry office is also convenient: within just a ten minutes walk, you reach the mystical labyrinths of Tbilisi, covered with centuries-old cobblestone and filled with tiny Italian courtyards.

(c) W-art
(с) Anastasia Sholkova

Within just a ten minutes walk, you reach the mystical labyrinths of Tbilisi, covered with centuries-old cobblestone and filled with tiny Italian courtyards.

(с) Olga Moiseenko

Mtatsminda Registry Office

If you dream of a quiet ceremony in harmony with nature, we’d recommend you to take a look at the third registry office in Tbilisi: it is situated on mount Mtatsminda, in the park with the same name. Stepping inside this registry office, you find yourself in a spacious glass hall surrounded by amazing wood from all angles. Imagine how harmonious and peaceful your ceremony will in such a placid location: panoramic windows, classical interior, light colours in decor, dense forest, rich mountain air, filled with the smell of pine trees… A ceremony inspired by the beautiful tranquility of nature!

Mtatsminda registry office also offers wonderful locations for your wedding photo shoot. During your photo walk around the park, you could go to the viewing point, for example, and take amazing pictures in front of the ancient city frozen in tranquil summer bliss. We also need to note that ceremony at this registry office formally is an onsite registration, that is why its price is higher than the price for the ceremony in the Justice House or Konka registry office.

(c) W-art
(с) Anna Khomutova

Georgia is about love

Apart from the registry offices of Tbilisi, we also work with other towns, such as Sighnaghi, Batumi, Kvareli, Kazbegi. We will be glad to find the most convenient registry office option in accordance with the wedding venue you will choose. As the official language of marriage procedures is Georgian, at your request, we could also arrange for the presence of an interpreter to any language you would prefer your ceremony to be held in. If you’d like to read about all the formal stages of civil marriage in Georgia, we recommend that you also check our article.

To conclude our review, we’d like to share with you one beautiful ancient wedding custom, which you become part of when you register your marriage in Georgia. All the newlyweds, having the civil ceremony here, receive a traditional present – a deluxe edition of Shota Rustaveli’s book called “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin” and a bottle of champagne :). This classic Georgian poem is meant to symbolize the harmony in relationships between men and women. This is the book that was traditionally presented by a father to his daughter when she was getting married: the poem was supposed to become the first book in their new family library. As there is a reason why they say family is one of the main holy values in Georgian culture.

See you in the country of love!

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