How Much Does a Wedding in Cyprus Cost?

There are many things to imagine when thinking about a wedding in Cyprus – white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, quaint little villages and chapels, mountain slopes, vineyards and picturesque ancient ruins. However, there is another aspect of getting married in Cyprus that attracts couples from all over the world to the Island of Love – reasonable prices and great service. So, how much to get married in Cyprus? Ori professionals know everything about a Cyprus wedding budget, and are more than happy to share every detail with you. Read on to discover the average price of a wedding in Cyprus, a truly magical destination.

Wedding in Cyprus Cost

If you want to calculate a Cyprus destination wedding cost, you will need to take several things into account. The location that you select plays an enormous role in setting the mood, style and expansiveness of your event. Just as much as the venue, the number of guests you invite and the length of the wedding celebrations will impact the final cost. Just like anywhere else, a wedding in Cyprus can be done strictly on a budget or incorporate many elements and services for a luxury experience.

Average Price of a Wedding in Cyprus

When looking at an average price of a Cyprus wedding, you may be struck by the diversity of prices and offers – from small, intimate weddings to elaborate events with dozens or hundreds of guests. We generally estimate that a wedding for 40 guests may fall in the range of 10000 to 16000 Euros, while smaller celebrations can start as low as 2500 Euros, especially if the couple chooses to have an elopement-style wedding.

What Is Included in the Price of a Wedding in Cyprus?

Customer service professionals at Ori Wedding have carefully put together a selection of wedding offerings that will be perfect for both intimate celebrations and grand occasions with many attendees, and can be further tailored to your demands. Below, we would like to present to you an example of a Cyprus 2023 wedding in HoneyLi Hill, created specifically per our couple’s request.

HoneyLI Hill Wedding with 60 Guests

If the celebration of your dreams is the one where you are surrounded by your favorite people, then a wedding with guests is what you need. Cypriot culture is well-known for its festive traditions, where weddings sometimes count as many as thousands of attendees. Here, we have a great example of what to expect if you are planning to invite friends and family to your wedding in Cyprus.

HoneyLi Hill is a beautiful family-owned villa, located 725 meters above sea level among verdant hills and offering stunning views to its visitors. The venue boasts its own chapel, several reception areas and fantastic wedding dinner opportunities to provide you with everything you need on your special day.

What the Package Includes

This is a custom package that starts at €23956.55, including VAT 19% and can be upgraded with additional items and services for an even more personalized experience. However, some of the more popular elements are listed below.

Wedding Venue and Decor Cost
  • Wedding at HoneyLi Resort at €3775, including the private hire of the villa and outdoor reception area, €1500, accommodation with 1-night stay – €1050 per 4 rooms and €1225 for the extension of the music outdoors till 04.30.
  • Conducting the ceremony outside the chapel starts at €350, a Rose Gold menu dinner at the venue is €78 + VAT 19% per person, with sparkling wine after the reception at €20 + VAT 19% per guest, and an option to order additional beverages at extra cost, with this budget point coming to or exceeding €7871
  • Wedding decor, containing 50% of natural and 50% of essential flowers. This encompasses standard ceremony decor with a specifically chosen shape and color scheme of the wedding arch, €850 + VAT 19%that takes into account the type of flowers, and their amount as well. The wedding bouquet, €120 + VAT 19%, and table decor, €1400 + VAT 19%, such as a centerpiece made of seasonal flowers and greenery, candles, as well as decorated napkins, €2 + VAT 19% per piece
Wedding Photography and Content
  • Photographer, 4 hours, €450 + VAT 19%, based on the chosen vendor
  • Content creator, 4 hours of shooting, 2 reels in 4 days, unedited photos+videos in 24 hours, and transfer included, €500 + VAT 19%, depending on the chosen vendor
Wedding Entertainment
  • Music band – violinist+guitar+saxophone -4 hours, €1850 + VAT 19%
  • Professional sound and light equipment, €1300 + VAT 19%
  • Pixel LED show with 2 dancers, 30 minutes – €490 + VAT 19%
  • Cold fountain floor fireworks, 6 pieces with 30-second duration and 3 meters of height, €300 + VAT 19%. Longer duration and greater height fireworks are available at extra cost
Wedding Extra Costs
  • Wedding cake, 60 pieces, 2-tier cake, made per reference with chosen decorations and fresh fruit – €535 + VAT 19%, depending on the design
  • Additional wedding coordinator, €100 + VAT 19%
  • Wedding planning, 11% of the wedding budget, but not less than €800, encompassing consultations on all wedding matters, wedding day planning, and coordination of all contractors. The planning fee depends on the number of guests and services chosen, and in this case made up €2330 + VAT 19%

How Much Does a Small Wedding in Cyprus Cost?

Have you ever dreamed of a wedding for just the two of you in some of the most romantic locations in Cyprus? Well, look no further – in this article we have selected a number of attractive elopement packages with clearly defined prices and services available to give you some great examples of how much a small wedding in Cyprus costs.

The Birthplace of Aphrodite

This secluded spot in the vicinity of Paphos boasts one of the most beautiful rocky beaches on the island and carries a deeply symbolic meaning for the couples choosing to tie the knot here. According to the legend, Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, emerged from sea foam among these ancient rocks and since then, this location is said to enjoy her blessing. Celebrate your elopement on the comfortable elevated deck overlooking the open sea next to the birthplace of Aphrodite and feel the enchantment of this timeless place.

*Please note that the prices in this package do not include additional VAT 19% tax.

What the Package Includes

This package starts at €3189 and includes the following elements, together with the location:

  • The trip of the municipality representative to the location – €350
  • Official onsite marriage registration –  €600
  • Decor for the wedding ceremony – a table for the registration, chairs for the couple, floral compositions and the bride’s bouquet – from €452

If you wish to further enhance the beauty of this magical occasion, you can opt for additional table decor with candles, runners and fresh seasonal flowers in the color palette of your choice – from €735 – or a premium wedding arch, from €1010.

  • A wedding photographer, standard, 3 hours – from €400

We can also offer you the services of an Ori photographer, handpicked from our extensive portfolio of professionals, from €827 for 8 hours, and a premium-class wedding photographer – from €1378 for 8 hours.

  • Reception with sparkling wine and fruit snacks – from €13 per person
  • Standard transfer for the couple – from €212

Enjoy the safety and comfort of a top-notch vehicle with a professional driver. And if you want a touch of vintage? We have retro cars available from €368 to make sure you travel to your wedding destination in style.

  • Wedding dinner at the Columbia Beach restaurant – from €86 per person
Additional elements
  • Accompaniment of the ceremony

We want to ensure your ceremony is full of beautiful music and clear sound. Enjoy the work of a skilled violinist, from €349, a sound engineer with hi-tech equipment, from €184, or the boost of Marshall speakers – from €40 – to get the ultimate auditory experience.

  • Make-up and hair

A MUAH artist specializing in weddings will join you on-site to take care of all your styling and beauty needs. Standard services start at €250, premium – at €414.

  • Wedding bouquet and boutonniere

A premium bouquet, unique in color and style and composed of fresh seasonal flowers to make your wedding unforgettable – from €170

  • Videographer

Experienced Ori videographers are here to help you preserve the most important memories of the celebration. A short clip starts at €689, a full package is from €919, while a premium package costs from €1653.

  • Rose petals for the ceremony

Symbolizing good luck and prosperity in married life, rose petals have been used in ceremonies since ancient times. The price starts from €5 per guest and may vary depending on your preferences.

  • Wedding cake

Our pastry chefs will prepare a cake according to your design and filling preferences, which can be decorated with figurines, berries or fresh flowers. The price includes delivery in a special machine-refrigerator because we care about quality. The price is €11 per piece, with the minimum order of 15 pieces.

Rustic Wedding in Lefkara Village

A charming village in Larnaca, Lefkara is world-famous for its beautiful cobbled streets, colorful stone houses, and peaceful rural atmosphere. Called the birthplace of the Cypriot needlecraft, it has long been attracting visitors that wish to enjoy this quaint place surrounded by rolling hills and enjoy its traditions.

*Please note that the prices in this package do not include additional VAT 19% tax.

What the Package Includes

This package starts at €2191 and will be ideal for those looking for an elopement in a rustic style. Apart from the location itself, it includes:

  • Official marriage registration at the local municipality, from €606
  • Decor for the wedding ceremony, from €263. The price includes a table for the registration, chairs for the guest, and the bride’s bouquet
  • Photoshoot in Cyprus, 2 hours, from €273. It includes both Lefkara village and White Cliffs as locations
  • Reception with sparkling wine and fruit snacks, from €13 per person
  • Standard transfer for the couple, from €202
  • Dinner Captain’s Tavern, one of the best seafood restaurants on the island with a fantastic view, from €55 per person

Wedding at an Olive Farm

Is your ideal ceremony an image of tranquility and natural beauty in a secluded spot for just the two of you? If so, you will love this opportunity to pronounce your vows at an olive farm, among centuries-old trees, where only the gentle rustle of leaves and the voices of birds are heard. Located on a hilltop near the village of Lefkara, this venue offers mesmerizing views and an authentic Cypriot atmosphere.

*Please note that the prices in this package do not include additional VAT 19% tax.

What the Package Includes

This package starts at €2271 and includes the following options:

  • Official marriage registration in Cyprus, at the local municipality, from €600
  • Olive farm as location on weekdays is included. However, if you wish to celebrate your wedding at a weekend, the price will start from €170
  • Decor for the wedding ceremony in Cyprus, including a table for the registration, floral decor, the bride’s bouquet, and decorations for the bridge – from €352
  • Photoshoot in Cyprus, 2 hours, from €280
  • Reception  with sparkling wine and fruit snacks – from €13 per person
  • Standard transfer for the couple, from €202
  • Dinner at the olive farm boasting a cozy restaurant with traditional Cypriot cuisine, from €55 per person

Is It Cheap or Expensive to Get Married in Cyprus?

Is It Cheap to Get Married in Cyprus?

In general, as far as the average cost of a wedding in Cyprus is concerned, this is a much more budget-friendly destination than the UAE or Greece, with an astonishing variety of venues and high standards of service. Here you can explore a large number of options to make your dream wedding a reality without breaking the bank. Moreover, if you opt for an autumn or winter wedding in Cyprus, it will give you an opportunity to save on hotel prices, as these typically go down in the off-peak season, while the lovely weather and entertainment opportunities remain the same.

Is it cheaper to get married in Cyprus? One of the key reasons many couples opt to get married in Cyprus is the relatively lower cost compared to other popular wedding destinations. Specifically, wedding expenses in Cyprus tend to be notably more affordable than in the United Kingdom, broader Europe, and the United States.

The overall cost savings associated with having a wedding in Cyprus, rather than in many other Western countries, makes it an attractive choice for couples seeking to balance a picturesque location with a more budget-friendly approach to their nuptials. This combination of an idyllic setting and more economical wedding expenses is a significant factor driving the popularity of Cyprus as a wedding destination.

Is It Expensive to Get Married in Cyprus?

While Cyprus is quite an affordable European destination, as compared to other countries like Greece, Portugal or France, it is still diverse enough to offer all the facilities needed for a luxury wedding. It’s important to remember that with the help of a wedding planner or an agency like Ori, managing your budget becomes a much easier task even with big dreams for your special day.

Taxes and Why We Include Them

We take the preparation and planning of your wedding extremely seriously and do our utmost to ensure that everything is done in accordance with the regulations of the destination country and international standards. That is why the tax is always included in our quote, and here are 5 reasons why this is beneficial for our couples:

  1. It brings transparency and fosters trust, so that you are always aware of how you spend your wedding budget – there are no surprise fees or hidden costs.
  2. It ensures legal compliance. When working with Ori, you can rest easy, knowing neither the company nor its vendors engage in risky “under-the-table” transactions.
  3. It protects our clients, as they have full access to consumer protection measures in case of disputes. These protections may not be in place when dealing with unofficial or unregistered service providers.
  4. It offers quality assurance. Companies that operate with complete legitimacy, such as Ori wedding, are highly motivated to maintain their hard-won positive reputation. Therefore, they will always strive to deliver high-quality services to reach customer satisfaction.
  5. It supports after-sales customer care, including assistance with post-wedding services, such as handling refunds or addressing any concerns that may arise.


Bearing in mind the diversity of venues, services and packages, it is no wonder that our weddings in Cyprus are so highly popular with couples wishing to make their special day an occasion to be remembered. Ori Wedding always makes the happiness of our clients its top priority, so you can expect full assistance from our customer service department when choosing and customizing a package to suit your vision, just get in touch with us at any platform of your choice here. Happy celebration!