An elopement is an incomparable type of wedding – an occasion that is both cozy, intimate and easy to prepare for, especially with the help of professionals. Georgia is a perfect country of choice to celebrate your elopement as a couple or in the company of closest friends and family – it is full of raw natural beauty, and its architectural delights are imbued with ageless charm. Moreover, it offers one of the simplest marriage registration procedures in the world, with minimal formalities and paperwork required.

Since an elopement is the easiest wedding in Georgia – simple to plan, organize and prepare the documents for, we at Ori have created a guide designed specifically for couples who want to know how to get eloped in Georgia. It is important for us to ensure the comfort and peace of mind of the couples we work with, so we hope it will answer many of the burning questions that usually accompany this kind of event. If there is more you would like to know about an elopement in Georgia, our customer service professionals will be more than happy to answer them, just drop us a line in the contact form, an email or a call!

Weddings for two step-by-step

What surprises many couples who have decided to elope in Georgia is the simplicity of arranging a wedding ceremony and reception. This becomes even more noticeable when you work together with an agency and the request is for a small wedding in Georgia. Let’s look closer at what planning an elopement may involve.

Preparing to elope in Georgia

Preparing for an elopement is one of the fastest steps of organizing an easy wedding in Georgia. You can contact us no earlier than one month before your special date and send us the copies of all the documents you will need, so that we can start on the legal aspects of the paperwork without worrying you about it. Typically, this involves the translation and notarization of your and your witnesses’ passport copies. Do you need witnesses  to get married in Georgia? The answer is yes, having two witnesses is customary for marriage registration. But if there are only two of you coming to Georgia together, we will gladly provide you with our witnesses at no extra charge.

The initial preparation stage includes your collaboration with our customer service team to help you with selecting a location and style that reflects the essence of a romantic  wedding for two – be it a classic wedding ceremony, a minimalist occasion full of understated elegance or a natural wedding with bohemian, rustic or retro elements. All the details are carefully reviewed and curated to make this a special event – you can choose the attire, including traditional national Georgian dress, the setup and palette, which can be based on the advice of our experts or your own creativity – send us a moodboard or a set of suggestions and we will do our utmost to make your dream come true. There is a world of possibilities when the rings, bouquets and decor are concerned. And our customer service professionals can always recommend a number of locations to match the spirit of the celebration, with some of the best places to elope in Georgia to pick from.

Choosing a wedding venue

Ori Wedding knows everything about what makes a fantastic celebration venue. Since Georgia is so diverse, venues of all types cater for weddings for two. In our extensive portfolio, you can find a number of locations that will surely match the tone, atmosphere and budget requirements of your wedding. We will be happy to share tips about the unique features of each, as well as provide photos and videos to ensure you have an easy wedding in Georgia that involves no worries or effort on your part. If you do come to inspect the site in person, which is always highly recommended, there is also an opportunity to taste the local Georgian dishes at different venues for a more immersive experience.

Best places to elope in Georgia

Based on your expectations and personal preferences we can recommend an array of venues with their own distinctive styles that will turn even the smallest wedding in Georgia into an unforgettable event. Here are some recommendations that are bound to strike a chord with even the most demanding couples.

If you are planning a wedding in Tbilisi, you will have numerous opportunities to appreciate the treasures of this fine city. Take a long romantic walk through the quaint streets of the Old City, exchange your vows at Konka – a historical marriage registration office built in a traditional style and complete with stunning ornamental designs, or visit the Botanical Gardens, where you can enjoy an intimate wedding ceremony among the ancient trees.

To complete your evening, book a table at one of the popular Georgian restaurants such as the Tsiskvili, In the Shadow of Metekhi or the Georgian House, where you can see free performances by Georgian musicians and dancers. For those who are coming to Georgia in the warm season, we suggest a candlelit dinner on one of the terraces overlooking Tbilisi’s picturesque streets and the surrounding scenery – Tiflis Veranda, Old Kopala, the Funicular, the Golden Tulip Design Hotel and many more. If you want to partake of Georgian hospitality in a more original setting, choose Shushabandi, Yasamani, or Keto and Kote for a slightly different atmosphere that is still distinctly authentic.

For those aiming for a chic celebration or reception, we can suggest venues that boast a modern, stylish setting and unforgettable views, such as the Xeme, located at the highest spot in Tbilisi, the Republic with its trendy minimalist decor or Orangery Cafe & More, surrounded by the lush greenery of Vake park.

A luxurious elopement and celebration with natural elements can become especially festive at the Tsinandali hotel from the Radisson collection, located in the sunny Kakheti – a haven nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Georgia. With its exquisite blend of opulence and warm hospitality, this enchanting hotel sets the stage for an unforgettable celebration, where couples can bask in the grandeur of the surroundings and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. The same can be said for the Bioli Resort with its unique eco-friendly style. Georgia’s recreational Kojori region is famed for the atmosphere of peace and tranquility – the elements that will make a wedding celebration at the Bioli Wellness Resort one of the best choices to make. This is especially true if you love outdoor activities, going out for a picnic or sitting by an open-air fireplace – your time here will be both a treat and an adventure.

There is an even wider variety of venues also available in Kakheti – an ancient winemaking region, full of beautiful lakes, mountainous wooded areas and vineyards. Enjoy a retreat for two at one of its wineries – Shumi, Giuaani or Babaneuris Marani that offer couples a fairytale-like atmosphere, the rustic charm of traditional Georgian living and delectable signature wines. Treat yourself to a stay at full-service resorts like Lopota or Kvareli Lake for an exquisite experience of serenity and comfort. And if you are fascinated by locations with a royal air and distinguished history, you will be warmly welcomed at any of Kakheti’s numerous elegant chateaux  – the traditional Chateau Mosmieri, the majestic Chateau Mukhrani or the cozy Chateau Artwine will make your wedding day feel truly special.

If it is the mountains you prefer, we can offer you an unforgettable elopement in Gudauri and Kazbegi, where alpine fields meet the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range. Have a ceremony in the shadow of its brilliant white mountain peaks, take in the stunning scenery of the region or do a dynamic snowboarding wedding – there are endless options to choose from. The rough appearance of the landscape stands in perfect contrast with the subdued elegance of its wonderfully accommodating hotels, such as the Ati Ambavi, Rooms Kazbegi or Gudauri Lodge. Each of these strives to deliver an ultimate experience of Georgian hospitality, becoming a home away from home for its guests, with the highest quality of services to match. Spas, indoor pools, fantastic terrace views and great food – these make up just a handful of opportunities to make your elopement there even more enjoyable. This option can be especially enticing for those who have always dreamed of a fairytale snowy wedding, full of mystery and its own unique beauty that stands in favorable contrast to more typical summertime celebrations.

Finalizing the arrangements

After all the details about the location, decor, services and timeframes have been settled, we prepare your initial estimate, consult you on the essence of each item and in this way finalize the arrangements.

The estimate includes the most popular and frequently requested wedding services, such as official marriage registration, photography, decor, dinner celebration and others. You can extend or narrow down this list in accordance with the scale of the wedding and personal preferences.

As far as an elopement-style wedding is concerned, the most important factors for an easy preparation are the date of the registration and ceremony, should you choose to have one separately, the expected number of guests, and the availability of the venue. If you are coming to Georgia only for the ceremony, you can expect the preparations and arrangements to be even simpler and faster.

There are many adjustable options in the wedding estimate that you may benefit from. Choose a romantic walk with a magnificent photoshoot on the streets of the Old City, pick out a stunning bouquet, invite guests or take this time for just the two of you. Capture the ceremony, the location, shoot the bride’s morning and the dinner reception while working with a professional photographer or videographer – it will allow you to create the right mood and wonderful memories. Such added details as the services of an emcee or a fireworks display will fill your day with genuinely special emotions and impressions.

If you are happy with the services, subcontractors and venue selected, we will proceed to sign an agreement, and you can make the advance payment. At the same time, we book everything you have requested for the desired date, and it is time for you to meet your wedding planner. They will be instrumental in organizing all the further stages of your event, from the general concept to the smallest details. It will be their job to help you realize your dreams and free you from worries and energy-draining mundane tasks.

When we provide a wedding planner, there are many factors that come into play, such as their skills, strengths and specialization, as well as your preferences and requirements. Our goal is to perfectly match a professional to your needs and make sure that your wedding celebration is a time to remember, full of joy and comfort. Regardless of whether it is a simple marriage registration or an intimate wedding ceremony just for the two of you – we are confident about delivering the best experience.

Our wedding planner is the person responsible for all the vital aspects of preparing for the ceremony and the registration. They organize the logistics for traveling to and from the registration office, set the date for the event, and offer help on every step of the way.

To simplify the process, you can send us the scanned copies of your and your witnesses’ documents even before coming to the country, so that we have an opportunity to start checking them, providing a translation and notarization to make sure everything is flawless and runs smoothly on your big day.

The wedding day

On this day, the wedding planner accompanies you to the registration ceremony, where everything has already been prepared in advance, and the only thing that remains is your signature. Our planners are highly qualified and experienced, which lets them control the flow of the process, and facilitate your communication with the Public Service Hall authorities through translation and interpretation.

After this, your documents will be sent to be translated and notarized, which typically includes an embassy stamp or an apostille. This is another duty of the planner – to help you avoid the endless paperwork that accompanies an official registration and let you enjoy your special day. When the documents are ready, they are promptly delivered to you by express courier service.

When all the formal considerations have been dealt with, it is time to get the party started. Enjoy the celebration, relax at a glorious dinner reception or simply take time for the two of you to experience the joy of this day.

The Afterstory

The days following the wedding ceremony and celebration are as important as the preparations before them. There are a number of things that need attention and careful planning, such as finishing the work with the documents and making sure you can enjoy the photos, videos and other materials from the big day. However, it’s just a handful of things when it comes to an elopement, so with the help of professionals, there is nothing to worry about for the newlyweds.

After the wedding, you will receive your marriage certificate when the apostille procedure or consular legalization for your country is completed. Dates are individual for each country, but, as a rule, these take approximately two weeks. We will send you all the documents by registered letter or courier service anywhere in the world.

We take our work very seriously, and that is why Ori’s wedding planners stay in touch with you for half a year after the wedding, making sure that they can answer any follow-up questions and assist with remaining inquiries. We are invested in the happiness of the couples we work with, and believe that organizing a wedding is more than just a job – it is a real privilege.

If you decide on the services of a photographer or a videographer for your elopement, then in about three months after the wedding, you will be enjoying the photos and videos that celebrate that wonderful occasion. Looking at them can be a great way to remember all the magical moments of this beautiful and significant day, so we suggest turning it into a small ritual – disconnect from the mundane, get comfortable and enjoy the beauty of the pictures that will preserve these treasured memories.

The Conclusion

We hope that you enjoyed our guide to eloping in Georgia. As you can see, this is an amazing country with plenty of wonders to offer – picturesque locations, fantastic food and wine, and last but not least, ease of organization and registration for weddings of all sizes. An elopement-style wedding is by far the most straightforward event to plan, with much less stress and worries to accompany it. Our wedding agency has considerable experience in helping couples enjoy a small wedding in Georgia or an intimate elopement ceremony to the fullest, without being troubled by any organizational concerns or formalities. Let Ori Wedding take care of everything – enjoy this time together and the celebration that will create lonely memories for you for years to come.