Do you want to know what we consider the most frustrating mistake in wedding planning? Lack of professional light and sound!

A wedding day is all about special atmosphere and memories, that will stay forever, that is why it is important to focus on the key elements that create these memories and atmosphere. Sure, they will add up to your expenses, proportionate to the scale of your event, however when planned out professionally, light and sound can be your safety net and a secret trick that elevates the level of your event. In this article we’ll explain how exactly this works.


We realise that the budget does not always allow to choose all the desired extra services, so if you’re bound to opt for just one of the two, light or sound, we would recommend choosing light for one simple reason. Quality light secures such important elements of the day as photo, video and the show, and these will keep the memories of the most important day in your life for many years ahead, so if you have to pick just one of the options, definitely go for professional light.

Evgenia Lega, General Manager of the Ori Wedding Agency
Let’s talk about why professional light is so important for your event
  1. Light equipment compensates for the lack of natural lighting in the winter months.
  2. Light helps put all the right accents — this way the couple will always be in the focus of attention of the guests.
  3. Only with professional light you can be sure that in the dinner photos taken in the evening time you and your guests will not look unnaturally pale or, on the contrary, as if you’ve spent way too much time in the tanning salon.
  4. Light creates a very special, magical and festive, atmosphere.
  5. Light is a powerful tool to correct the shape and accentuate certain areas of the hall where the wedding dinner is taking place. It helps hide the flaws of the floor plan and make the hall look somewhat more premium because professional light creates the vibe similar to a theatre show or a concert of a big musician, only this time the couple is going to be in the spotlight. Besides, light can enhance the effect of decor.
  6. Special trusses where the lights are installed are used to illuminate the dance floor and the spot of the cover band which creates a special festive mood.
  7. If you have a show planned as a part of your evening programme, professional light will dramatically enhance its effect.
  8. Wedding decorators use various kinds of light, for example, candles, Chinese lanterns and fairy lights as a beautiful addition to the style of your choice.
  9. The use of smoke and light figures adds a certain «texture» to the light and create special atmosphere.
  10. If you lean towards the party format, why not consider an eye-catching disco ball?

Now you see that light is not only used to make things brighter, but also to play with the contrast of light and dark, intensity and timing, particular shades and special moments in order to place all the right accents throughout the event.

«We always provide a precise list of equipment in the contract, for both the basic and extended packages. The range largely depends on the number of guests. For example, if we’re looking at an outdoors ceremony with over 50 guests, we’ll definitely recommend the trusses to install the light equipment on them.

With a smaller number of guests we can place the same equipment without the trusses, which will reduce the price of the service.

Evgenia Lega, General Manager of the Ori Wedding Agency
(с) Elena Glazova
Why is the lighting specialist needed?

It is the person who knows all the subtle aspects that have been elaborated throughout the years of working at different venues and with various types of events. He visits the venue in advance for inspection and recommends the most appropriate solution for light instalments based on particular floor plan and your request, or alternatively, suggests a different venue which already has most equipment required for your event.

Besides, the lighting specialist speaks common language with the photographer and videographer which helps to organise everything for best result not only on site on the day of the event, but also in the shots that will keep the priceless memories of your wedding.

(с) Anna Utesheva
(с) Anna Utesheva

Experts in light and sound equipment would usually talk about professionalism in a slightly conspirational manner and say that true mastership proves itself not only when the equipment is installed and running, but when something goes wrong and then gets fixed instantly. Besides, top specialists are well-connected and therefore can request support from trusted colleagues. Having a person like that on site you are always on the safe side.


There are several levels on which the sound is present at an event. Firstly, it is important to make sure that all the guests can hear the couple and the master of the ceremony clearly which depends not only on how powerful the equipment is, but also on the landscape if the ceremony is taking place outdoors. Only a professional can make a fair estimate of the situation.

(c) W-art

Priceless emotions in the key moments of the wedding ceremony — adorable bride’s entrance, exciting vows and glorious kiss sealing the promise — are a hundred times more impressive with the music. And isn’t it the whole point to get fully immersed in the feelings that reflect the solemn moments and imprint them in your memory? That’s when the smooth cooperation between the sound engineer and the master of the ceremony comes in place. We are extremely proud of the long-term collaboration with our trusted partners who have already become the members of our team. And they really click after years of collaboration and finish each other’s sentences 🙂

(c) W-art

Appropriate background music throughout the day, starting from when the guests are gathering for the dinner, is required to create special mood. Cover band and DJ create the dancing mood. And sure enough, each of these stages needs relevant equipment that also depends on the venue and is picked individually for your request.

Sound engineer is required at all times where a band or a singer is performing. He or she is in touch with the musicians to coordinate them and makes a signal to start, tunes up the sound to the room 2-3 hours in advance and keeps an eye on the equipment to make sure it’s working properly. Big projects would usually require 2 sound engineers.

We gladly provide all-set playlists to absolutely any taste: Iranian, Israeli, Indian music — we have everything. We have ready-made playlists, and we can also provide a tailor-made playlist based on your personal request.

It is important to remember that you can choose any music at all only if you rent out the entire venue for your event.

For a private ceremony for two, as a budget-friendly option we can offer a speaker. Or alternatively, professional sound — mixer and speakers.

We usually insist on a professional sound engineer when we know there will be musicians on site (for example, a saxophonist) and when the number of guests exceeds 10-12 people, in order to make sure that your guests can hear everything clearly, especially in the mountains or when it’s windy.

Evgenia Lega, General Manager of the Ori Wedding Agency

We are the only ones among the wedding companies in Georgia who started putting the request of the couple first, while most companies are based on a completely opposite principle: their DJ performs in a particular style, and he gets chosen based on that. And we always confirm the playlist in advance.

Irakli Kavtiashvili, Sound and Technical Engineer, DJ of the Ori Wedding Agency

If there is an extensive show programme planned, for example, traditional Georgian polyphony and dancers, it is crucially important to provide high quality sound for the maximum effect from the show. Wedding planners can’t always make decisions related to the technical side of the process themselves, and that is why we recommend adding the services of a professional sound engineer to your budget plan.

Hopefully we managed not only to interpret what exactly is included in the «light» and «sound» service, but also to light a spark of inspiration and creativity in you, since with the help of what seems like a boring and heartless piece of equipment, one can recreate a colourful and unique story of your couple. And that’s exactly why we think of professional sound and light engineers as of storytellers 🙂