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Top 10 most picturesque locations for a wedding in Georgia (and a bonus)

Preparation for a wedding starts with choosing the right location since it is going to define the success of the whole event — its style, scenario, budget, ambiance, and surely the comfort of the guests. So one should make their choice mindfully. Our advice is to come to visit Georgia in advance for an inspection of the locations and see all the options with your own eyes, compare the features, really feel the vibe of the place and make sure it’s your perfect picture.

Here we have a collection of the most beautiful locations for a wedding in Georgia that will charm you and your guests and become amazing backgrounds in your wedding photos.

1. Pier of Kvareli Lake Resort Hotel

The pier of the cozy Kvareli Lake Resort hotel overlooking the stunning mountain lake Chala, surrounded by woods and green hills in the Kvareli region in Kakheti is the perfect setting for a privy and peaceful wedding ceremony, a one in a lifetime event for the two of you.

Kvareli Lake Resort (с) Aloe Vera Photography
2. Radisson Collection Tsinandali Hotel

Radisson Collection Tsinandali Hotel in Kakheti has opened its doors not so long ago and is definitely a place for a couple with perfect taste. It is a unique complex integrated with a historical mansion of the Chavchavadze family. Created by an international team of designers, the hotel offers several objects for holding events. Among other ingredients for your magical celebration are excellent food, high level of service as well as an all-year heated outdoor swimming pool with a view of the Greater Caucasus mountains, which is a perfect relaxation spot for the next day after a big party. What else to wish for?

3. Big pier of the Lopota Lake Resort and SPA Hotel

Lopota lake is highly appreciated for the feeling of privacy and detachment from the rest of the world, as well as carefully curated territory of the comfortable Lopota Lake Resort and SPA hotel with a number of various services that will make your celebration chic! The private pier is a tried and trusted location for some of the most spectacular wedding ceremonies.

4. Rooms Kazbegi

The terrace of the Rooms Kazbegi hotel is an iconic must-visit place in the Stepantsminda village. The view of the glorious Kazbek mountain and the Trinity (Gergeti) church, along with the panoramic view of the whole valley is just a perfect setting for your ceremony’s photoshoot. Moreover, the hotel is known for impeccable service and inspiring design.

5. Gudauri

In love with the mountains and dreaming of pronouncing your vows surrounded by their eternal beauty? Then Gudauri should go first on your list, since it’s just a comfortable 2.5 hour drive away from Tbilisi and is therefore the easiest location to reach for your ceremony in the mountains. There are several spots for a ceremony with breathtaking views in this area suitable for various numbers of guests. The best months are July and August as the rest of the year is known for the highly unpredictable weather.

Gudauri (с) Anna Utesheva
6. Tiflis Veranda

The city with over 1500 years of history situated at the crossroads of the ancient trading routes in the Mtkvari (Kura) river valley with the pretty carved wood colorful balconies — that is what Tbilisi is about, a bright and flavourful setting for your wedding day. The Tiflis Veranda restaurant is located at the heart of the old city, it is a unique venue with panoramic views over the main historical and cultural landmarks. The talented kitchen chef from Istanbul holding a Michelin star and a pastry chef from France (you can order your wedding cake right here) will make sure your guests are delighted by the gastronomic experience at your celebration.

Jvari and Mtskheta (c) W-art
7. Jvari

It’s amazing, isn’t it, that just a half an hour drive from Tbilisi will take you to a spot with such a distinct feel of eternity. It’s a true power place located on top of the hill overlooking the ancient city of Mtskheta and the confluence of Aragvi and Mtkvari (Kura) rivers. This plateau is right by the ancient Jvari cathedral, a witness of the history of many centuries that passed by. It is probably one of the most famous and iconic sights in Georgia, and that is why it is so alluring to make it a part of your personal story.

8. Batumi NEW

When considering various wedding locations in Georgia, you might get stuck trying to choose between the sea and the mountains. Well, Batumi can offer it all! Besides, it has this off season charm. If you’re feeling a special connection with the calming and timeless energy of the water element, Batumi is the right place for you. We’ll find that perfect privy cove for you along the stretched seacoast. The Batumi Botanical Garden is wonderful for a laid-back walk, communion with nature and a photoshoot.

9. Borjomi NEW

Borjomi resort is famous all around the world for its mineral water springs, special microclimate and revitalising clear air. It doesn’t get too hot here in the summer, in the autumn the leaves change to all the bright colours, and in the winter the snowy mountain peaks echo the snow-covered tree tops. One of the most beautiful venues is the pine tree Likani park, which is a part of the former Romanov family residence, and that’s the place we recommend for your wedding ceremony.

10. Vardzia NEW

Vardzia is a manmade cave city carved out in a rock overlooking the quietly flowing Mtkvari (Kura) river. The open balconies of Vardzia provide magnificent views of the mountains and the valleys. Vardzia Resort hotel is known for the superb well-kept grounds wonderfully suited for a celebration in classic style as well as a theme-based one with no limits to your fantasy.

Borjomi (c) W-art

We’d like to top it all off with two bonus locations — real gems which haven’t become popular yet, and therefore give you a chance to become one of the first couples with a wedding celebration there, which will be truly unique! We are looking forward to a couple daring to have this one of a kind experience.

11. Racha BONUS

Every time Racha comes up in a conversation, locals start talking lyrical and adoring, closing their eyes mysteriously as if diving in the dreams of this wonderful place. Racha’s charm is all in the mountain villages, crystal clear and fresh air, green fields and rapid streams. It doesn’t get hot here in the summer, yet it’s very green and there is plenty of flowers. Racha is often called the Georgian Switzerland. Not too many tourists reach this area, which makes it even more cozy, homely and naturally beautiful.

12. Svaneti BONUS

Svaneti is a mountain lover’s paradise. It is known for its particular architecture, most of all for the tower houses called ‘koshki’, as well as notable cultural traditions. The Svans use their own language, and the Svan cuisine offers rather substantial fatty dishes. A trip to Svaneti is like a journey in time, it’s right here where you can capture the particular flavour, that will amaze even those who have travelled to Georgia several times before.

In the course of your preparation for the wedding, we will always be by your side, share the experience of other couples and provide you with the details about the special features of the venues. We are looking forward to welcoming you for an inspection of the short-listed options and to accompanying you in this very interesting and creative journey.


Where to celebrate a wedding in Tbilisi? Part 2

An open-air ceremony surrounded by beautiful landscapes is the dream of many couples. But, outdoor wedding locations in the fresh air can not always compete with the premises in terms of comfort, service, and protection from the unpredictability of the weather. Therefore, we decided to prepare for you a list of unique places in Tbilisi, where the picturesque nature is combined with urban comfort and a high level of service. In the last article, we talked about the best restaurants and terraces in our opinion for holding a ceremony and celebrating a wedding. In the second part, we will focus on the most unusual and amazing open areas of Tbilisi. Well, it’s better to plan such a wedding from mid-April to mid-October, when the weather in Tbilisi pleases with a bright and warm sun.

Gardenia Shevardnadze

Far from the bustle of the city and the noise of the metropolis, there is a real magical fairy garden of Zurab Shevardnadze. Once upon a time, he created garden art in Georgia on his own. Zurab adopted the love of plants from his grandfather and, having been educated in Amsterdam, returned to Georgia to create his paradise flower garden and teach everyone who wants garden magic. Unusual flower beds made from old shoes and clay pots, mirrored corridors, fountains with water lilies, and also other garden decorations, for the creation of which household items were used, is a figment of Shevardnadze’s imagination. Especially people like the calm home atmosphere of the garden and a wide variety of flowering plants, any of which you can buy and take home with detailed recommendations for further care.

The cuisine presented in this unique place deserves special attention. All dishes are created according to the old recipes of Zurab’s grandmother. Real home Georgian cuisine is prepared from products that grow in greenhouses and in the garden, right on the site. The interior is like an old Georgian house: a long table for the whole family, antiques and the spirit of antiquity lurking in every corner. Serving and serving dishes are beyond description. Everything was done antique, restored according to the recollections of grandmother and grandfather. By the way, you can also stay in a small cozy hotel in the garden. The owner personally had a hand in the design of these five rooms, and each of them is unique in its own way. The second such location not only in Tbilisi but throughout the world can not be found. Your ceremony can take place surrounded by flowers and trees from around the world. More recently, a restaurant has appeared in Gardenia, where you can celebrate a small wedding for 20 people.

The only condition of Zurab is not to make noise, because the whole room is decorated with antique dishes from Georgia and other countries. Fragile dinner sets and crystal glasses will tolerate only quiet live national music. A DJ can be accommodated, for example, in the garden next to the fountain, where there is a small terrace. In fine, Gardenia Shevardnadze is best suited for salon-type weddings.

Botanical Garden

The botanical garden is suitable for ceremonies at any time of the year. This is a fairly secluded place with a large selection of options for a photoshoot. We can deliver you even to the most remote corner of the garden on an electric car. An important factor for many couples and guests is easy to access to the location, so we are happy to guide you with our secret paths straight to the ceremony venue. 🙂

Tbilisi National Botanical Garden appeared back in 1845. It became the first botanical garden in the Caucasus. These real jungles are located in the historical center of the Georgian capital at the place where, according to legend, the city was founded. And the local Openwork Bridge is considered the oldest building in the city.

This kingdom of trees, shrubs, and flowers are the best suited for you if you really want to surround yourself with nature, but do not want to travel outside the city. In April, numerous trees and shrubs begin to bloom here, and flowerbeds are covered with a bright carpet. It is cooler in summer than in the city itself, so this place is great for a walking photo shoot. In autumn and winter, without going outside the garden, you can capture several seasons — just strolling from one thematic zone with evergreens to another, where the trees have already changed into autumn outfits.

In a specially designated place of the Botanical Garden, a ceremony for 100 people can be held. The arch will be located on the edge of the cliff, from the height of which an unforgettable panoramic view of the Old Town opens. Here we can organize a smorgasbord and invite musicians. However, we recommend that you give up musical accompaniment and surrender yourself to the best conductor — nature itself. An orchestra of the noise of a waterfall, the murmur of a river and the melodious singing of birds is the best accompaniment for your wedding.


Mtatsminda Park is one of the most romantic places in Tbilisi. The holy Mount Mtatsminda is visible from almost anywhere in the capital; it is the main symbol and the most memorable place in Tbilisi. Green alleys and a Ferris wheel, located on the top of this mountain, are a favorite place for romantic dates. The rise there not only in order to enjoy the panorama of the city, have fun in the amusement park, touch history but also in order to tie the knot.

All the way to Mtatsminda is filled with solemnity and extraordinary. Starting from the ascent to the funicular to the cinematic passage through the alley along the carpet path to the hall where the ceremony takes place. This wedding palace for 20 people looks like a glass hall surrounded on all sides by coniferous trees. It’s like you are in a real forest and say each other the most important words on “Holy Mountain”, beneath the sky, away from the bustle of the city. After the ceremony, you can not only have a wonderful photoshoot with a panoramic view of the whole city but also celebrate your wedding in the stunning Funicular restaurant. By the way, at one time this restaurant (we mentioned it in a previous article) was one of the most famous in the city, Fidel Castro, Margaret Thatcher, Alain Delon, and many other honored guests managed to visit and enjoy Georgian cuisine here.

Expo Georgia Terrace

In one of the districts of Tbilisi, there is a quiet island of Expo Georgia, covered with thick greenery. This is a space with showrooms and nice restaurants among old mighty plants. Residents of the city often come here to exhibitions or just relax after a hard day in silence. The same place is suitable for celebrating a wedding.

The atmosphere of Expo Georgia reminds many of southern Kakheti, which means it is a great chance to combine a city wedding with the original landscape. The only weeping willows in the city that hang over a small lake will serve as a wonderful backdrop for the ceremony on the terrace. Moreover, you can travel to real tropics in a special domed pavilion Expo Georgia. Just imagine how varied the photos from your wedding will be. And you can spend dinner without leaving the territory. Expo Georgia Terrace, which seats up to 50 people, features a wide selection of European and Georgian dishes, as well as an excellent cocktail menu.

Open Air Museum of Ethnography

This location is suitable for couples who want to feel the real historical Georgia. One of the houses of the exhibition was given over to a restaurant that teleports you to the life and customs of a rural family from the Racha region. Here you will feel like visiting the real mistress of the Georgian house: the surroundings and the kitchen are completely authentic.

The exposition of the Ethnographic Museum creates a miniature model of Georgia, reflects the diversity of the country’s ethnic culture. The museum was founded in 1966 by the famous Georgian historian and ethnographer George Chita. It contains buildings reflecting the diversity of traditions and culture of different regions of the country in different periods of its history. The main 14 ethnographic regions are represented; some of the collected samples belong to the Bronze Age, others to our days.

The Museum of Ethnography will appeal to those couples who want to conduct their open-air photo session and surround themselves with the true culture of Georgia. Ancient village houses take you far away for several hundred kilometers and centuries. You can feel the whole flavor of Georgia in one place only here.

Tbilisi Lakes

If it’s important for you to hold a wedding next to an open water reservoir, but you don’t want to travel outside of Tbilisi, there are several wonderful places in the city. For example, for many tourists and guests in the city, it will be a surprise to have a “sea” in the Georgian capital. Although, in fact, the Tbilisi Sea is the unofficial name of the reservoir in the north-east of the city. In the summer, this pond is a real salvation for the inhabitants of the city. The territory of the reservoir is landscaped: there are beaches, a modern water park Gino Paradise with a large SPA-zone, cafes, restaurants, as well as a yacht club. One of the yacht clubs Tbilisi Yacht Club – Restaurant La Cote is the best suited for couples who dream of a ceremony next to an open water reservoir. Just imagine an arch located on a secluded pier, a light “sea” breeze, and snow-white yachts. If you want to add sophistication to your ceremony, then we can arrange a boat trip along with champagne and strawberries. 🙂

An outlet for those who want to be in Tbilisi on the lake is Lisi. This place is one of the most popular holiday destinations for residents of the city, so it is suitable only for those who want to have a small wedding with two witnesses. It is possible to conduct a photoshoot after the ceremony and a romantic dinner in one of the institutions with a magical view of the lake.

These are far from all the beautiful places of Tbilisi, and especially Georgia, which are suitable for a dream wedding. We will continue to acquaint you with the beautiful locations of Georgia in the following articles and translate your desires into reality.


Where to celebrate a wedding in Tbilisi? Part 1

Wedding in the city with a slogan proclaiming love — isn’t that the most natural and logical decision? 🙂 Tbilisi really loves you, and also loves fun feasts, sincere emotions, and warm confession. Based on our extensive experience, we have chosen the best places in the city where you can hold a ceremony or celebrate the wedding with a delicious dinner. There were so many of these places that we prepared detailed material from two articles. In the first part, we will highlight restaurants and venues with beautiful views and amazing cuisine.

Orangery Garden

Orangery Garden is a wedding venue filled with the magic of an oasis in the midst of a bustling city. Once in this restaurant overlooking Vake Park, you find yourself in a small garden, always generously decorated with cozy garlands. There are so many different plants and flowers that you don’t even need to invite a florist to decorate the room. The ceremony can be held on the terrace, which is located on the second floor, or in the garden on site. Just imagine how you are surrounded by this green splendor, gently hold hands and utter the most treasured words.

Orangery Garden is suitable for holding a ceremony at any time of the year because the terrace has a retractable roof, panoramic windows and pendant heaters that protect even from harsh winter winds. The terrace is designed for 30-40 guests, and the restaurant – for 60. Among other things, the restaurant is equipped with everything necessary for real fun. The DJ console, an open area for dancing, the warm light of bulbs, and in the middle of the hall is a real fireplace that will create an atmosphere of comfort and romance. The menu presents both European and Georgian cuisine. By the way, the restaurant is especially famous for its seafood dishes, which is very rare for Tbilisi.


One of the most unusual restaurants in Tbilisi deservedly became the winner of the Georgian Golden Brand award 8 times. Tsiskvili contains everything that Georgia is so loved for. Delicious food, unforgettable entertainment, and colorful surroundings. This is not just a restaurant, but a real open-air museum.

The restaurant is located on the banks of the Kura River, and an unusual landscape has been masterfully beaten in its interior. For example, the wheel of a water mill, after which the institution is named, drives the water of a real waterfall itself. Between the floors of Tsiskvili, which are cascaded, a small funicular runs where if visitors are sober they have to pay for the trip. 🙂

On the territory of the restaurant, you can arrange a ceremony and spend the evening in the company of relatives and friends. Choosing Tsiskvili as your wedding venue, you can enjoy a variety of Georgian folklore and dances that will leave an unforgettable experience for each guest of your celebration.


Undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Tbilisi — the legendary Funicular restaurant is not only at the top of all ratings but at the highest point of the metropolis. It rises majestically over the city from Mount Mtatsminda, which in Georgian means “holy mountain.” The restaurant was built back in 1938 according to all the canons of that time — monumental and for centuries. For almost a century, significant events of politics, stars, wealthy residents and guests of Georgia have been celebrating here.

In total, the restaurant has 3 floors, on the 2nd and 3rd floor, there are many banquet rooms. We advise you to choose a room with the famous panel by the artist Koki Ignatov, which has recently been restored. Thanks to its convenient location, this room is ideal for celebrations. There is a beautiful terrace with panoramic views of the whole city, where you can place a wedding arch, and a large indoor restaurant for 50 people, which will allow you not to worry about the weather.

The Funicular Restaurant serves legendary cream donuts for which the whole city is queuing up. The main menu is also on top: they offer Georgian and European cuisine of excellent quality. By the way, the restaurant is called “funicular” for a reason. The very top of Mount Mtatsminda can be reached by the famous Tbilisi funicular, which was opened in 1905.

Metekhis Chrdili

The restaurant is called “In the Shadow of the Metekhi” because it is literally located next to the famous Metekhi temple. The terrace is located above Kura, and it offers a picturesque view of the whole of Tbilisi. Despite its unique interior and breathtaking panorama, the restaurant is truly famous for its cuisine. The dishes of Georgian cuisine here are very tasty, and in one portion you can feed three people. 🙂

Traditions are honored in Georgia, and one of the main things is that every guest should be not only deliciously fed but also in a good mood. By evening, the national ensemble begins its performance with songs and dances. During dinner, you definitely will not get bored. In the shadow of Metekhi, you can also hold a ceremony and celebrate a small wedding for 20 people. You can put the wedding arch on the terrace, pronounce the treasured words with a wonderful view of the Old Town, and then indulge in real Georgian fun.

(c) Anastasiy Sholokhova
King Gorgasali

King Gorgasali Restaurant is located in the eponymous hotel in the heart of the Old Town. Very close to the National Botanical Garden and the famous Tbilisi baths, and just a few steps from Shardeni Street with many cafes, bars, and restaurants, where the fun never ends.

Here you can hold a beautiful ceremony overlooking the historical sights of Tbilisi: the Mtkvari River, Metekhi Temple, the Old City, and Narikala Fortress. You won’t be able to continue the evening on the terrace itself because you can’t make noise in the city center, but up to 50 people can be accommodated in the rather large inner hall of the restaurant.

The restaurant has a wine bar where you can conduct a wine tasting with professional sommeliers. The dishes are mainly of European cuisine, but skilled chefs can cook any dish according to your preferences.

King Gorgasali
King Gorgasali (3)

Marani is a restaurant of the world-famous G.G Group brand, which means there can be no doubt. The restaurant’s terrace offers enchanting views of Old Tbilisi. This place is perfect for the ceremony, but to celebrate with a large company will not work. The whole city loves this place so much that it doesn’t rise to close it for a wedding.

If you came here alone or with witnesses, you can easily stay after the ceremony, enjoy the sounds of live music and Georgian, European and Asian dishes prepared by the Moroccan chef.

Tiflis Veranda

Restaurant Tiflis Veranda is a combination of a classic restaurant and lounge-style summer terraces. Here, surrounded by unforgettable panoramic views of historical and cultural attractions, you can feel the true spirit of Tbilisi. This is a unique playground in the very center of the old city.

Tiflis Veranda Restaurant has 2 levels of a terrace. Both terraces are suitable for ceremonies and can accommodate up to 40 people. Have an unforgettable outdoor ceremony overlooking the city, and then enjoy a delicious and sophisticated dinner. A chef from Istanbul with Michelin star and a pastry chef from France will prepare local and European dishes for you. In addition, this is one of the few establishments that offers its own wedding cake with different fillings up to your taste.

(c) Mate

There are not all the perfect places for weddings, which are located in Tbilisi. In the next article, we will tell you about the most unusual and unexpected locations for your ceremony. 


Where to have a winter wedding in Georgia?

Why do some people prefer to celebrate their wedding in winter? Residents of hot countries want exotic and winter tales in the wedding pictures. Romantics combine New Year or Valentine’s Day with a ceremony to dive into the atmosphere of holiday magic. Practical people choose the winter period for reasons of economy and lack of queues at the registry offices. And extremals say the vows right on the descent from the mountain slopes.

Whatever your reasons are, a winter wedding in Georgia means stunning magnificence of nature’s beauty and extraordinary impressions. Your ceremony will be wonderful if you take into account all the peculiarities of winter season in Georgia!

What are the weather conditions in Georgia during the winter period?

December in Georgia is the month with the biggest amount of rainfalls, so significant difficulties can arise with the road to the mountains. In Tbilisi, where snow is a rarity, during this period the weather is quite changeable and sudden rain can spoil you, not only your mood but also your wedding pictures. February and March are famous for their strong winds, which are difficult to hide from. And if you can escape from the rain under the roof of a cozy restaurant and warm yourself by the fireplace, the wind can thwart all your plans.

(с) W-Art

January is the best month for a winter wedding in Georgia. Although this is the coldest period of the year, you can be sure that a sudden gusty wind will not ruin the bride’s hairstyle in a matter of seconds. The most reliable option for a winter wedding is Tbilisi. Even if the weather in the capital deteriorates, you can always go to  ancient Mtskheta, which is only half an hour from the city center. Often, when it rains in Tbilisi, the sun shines in Mtskheta and vice versa. A plan B like this can save your wedding photoshoot.

For couples who are not looking for easy ways and fully want to feel the snowy breath of winter, we can offer Europe’s highest mountains. If you have chosen Kazbegi as the place of your wedding ceremony, in order to get to your location, you will need cars that can overcome the snowdrifts. The journey will take from 3 to 6 hours, depending on the condition of the road. Even if you just decided to arrange a photoshoot on the edge of the snow-covered mountain cliffs, keep in mind that you need to spend the whole day for this. And in case of an avalanche, there is a chance that you and the whole team will even have to stay overnight in the mountains. Winter mountain roads are very unpredictable and often even dangerous.

Those who value reliability and stability can choose Borjomi. Roads there are not covered with snow, and the route goes through places where the probability of a dangerous avalanche tends to zero. Hotels and restaurants can welcome all the guests, and the snowy forests and mountains around will provide the necessary setting.

We recommend that you consider Georgia’s popular ski resort Gudauri only for a photoshoot. The peculiarity of the resort is that local venues are mainly intended for tourists who come there to conquer the snow-covered slopes and are not always equipped with truly comfortable conditions for celebrating special occasions. But if it’s only two of you, and you want to sign on the side of the mountain during skiing or snowboarding, there is no place better.

You also need to thoroughly think though your outfit. Winter wedding dresses look original and provide a space for imagination. You can go beyond the classical white: against the background of a winter landscape, any bright colors will make your wedding pictures look truly unique. Also, do not forget about warm coats. Relying on our experience, we can assure you that no matter how inspired you are, you won’t be able to stand the cold for more than half an hour without appropriate clothes.

How to choose a venue for a winter wedding in Georgia?


As we mentioned earlier, Tbilisi is an ideal option for a wedding in winter. In winter, the restaurants of the capital are full of New Year’s lights and offer a variety of entertainment programs.

(с) Elena Glazova

Tiflis Veranda. Tiflis Veranda Restaurant is a classic-style restaurant. Suitable for couples who want to have a quiet wedding for two or four, taking into account the witnesses. The restaurant is famous for its unrivaled cuisine from the owner of the Michelin star, a chef from Istanbul, and a pastry chef from France. The program and design at the restaurant vary depending on the season. A stunning panoramic view of the whole city from the roof of the restaurant, decorated for the New Year, will allow you to feel the true spirit of Tbilisi and take unforgettable pictures.

Old Kopala. The cozy Hotel Old Kopala, whose restaurant is famous for its traditional Georgian cuisine. Suitable for a small and cozy wedding with a romantic dinner. Perfectly decorated for the New Year. The covered terrace offers a magical view of the very heart of the old city.

Marani. For a fun company of up to 10 people, Marani Restaurant is perfect. This is a favorite place for residents of Tbilisi and visitors to the city. You definitely won’t be bored there — in the evening the restaurant is filled with sounds of live music, which you can enjoy while having a delicious dinner.

TsiskviliThe popular restaurant Tsiskvili, whose name means “mill” in Georgian, is the place where real Georgian culture lives. If you decide to celebrate the wedding with all your family and friends, then a separate hall of the Tsiskvili restaurant, which fits up to 30 people, is suitable for you. You will not need to plan a separate program and order a special menu, because everything is provided here: live music, traditional Georgian dances, home wine, steaming dishes from the oven — the atmosphere of a great holiday of soul and body will take you on an unforgettable journey into the world of Georgian feast.


For those who dream of a quiet family holiday, the world-famous Borjomi resort is a great option. The road, as we said earlier, will be easy and without unpleasant surprises. Here you can combine the solemn ceremony with a real rest for all your guests.

Rixos Borjomi Hotel. The Rixos Borjomi is a five-star modern style spa hotel. You can conduct the ceremony in a snowy park that surrounds the hotel. On the 6th floor of Rixos Borjomi, there is a magnificent restaurant where you in the intimate circle of your family and close friends can celebrate one of the most significant events in your life.

Crowne Plaza Borjomi. Hotel Crowne Plaza Borjomi is located in Borjomi Central Park. Here you can not only enjoy beautiful views of the winter park and the surrounding snow-covered forests, but also relax in the spa, mineral baths and pool. The ceremony can be held in the park: it will be filled with the aroma of pine needles, New Year’s magic and mountain freshness. After the ceremony, you can have a romantic dinner in the quiet and comfy Crowne Plaza Borjomi restaurant.

Golden Tulip Borjomi. Golden Tulip is located in one of the main historical buildings of Borjomi. The architecture of this hotel combines Persian, Georgian and European motifs. The facade is decorated with mirror mosaics and a variety of patterns. In the world there are only three buildings made in a similar style. The interior of the hotel resembles scenery for the plots of Arabian tales. If you decide to fill your wedding with oriental magic and unsurpassed quality of service, then you will not find a better option.

Borjomi-Bakuriani narrow gauge railway

Not so far from Borjomi there is a ski resort Bakuriani, where you can get by the famous narrow gauge railway. Gustave Eiffel, the author of the tower with the same name in Paris, took part in the design of the bridge for this unique road. He had a hand in the creation of the Tsagveri-Tsemi bridge on the Tsemistskali river, along which the train passes. Now everyone calls it –  the Eiffel Bridge. The road from one resort to another is very picturesque.


The Bakuriani ski resort is equipped with comfortable and safe trails for children, so this is a great place to relax with the whole family. The gentle slopes are ideal for the younger generation and for beginning skiers. A large number of animators on the slope will not let the kids get bored while you are at the ceremony or photo shoot. The stunning beauty of the mountain peaks and evergreen spruce will create the necessary fabulous atmosphere, always calm weather and bright sun will only play into your hands.

Hotel Terrace 8 by Mgzavrebi. Spa-hotel Mgzavrebi is located at an altitude of more than 2000 meters above sea level, has direct access to the ski slopes and a terrace where you can hold an unusual ceremony. The background to your wedding can be an even row of snow-capped mountain peaks covered with snow and bright green coniferous firs. This is a relatively small hotel, so you can easily rent it for your entire wedding. This place is best suited for chamber celebrations for up to 40 people.

(c) Anna Homutova

Second ski resort Gudauri is ideal for lovers of outdoor activities, original ceremonies and unusual solutions. How about replacing a wedding dress with a ski suit? 🙂 For those brave souls, we can offer to sign all the documents during the descent from one of the slopes of Gudauri. This option is suitable for young and active couples who dream of celebrating a wedding in a fun and unusual way.

Wedding in winter is an original and bold decision. In the hands of the experienced team Ori Wedding, which will create an atmosphere of comfort and holiday for you, you will not need to be afraid of the frost. Just remember to grab a warm scarf 🙂


Wedding in Mtskheta and Jvari

Are you choosing a wedding venue in Georgia? Then you have probably heard that this country is famous for its numerous Orthodox churches and monasteries. Today we are travelling to Mtskheta, the old capital of Georgia and its religious center. This is one of our couples’ favourite places. Proximity to Tbilisi, rich history, hills and mountains… How is Georgia possible without mountains?

Why Mtskheta?

Mtskheta was the capital of Georgia until the V century, and it still remains the most significant historical place for the Georgians and country’s guests. This ancient city is located just a couple of kilometers away from Tbilisi, which is important for those who are planning their wedding in the capital. A short trip to Mtskheta will perfectly fit into a limited budget or a strict schedule. For example, you could register your marriage in one of Tbilisi city halls, have a photoshoot in Mtskheta and then come back for the dinner with a spectacular view of the shimmering Tbilisi skyline. Short distances between the cities allow us to facilitate logistics and have enough time to visit both locations.

A trip to Mtskheta includes a walk around the narrow cobbled streets and a visit of two main city sights — Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and Jvari Monastery. The first one was built in the XI century and despite much damage, still preserves this unique spirit of ancient history in its thick walls. You can make great photos inside of Svetitskhoveli or on the site behind the cathedral, overlooking the mighty Jvari, towering above the rivers. By the way, you can request an official Public Service hall representative and have a cozy ceremony right at this place. The ceremony surrounded by two main churches of Georgia will be a truly solemn lifetime experience. 

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The official registration and church wedding

You can also register your marriage in Mtskheta. The public hall is located in front of the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral: a private hall can fit up to 40 people. The application must be submitted one week before the date of your marriage. If you are not planning to come to Mtskheta beforehand, just send us all your documents by express mail. We will prepare all the necessary papers and submit them on your behalf by proxy.

While planning your church wedding in Svetitskhoveli, it is important to remember that this cathedral is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, which means that thousands of couples from all over the world travel to Mtskheta to have their wedding there. Marriage ceremony at this place will probably not become a moment of intimacy in the sight of God for you two, as the number of tourists remains large here at any time of the year. The ceremony in Svetitskhoveli will allow you to become part of a centuries-old history, though for a more secluded and solemn wedding we would recommend that you choose another, more private, church. We will be glad to help you find one.

The number of tourists in Mtskheta remains large at any time of the year.

Jvari Monastery

Not far from Mtskheta, on the rocky mountain top, there is the famous Jvari Monastery, a church built in the VI century. This site is known worldwide for its incredible view: it stands right at the confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers. This place if perfect for a romantic photoshoot (a love story, for example), or for an outdoor ceremony at the monastery’s walls. If you choose Jvari for your wedding, note that it is located on a hill, thus it has significant weather peculiarities. In the summer it might get very hot up there, and there are strong winds almost at any time (especially in spring).  Gusts of wind can be so severe that sometimes we are hardly able to place the ceremony decoration. Despite such conditions, Jvari still remains one of the most visited locations for wedding photoshoots in Georgia.

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Mtskheta and Jvari are the most popular sites close to Tbilisi, but they are not the only beautiful locations nearby. For example, just a 20-minute drive away from the city, there is the Kojori fortress, which has an amazing view of the mountain tops and, covered with summer haze. While planning your wedding in Tbilisi, you get a great chance to visit several locations nearby without big expenses. Tell us about your dreams and we will create an individual itinerary just for you! 🙂

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Wedding at the seaside in Batumi

Are you looking for a wedding venue and you have to choose between the mountains and the seaside? No need to choose anymore, as we have found the universal option for you 😊. In this article we are going to talk about wedding in Batumi: we will look through the pros and cons of this destination, visit a couple of best venues and show you in what way the Black Sea coast will definitely amaze you.

More and more couples come to us with a strong desire to make a difference, go beyond our popular packages and find a truly special place for their wedding. Luckily, we are dealing with Georgia, a land full of amazing locations. We are happy to hear about your brave dreams and it is a pleasure for us to venture into the unexplored and find new routes for your special day. In recent years, Batumi has become one of such new wedding destinations. This controversial city raises questions, it repels or makes you fall in love with it, but it surely doesn’t let you stay indifferent. Today we are going to share our experience and tell you why you should choose Batumi for your destination wedding in Georgia.

Beauty and the sea

To begin with, there is the sea. The vast Batumi seashore has not just crowded tourist beaches, but also various secluded nooks, where waves crash into the rocks with a rhythmic sound. Free spirit and bright expressiveness dwell here. Reciting the vows in such a place will fill these words with the energy of wild force. For those who prefer comfort, we offer to choose a private beaches or a pier of one of the hotels. Here, surrounded by your loved ones, you will have a cozy ceremony in front of the sky colored with sunset. 

However, it’s not just about the sea. Batumi is a surprising blend of skyscrapers, rocky gorges, mountains, waterfalls and woods. And the famous Batumi Botanical Garden, of course, one of the most visited sights in the region. It is so beautiful that a part of your heart will surely be left here. Do not rush to grasp it all in one visit, come back later for a leisurely walk. Take your time, explore every corner, touch each petal and smell each scent. By the way, we recommend you to choose Botanical Garden if you are planning your wedding in spring. At this time of year it turns into a real magical world of exotic flowers. After taking some wedding photos with colorful plants in the background, you could visit a quiet beach called Green cape situated nearby. Usually there are not many people due to its remoteness, so there you will manage to capture the intimate moment of your unity being born right in front of the endless sea.

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Wedding in Batumi is a great opportunity to arrange a true sea adventure for yourselves and your guests. For example, place the ceremony at the seaside, have a photo shoot in the Botanical garden, and the dinner on a terrace overlooking the tranquil sea and mountain layers on the horizon. Or you could have the ceremony in the Botanical garden itself and then go to the waterfalls half an hour drive away. Batumi offers a big choice of various routes for your wedding day, so just tell us about your dreams. We will develop an individual itinerary with accordance to your preferences. 

(c) Serg Butko
(c) Serg Butko
(c) Serg Butko

This controversial city raises questions, it repels or makes you fall in love with it, but it surely doesn’t let you stay indifferent.

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Weather and budget

Although a mix of mountains and the sea creates magnificent skyline and fresh air, it also causes frequent unpredictable rains. Batumi climate is very capricious. Unfortunately, this complicates the process of weather forecasting. As is happens with weddings in the mountains, for wedding in Batumi we always develop Plan B in case of heavy rain. We constantly check on the weather and prepare umbrellas and raincoats in advance if the ceremony is arranged at the seaside or any other open area. All this helps us to be prepared for any mood swings and surprises from nature, besides natural disasters only.

Another aspect that must be taken into account while planning your destination wedding in Batumi is the features of services market in Adjara region. As it is a quickly developing city, service level and quality of the services provided by local specialists sometimes do not meet Ori standards. It is crucial for us that we work only with the vendors who proved to be professional and responsible. That is why in order to follow our essential standards, sometimes we invite vendors from Tbilisi. This causes an increase of their services’ cost, but in return you get a team of trustworthy professionals who we’ve been cooperating with for years. In addition, Batumi has an airport which will let you optimize travel expenditure for yourselves and your guests.

Official marriage registration

If you have decided to register your marriage in Batumi, there are two options for you: a free registration in the Justice Hall or a paid onsite service which can be held anywhere in or around the city. It will take approximately 3 hours to have the procedure in the Justice Hall: it depends on the waiting time. Apply for it in the morning, go for a photo shoot by the sea and return for registering and getting the certificate. 

However, registration in Justice Hall is just a formal due process, far from solemnity. If you dream of saying the most important words in a romantic place, standing in front of the beautifully decorated arch, surrounded by your family and friends, pick the onsite registration. This option provides a limitless field for your imagination. Will it be a wild forest far from the city or a rocky coast of the Black sea? Feel free to dream big and unusual!

If you have chosen the onsite registration, you need to apply for it on a business day 24 hours prior to the chosen date. Pay attention that the Ceremony Hall doesn’t work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In case you do not plan to arrive in Batumi beforehand, just send the power of attorney and scanned copies of your passports to our email. We will handle this task ourselves. 

Risks and care

Before we finish our story about wedding in Batumi, we’d like to ask you, our couples, for a favor. We love you creativity and desire to risk, we will follow your inspiration wherever it takes us. If you dream of a wedding by the sea and are looking for a secluded place for a ceremony to the sound of the waves, remember of your wedding planners and guests. Sometimes organization of an event requires hundreds of kilograms of equipment, decoration, chairs, and buffet. No matter how remote and secluded the place you’ve chosen is, it is important that we could get there by car. This is not a simple task as such a place has to be beautiful, distant but accessible. We believe that if we take care of each other’s comfort we will manage to find a place like that. A perfect place for the ceremony of your dreams!

Wedding in Batumi is a great opportunity to arrange a true sea adventure for yourselves and your guests.

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Wedding venues in Kazbegi

Kazbegi stands out for its unique beauty: here, among the rocky mountains, two thousand kilometers above sea level, the famous Trinity Church is floating. Its obscure silhouette is majestically towering in front of the mighty Kazbek, which became the most recognizable image not just of Stepantsminda townlet (known as Kazbegi), but of the entire Georgia. In our new special feature, which is dedicated to this legendary place, we talk about the main advantages of Kazbegi in terms of arranging weddings and visit the best hotels suitable for it.

Why Kazbegi?

The townlet Stepantsminda is just a 3,5 hours ride away from Tbilisi, not far from the border between Russia and Georgia. This makes it the most popular place for tourists who dream of seeing the mountains of Georgia. There is another feature that makes this townlet famous: the legendary mountain Kazbek, the main peak of the Great Caucasus. The mountain and the adjoining spines are framing Stepantsminda, forming a high wall around the entire perimeter of the valley. This beautiful unique landscape lets you admire the splendid mountains from any spot of the townlet. During daytime, Kazbek might hide beneath the smoky clouds covering its top, so guests who manage to meet Kazbek in clear weather are the luckiest ones.

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A stunning view of the mountain is supplemented by the majestic silhouette of the Trinity Church in Gergeti, which is standing alone on a high spine at the foot of Kazbek. For centuries, it has kept the holy secret of solitude, light and silence. Stepping inside the church, you become part of the purest holiness. You find yourself thinking of the beloved ones and praying for the most meaningful and innermost matters. Linger a bit on the platform in front of the church, cast a glance at the town from above and feel that powerful energy that imbue this place.

Gergeti Church provides an opportunity to have a religious ceremony, which is the key argument in favor of this location for the couples who dream of a Georgian church wedding. Marriage ceremony held among the breathtaking Caucasus range will remain one of the most meaningful and soulful memories for the rest of your life.

It is necessary to note that we recommend you to arrange your wedding in Kazbegi in July or August, as during the rest of the year the weather is less favorable here. Mountain climate in general and in Kazbegi in particular is almost always very unpredictable: morning can start with clear skies, but a couple of hours later rain clouds already gather in the sky. That is why we always work out plan B in case it rains, and move ceremony and dinner into the hotel halls if necessary. Such scenario may not always correspond with your dreams about outdoor wedding, but we always take care of your comfort and we have to relate wedding day schedule to the changeable weather in the mountains. In any case, your impression from the celebration will not be spoiled!

In Kazbegi we’d like to visit four best hotels suitable for cozy holidays among the silent peaks. We’ll start from the smaller hotels and finish with Georgia’s most popular hotel, which you’ve probably heard of.

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Green Sheep Hotel Kazbegi

A small cozy hotel Green Sheep Kazbegi is a great option for intimate family feasts. There is a restaurant and a bar which are distinguished by their excellent quality of the cuisine and hospitality of the staff. The interior of the hotel is simple but filled with coziness and comfort. You can also request a closure of the entire hotel for your wedding, so you will enjoy total intimacy of your family dinner. As an option of a location for your ceremony, we can offer you choose the Friendship of Nations Arch on the Cross pass, one of the most beautiful and significant places in this region.

We recommend you to arrange your wedding in Kazbegi in July or August, as during these months, the weather is most favorable here.

(c) Mount Inn Kazbegi

Mount Inn Kazbegi

Mount Inn Kazbegi is another small and recently opened hotel, suitable for a warm and soulful celebration. There is an outdoor pool with a spacious terrace of the rooftop of the hotel where you can arrange a wedding dinner under clear starry sky, crossed by the bright Milky way. You could also reserve the entire hotel (it has just 12 rooms); in this case your wedding will turn into a real vacation for all of your guests. No one will have to rush anywhere, as they will live in the same place where the festive dinner will be held. And probably the best part about staying in the mountains: you will greet a new day together with the mighty Kazbek, waking up and flaunting right in your window!

Porta Caucasia Kazbegi

A four-star hotel Porta Caucasia also provides an opportunity to hold your wedding dinner on its wide terrace which offers breathtaking views of the panoramic mountain landscapes surrounding you from every angle. In case of bad weather, without any extra fuss, you will be able to easily relocate into the inner space of the restaurant, which will spare you the trouble of thinking over plan B. Delicious Georgian and European dishes, bar, lounge zone, and sauna will make your wedding holidays pleasant and entertaining. This venue is perfect for couples who value good service, modern design and comfortable facilities.

(c) Porta Caucasia
(с) Igor Novikov

Rooms Hotel Kazbegi

The last and probably the most famous location which we’d like to tell you about in this article, is Rooms Hotel Kazbegi. For a number of years, this popular five-star hotel has been one of the most visited sights in Georgia. Luxurious rooms with panoramic windows, overlooking the subtle contours of the Trinity Church and mighty Kazbek’s peak, impeccable comfort, indoor swimming pool with the same splendid view, and a number of options and opportunities for arranging your wedding here. These are the features which specially attract our couples in this venue. There are also several banquet halls in the hotel suitable for a gala-dinner with various capacities, and as for the ceremony, you could locate it right on the spacious wooden terrace. The unparalleled silhouette of Kazbek will leave a lasting impression in your hearts: this place combines breathtaking nature and experience of professional Georgian hoteliers. Choosing Rooms Hotel Kazbegi, you choose convenience, service and highest level in every detail.

(c) Rooms Hotel Kazbegi

Wedding in Kazbegi is about majestically towering mountain and a small but noble church, two most sacred objects of this region, which will become special witnesses of your solemn marriage ritual. Amazing landscapes, beckoning mountain ridges, clearest air… The atmosphere of freedom, purity and spiritual depth permeate this place and leave no one indifferent.

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