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Where to have a winter wedding in Georgia?

Why do some people prefer to celebrate their wedding in winter? Residents of hot countries want exotic and winter tales in the wedding pictures. Romantics combine New Year or Valentine’s Day with a ceremony to dive into the atmosphere of holiday magic. Practical people choose the winter period for reasons of economy and lack of queues at the registry offices. And extremals say the vows right on the descent from the mountain slopes.

Whatever your reasons are, a winter wedding in Georgia means stunning magnificence of nature’s beauty and extraordinary impressions. Your ceremony will be wonderful if you take into account all the peculiarities of winter season in Georgia!

What are the weather conditions in Georgia during the winter period?

December in Georgia is the month with the biggest amount of rainfalls, so significant difficulties can arise with the road to the mountains. In Tbilisi, where snow is a rarity, during this period the weather is quite changeable and sudden rain can spoil you, not only your mood but also your wedding pictures. February and March are famous for their strong winds, which are difficult to hide from. And if you can escape from the rain under the roof of a cozy restaurant and warm yourself by the fireplace, the wind can thwart all your plans.

(с) W-Art

January is the best month for a winter wedding in Georgia. Although this is the coldest period of the year, you can be sure that a sudden gusty wind will not ruin the bride’s hairstyle in a matter of seconds. The most reliable option for a winter wedding is Tbilisi. Even if the weather in the capital deteriorates, you can always go to  ancient Mtskheta, which is only half an hour from the city center. Often, when it rains in Tbilisi, the sun shines in Mtskheta and vice versa. A plan B like this can save your wedding photoshoot.

For couples who are not looking for easy ways and fully want to feel the snowy breath of winter, we can offer Europe’s highest mountains. If you have chosen Kazbegi as the place of your wedding ceremony, in order to get to your location, you will need cars that can overcome the snowdrifts. The journey will take from 3 to 6 hours, depending on the condition of the road. Even if you just decided to arrange a photoshoot on the edge of the snow-covered mountain cliffs, keep in mind that you need to spend the whole day for this. And in case of an avalanche, there is a chance that you and the whole team will even have to stay overnight in the mountains. Winter mountain roads are very unpredictable and often even dangerous.

Those who value reliability and stability can choose Borjomi. Roads there are not covered with snow, and the route goes through places where the probability of a dangerous avalanche tends to zero. Hotels and restaurants can welcome all the guests, and the snowy forests and mountains around will provide the necessary setting.

We recommend that you consider Georgia’s popular ski resort Gudauri only for a photoshoot. The peculiarity of the resort is that local venues are mainly intended for tourists who come there to conquer the snow-covered slopes and are not always equipped with truly comfortable conditions for celebrating special occasions. But if it’s only two of you, and you want to sign on the side of the mountain during skiing or snowboarding, there is no place better.

You also need to thoroughly think though your outfit. Winter wedding dresses look original and provide a space for imagination. You can go beyond the classical white: against the background of a winter landscape, any bright colors will make your wedding pictures look truly unique. Also, do not forget about warm coats. Relying on our experience, we can assure you that no matter how inspired you are, you won’t be able to stand the cold for more than half an hour without appropriate clothes.

How to choose a venue for a winter wedding in Georgia?


As we mentioned earlier, Tbilisi is an ideal option for a wedding in winter. In winter, the restaurants of the capital are full of New Year’s lights and offer a variety of entertainment programs.

(с) Elena Glazova

Tiflis Veranda. Tiflis Veranda Restaurant is a classic-style restaurant. Suitable for couples who want to have a quiet wedding for two or four, taking into account the witnesses. The restaurant is famous for its unrivaled cuisine from the owner of the Michelin star, a chef from Istanbul, and a pastry chef from France. The program and design at the restaurant vary depending on the season. A stunning panoramic view of the whole city from the roof of the restaurant, decorated for the New Year, will allow you to feel the true spirit of Tbilisi and take unforgettable pictures.

Old Kopala. The cozy Hotel Old Kopala, whose restaurant is famous for its traditional Georgian cuisine. Suitable for a small and cozy wedding with a romantic dinner. Perfectly decorated for the New Year. The covered terrace offers a magical view of the very heart of the old city.

Marani. For a fun company of up to 10 people, Marani Restaurant is perfect. This is a favorite place for residents of Tbilisi and visitors to the city. You definitely won’t be bored there — in the evening the restaurant is filled with sounds of live music, which you can enjoy while having a delicious dinner.

TsiskviliThe popular restaurant Tsiskvili, whose name means “mill” in Georgian, is the place where real Georgian culture lives. If you decide to celebrate the wedding with all your family and friends, then a separate hall of the Tsiskvili restaurant, which fits up to 30 people, is suitable for you. You will not need to plan a separate program and order a special menu, because everything is provided here: live music, traditional Georgian dances, home wine, steaming dishes from the oven — the atmosphere of a great holiday of soul and body will take you on an unforgettable journey into the world of Georgian feast.


For those who dream of a quiet family holiday, the world-famous Borjomi resort is a great option. The road, as we said earlier, will be easy and without unpleasant surprises. Here you can combine the solemn ceremony with a real rest for all your guests.

Rixos Borjomi Hotel. The Rixos Borjomi is a five-star modern style spa hotel. You can conduct the ceremony in a snowy park that surrounds the hotel. On the 6th floor of Rixos Borjomi, there is a magnificent restaurant where you in the intimate circle of your family and close friends can celebrate one of the most significant events in your life.

Crowne Plaza Borjomi. Hotel Crowne Plaza Borjomi is located in Borjomi Central Park. Here you can not only enjoy beautiful views of the winter park and the surrounding snow-covered forests, but also relax in the spa, mineral baths and pool. The ceremony can be held in the park: it will be filled with the aroma of pine needles, New Year’s magic and mountain freshness. After the ceremony, you can have a romantic dinner in the quiet and comfy Crowne Plaza Borjomi restaurant.

Golden Tulip Borjomi. Golden Tulip is located in one of the main historical buildings of Borjomi. The architecture of this hotel combines Persian, Georgian and European motifs. The facade is decorated with mirror mosaics and a variety of patterns. In the world there are only three buildings made in a similar style. The interior of the hotel resembles scenery for the plots of Arabian tales. If you decide to fill your wedding with oriental magic and unsurpassed quality of service, then you will not find a better option.

Borjomi-Bakuriani narrow gauge railway

Not so far from Borjomi there is a ski resort Bakuriani, where you can get by the famous narrow gauge railway. Gustave Eiffel, the author of the tower with the same name in Paris, took part in the design of the bridge for this unique road. He had a hand in the creation of the Tsagveri-Tsemi bridge on the Tsemistskali river, along which the train passes. Now everyone calls it –  the Eiffel Bridge. The road from one resort to another is very picturesque.


The Bakuriani ski resort is equipped with comfortable and safe trails for children, so this is a great place to relax with the whole family. The gentle slopes are ideal for the younger generation and for beginning skiers. A large number of animators on the slope will not let the kids get bored while you are at the ceremony or photo shoot. The stunning beauty of the mountain peaks and evergreen spruce will create the necessary fabulous atmosphere, always calm weather and bright sun will only play into your hands.

Hotel Terrace 8 by Mgzavrebi. Spa-hotel Mgzavrebi is located at an altitude of more than 2000 meters above sea level, has direct access to the ski slopes and a terrace where you can hold an unusual ceremony. The background to your wedding can be an even row of snow-capped mountain peaks covered with snow and bright green coniferous firs. This is a relatively small hotel, so you can easily rent it for your entire wedding. This place is best suited for chamber celebrations for up to 40 people.

(c) Anna Homutova

Second ski resort Gudauri is ideal for lovers of outdoor activities, original ceremonies and unusual solutions. How about replacing a wedding dress with a ski suit? 🙂 For those brave souls, we can offer to sign all the documents during the descent from one of the slopes of Gudauri. This option is suitable for young and active couples who dream of celebrating a wedding in a fun and unusual way.

Wedding in winter is an original and bold decision. In the hands of the experienced team Ori Wedding, which will create an atmosphere of comfort and holiday for you, you will not need to be afraid of the frost. Just remember to grab a warm scarf 🙂


Wedding venues in Kazbegi

Kazbegi stands out for its unique beauty: here, among the rocky mountains, two thousand kilometers above sea level, the famous Trinity Church is floating. Its obscure silhouette is majestically towering in front of the mighty Kazbek, which became the most recognizable image not just of Stepantsminda townlet (known as Kazbegi), but of the entire Georgia. In our new special feature, which is dedicated to this legendary place, we talk about the main advantages of Kazbegi in terms of arranging weddings and visit the best hotels suitable for it.

Why Kazbegi?

The townlet Stepantsminda is just a 3,5 hours ride away from Tbilisi, not far from the border between Russia and Georgia. This makes it the most popular place for tourists who dream of seeing the mountains of Georgia. There is another feature that makes this townlet famous: the legendary mountain Kazbek, the main peak of the Great Caucasus. The mountain and the adjoining spines are framing Stepantsminda, forming a high wall around the entire perimeter of the valley. This beautiful unique landscape lets you admire the splendid mountains from any spot of the townlet. During daytime, Kazbek might hide beneath the smoky clouds covering its top, so guests who manage to meet Kazbek in clear weather are the luckiest ones.

(с) Igor Novikov

A stunning view of the mountain is supplemented by the majestic silhouette of the Trinity Church in Gergeti, which is standing alone on a high spine at the foot of Kazbek. For centuries, it has kept the holy secret of solitude, light and silence. Stepping inside the church, you become part of the purest holiness. You find yourself thinking of the beloved ones and praying for the most meaningful and innermost matters. Linger a bit on the platform in front of the church, cast a glance at the town from above and feel that powerful energy that imbue this place.

Gergeti Church provides an opportunity to have a religious ceremony, which is the key argument in favor of this location for the couples who dream of a Georgian church wedding. Marriage ceremony held among the breathtaking Caucasus range will remain one of the most meaningful and soulful memories for the rest of your life.

It is necessary to note that we recommend you to arrange your wedding in Kazbegi in July or August, as during the rest of the year the weather is less favorable here. Mountain climate in general and in Kazbegi in particular is almost always very unpredictable: morning can start with clear skies, but a couple of hours later rain clouds already gather in the sky. That is why we always work out plan B in case it rains, and move ceremony and dinner into the hotel halls if necessary. Such scenario may not always correspond with your dreams about outdoor wedding, but we always take care of your comfort and we have to relate wedding day schedule to the changeable weather in the mountains. In any case, your impression from the celebration will not be spoiled!

In Kazbegi we’d like to visit four best hotels suitable for cozy holidays among the silent peaks. We’ll start from the smaller hotels and finish with Georgia’s most popular hotel, which you’ve probably heard of.

(с) Sveta Mishina

Green Sheep Hotel Kazbegi

A small cozy hotel Green Sheep Kazbegi is a great option for intimate family feasts. There is a restaurant and a bar which are distinguished by their excellent quality of the cuisine and hospitality of the staff. The interior of the hotel is simple but filled with coziness and comfort. You can also request a closure of the entire hotel for your wedding, so you will enjoy total intimacy of your family dinner. As an option of a location for your ceremony, we can offer you choose the Friendship of Nations Arch on the Cross pass, one of the most beautiful and significant places in this region.

We recommend you to arrange your wedding in Kazbegi in July or August, as during these months, the weather is most favorable here.

(c) Mount Inn Kazbegi

Mount Inn Kazbegi

Mount Inn Kazbegi is another small and recently opened hotel, suitable for a warm and soulful celebration. There is an outdoor pool with a spacious terrace of the rooftop of the hotel where you can arrange a wedding dinner under clear starry sky, crossed by the bright Milky way. You could also reserve the entire hotel (it has just 12 rooms); in this case your wedding will turn into a real vacation for all of your guests. No one will have to rush anywhere, as they will live in the same place where the festive dinner will be held. And probably the best part about staying in the mountains: you will greet a new day together with the mighty Kazbek, waking up and flaunting right in your window!

Porta Caucasia Kazbegi

A four-star hotel Porta Caucasia also provides an opportunity to hold your wedding dinner on its wide terrace which offers breathtaking views of the panoramic mountain landscapes surrounding you from every angle. In case of bad weather, without any extra fuss, you will be able to easily relocate into the inner space of the restaurant, which will spare you the trouble of thinking over plan B. Delicious Georgian and European dishes, bar, lounge zone, and sauna will make your wedding holidays pleasant and entertaining. This venue is perfect for couples who value good service, modern design and comfortable facilities.

(c) Porta Caucasia
(с) Igor Novikov

Rooms Hotel Kazbegi

The last and probably the most famous location which we’d like to tell you about in this article, is Rooms Hotel Kazbegi. For a number of years, this popular five-star hotel has been one of the most visited sights in Georgia. Luxurious rooms with panoramic windows, overlooking the subtle contours of the Trinity Church and mighty Kazbek’s peak, impeccable comfort, indoor swimming pool with the same splendid view, and a number of options and opportunities for arranging your wedding here. These are the features which specially attract our couples in this venue. There are also several banquet halls in the hotel suitable for a gala-dinner with various capacities, and as for the ceremony, you could locate it right on the spacious wooden terrace. The unparalleled silhouette of Kazbek will leave a lasting impression in your hearts: this place combines breathtaking nature and experience of professional Georgian hoteliers. Choosing Rooms Hotel Kazbegi, you choose convenience, service and highest level in every detail.

(c) Rooms Hotel Kazbegi

Wedding in Kazbegi is about majestically towering mountain and a small but noble church, two most sacred objects of this region, which will become special witnesses of your solemn marriage ritual. Amazing landscapes, beckoning mountain ridges, clearest air… The atmosphere of freedom, purity and spiritual depth permeate this place and leave no one indifferent.


Wedding venues in Gudauri

Greater Caucasus mountains cut into the sky with its high snow-covered peaks. River valleys are muffled with green velvet of alpine lawns where sheep flocks graze… Area of Gudauri ski resort offers many beautiful and breathtaking landscapes. Wedding in this picturesque surroundings will be truly an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. We have complied an overview of the best popular wedding venues in Gudauri, so here you have a great opportunity to compare these hotels and make sure that only mountains can be better than mountains 🙂

Why Gudauri?

For many people Georgia is the country of amazing nature and breathtaking mountains. If you are planning your trip to Georgia for the mountains, Gudauri and Kazbegi will be at the top of the list of places you must visit. Today, on our way to the famous mountain Kazbek, we will stay for a while in a village Gudauri, the main ski resort of Georgia, and try to understand what wedding venues are available at this place.

Gudauri is only 2,5 hours drive away from Tbilisi, which makes it the most accessible mountain destination in the country. In terms of organization, one of the most significant facts about Gudauri is that here you have an opportunity to arrange a ceremony either on the hotel terrace or on the meadow outdoors. In both cases you will have a pleasant surrounding of breathtaking mountain tops and high sky above your head. Also, those who are fond of active leisure can find here various opportunities for exciting activities: horseback riding nearby, hikes around the hills and paragliding. Status of a popular ski resort plays a key role in development of different spheres of tourism and entertainment here. This provides an opportunity to arrange interesting adventures for your guests.  

It is necessary to note that we recommend you to arrange your wedding in Gudauri in July or August, as during the rest of the year weather is less favorable here. Mountain climate in general and in Gudauri in particular is almost always unpredictable: morning can start with clear sky and a couple of hours later rain clouds already gather in the sky. That is why we always work out plan B in case it rains, and move ceremony and dinner into the hotel halls if necessary. Such scenario may not always correspond with your dreams about outdoor wedding, but we always take care of your comfort and we have to relate wedding day schedule to the changeable weather in the mountains. In any case, your impression from the celebration will not be spoiled!

We recommend you to arrange your wedding in Gudauri in July or August, as during the rest of the year weather is less favourable here.

(c) Anastasia Sholkova

Marco Polo Gudauri

Our short trip around wedding venues in Gudauri starts in Marco Polo Hotel, a four-star resort hotel with all the facilities for truly comfortable holidays. Probably the main advantage of this venue is a big choice of halls where you can arrange the dinner. The hotel has three options: spacious terrace overlooking the mountaintops, main restaurant which can fit up to 250 guests and cosy lounge-bar for a big party. There is also billiard room, bowling room, tennis court, spa-center and kid’s room. All these features make Marco Polo a great venue for a big feast with your relatives, friends and the youngest guests of course. Everyone will find something pleasant here.

Alpina Hotel Gudauri

All the hotels which we are describing in this article have one important similarity: all of them offer an opportunity to have a wedding ceremony or a dinner on their terrace. This is very convenient regarding the possibility of bad weather conditions on your special day: you will be able to transfer the feast indoors without any unnecessary troubles. Another example of such multi-functional venue is Alpina Hotel Gudauri. Rooms in classical style with the use of wooden elements in the interior, cosy fireplace in the lounge-bar, spacious restaurant: all these details create warm atmosphere of Georgian hospitality in the hotel. Restaurant menu offers dishes of Georgian and European cuisine, so you will have a chance to combine various dishes for your special event. There is also a billiard room in the hotel — perfect for quiet evenings surrounded by the silence of high solemn mountains.

(c) Alpina Hotel Gudauri
(с) Gudauri Hotel Loft

Gudauri Hotel Loft

Modern hotel Gudauri Hotel Loft, that opened its doors to the first guests just two years ago, has unusual rooms and a lounge-bar both designed in loft style and high quality service. Hotel’s restaurant offers European and Georgian dishes and a big choice of cocktails. Guests of the hotel can relax in the spa-center which includes swimming pool and heated jacuzzi on the roof of the hotel, and also Finnish and steam saunas, after which you can use the services of massage from highly qualified specialists. In Gudauri Loft you can have a ceremony either on the terrace or outside the hotel, among the mighty mountains and colorful wildflowers.

(с) W-art

Monte Hotel Gudauri

Monte Hotel Gudauri is located in the upper part of the ski resort. Its main center of attraction is a wide wooden terrace with a picturesque view of the surrounding mountains. Here you can hold a wedding ceremony in almost any style, and also have fun celebrating the birth of a new family. Imagine this beautiful moment: you are sitting at the festive table under the soft light of the garlands, you are surrounded by your closest friends and loved ones, you are feeling proximity of silent mountains which keep their centuries-old mystery, you are filled with joy and quiet happiness… 

(c) Monte Hotel Gudauri

Gudauri is a mix of cosy hotels, various options of leisure activities and of course incomparable beauty of the landscapes. Begin the morning of your wedding day with a peaceful smile of the mountains waking up with you, and spend the evening admiring the starry sky covered with myriads of bright dots. We are absolutely certain that your guests and you will never forget this beautiful adventure in Gudauri.


Wedding venues in Kakheti: Sighnaghi, vineyards and wine chateaus. Part II

We are continuing our overview of the main wedding venues in Kakheti, as this region offers a limitless number of amazing locations. In the first part we talked about three beautiful hotels by the mountain lake, about one secluded hotel for a private family wedding, and also one unusual design hotel perfect for those who like special combinations of classic interior and exotic elements. Now we are going to walk around the famous town of love, then visit several wine chateaus and cosy vineyards where you will have an opportunity to fully feel the charm of this generous wine region.

(с) Anastasia Sholkova


Before we go to the boundless vineyards, let’s firstly talk about the most famous town in Kakheti — Sighnaghi, that is known as “the town of love”. There are a lot of sweet love stories and beautiful legends which took place here, and your wedding might become one of them. Its location is advantageous due to its proximity to various important sights of Kakheti, such as Bodbe Monastery. Sighnaghi also has the best view of the infinite Alazani Valley, which is dissolving in tender Kakhetian sky. Imagine how amazing your wedding pictures will be here if you have such a breathtaking background! Sighnaghi also has a City Hall, so registering your marriage gets very easy and convenient here.

We would like to start with two small hotels which are very convenient for a ceremony and a wedding dinner, as we think. Within a 5-minute walk from the 18th-century Sighnaghi Fortress, there is the Hotel Brigitte, which has a sunny terrace and an outdoor swimming pool, where you can have a great after-party, for example. We think that this place is perfect for a simple cosy wedding in Georgian style. For those who prefer something not typical and traditional we would recommend the Kabadoni Boutique Hotel, which is located right on the main square of the town. One side of the hotel overlooks vineyards scattered throughout the Alazani Valley and the Caucasus. The other side reveals the town’s historical centre. The interior of the Kabadoni Hotel is a mixture of art nouveau, ancient Georgian and eastern motifs. All the accessories were carefully selected in order to keep the Georgian character and make the interior especially enchanting.

Ceremony and wedding dinner at the winery

We are moving further through Kakheti and now it’s time to talk about wine 🙂 There are obviously a lot of different bigger and smaller wineries in this region which offer various services such as wine tasting and cooking master classes. However, not all of the vineyards are comfortable enough and fully equipped for a big celebration, not mentioning that few of them have accommodation options. So we have chosen the most popular and multifunctional venues for this overview.

At the foot of the Caucasian Ridge, in the very middle of Kakheti, there is one of the most important wine lands — Kindzamarauli. Here the winery of one of the biggest producers of wine in Georgia, Shilda Winery, is located. The entire activity of the company is built on love and respect for wine: you can feel it in the details and in the overall atmosphere of care, hospitality and passion for their work. Ceremony at this place will enrich your special day with a tint of ancient art of winemaking. Having dinner at a mild sunset, sun rays are dancing between the mystical wine yards, mountains are observing you from a distance… What an unforgettable experience!

(с) Anastasia Sholkova

Kakheti delights us with the mildest climate and purest air: it is nice to breath, live and relax here!

Nelkarisi Winery is another place in Shilda village. This winery was opened by friends coming from 11 different countries and united by their love for Georgian wine. This venue is remarkable for its combination of modern conveniences and traditions of Georgian winemaking. Nelkarisi is popular among the couples who value high standards of service and modern design and at the same time dream of saying the most precious words surrounded by the amazing Georgian landscapes.

Finally, one more traditional Georgian wine chateau — Chateau Mosmieri. The main advantage of this venue is a fabulous restaurant for 250 people, cosy yard and spacious terrace — a perfect place for a wedding ceremony with the following big festive dinner. This chateau will suit those couples who dream of a grand celebration in Georgian style away from big cities’ fuss. By the way, there will be a big opening of a new hotel in August, so if your wedding is planned for September-October Chateau Mosmieri might become a great multifunctional venue with accommodation options. For those who want to arrange a small private wedding party, we would recommend Chateau Aznauri. Vast territories around the winery will become a magnificent background for your wedding photos. Home-made wine, cooking master-classes, silence, beauty of nature and convenient location — all this makes Chateau Aznauri a good venue for an intimate ceremony and cosy dinner.

(c) Mosmieri Chateau

Wedding in a wine chateau with accommodation

A lot of couples prefer to choose locations which also offer accommodation options, as in this case you and your guests won’t need to go to a hotel after a long and pleasant but still tiring day. Elegant design hotel Schuchmann Wines Chateau & Spa with private vineyards overlooking the Caucasian Mountains is a great multifunctional place, combining a place for ceremony, dinner and accommodation. European level of service, modern minimalistic interiors, molecular gastronomy — you will find a high-class complex, suitable for cosy family celebrations and for big feasts with a lot of friends and relatives. In Schuchmann Chateau you can enjoy amazing views and various spa and hotel facilities. For example, you can have different spa treatment, have a massage or relax in sauna. The hotel is also equipped with a place for mini golf, table-tennis and billiard. And finally, we believe this venue can be easily transformed and decorated to your taste due to its minimalistic interior.

(c) Schuchmann Wines Chateau & Spa
(c) Babaneuris Marani

Another first-class five-star hotel is Babaneuris Marani. Outdoor swimming pool overlooking the mountains, comfortable terrace and high level of service will make your wedding day here incomparably beautiful. Babaneuris Marani is a truly unique location as it consists of a Medieval style castle, eleven hectares of vineyards and the foothills of the Bigger Caucasian Ridge. You can choose a nice terrace overlooking the valley for your ceremony and it will turn your special day into a true fairytale.


Here we finish our review of the wedding venues in Kakheti. However, in case among these resorts, hotels and wineries you haven’t found the one which is perfect specially for you, we are always happy to help you in this important decision. In the next articles we are going to visit the mountain regions of Georgia, Kazbegi and Gudauri. Stay tuned for the updates! 🙂


Wedding venues in Kakheti: resorts, mountain lakes and forests. Part I

Only a couple of hours from the capital of sunny Georgia, there is a magnificent wine region Kakheti. It is famous for its vineyards, picturesque nature, comfortable climate and purest air. Kakheti is rightly considered to be the heart of tourism and hospitality of Georgia. It is also the favourite destination for wedding celebrations. What makes Kakheti so great? What are the main venues there? We have prepared a detailed two-part feature where we tell you more about this fairytale homeland of wine. In the first part, we have reviewed the best wedding locations by the mountain lake, one heaven-like place for a cosy private wedding, and one unusual design hotel for those who are looking for something truly special.

Why Kakheti?

Everybody who has been to Georgia at least once, has heard of the eastern part of the country, where the Alazani Valley along with the vast desert is located. All this is combined with the mountain gorges, which fill this region as much as the rest of the country. Thanks to this unique geographical location, Kakheti delights us with the mildest and warmest climate in the country and purest air which are both beneficial for the products and wine produced here, and also for the overall mood of the locals 🙂 It is nice to breath, live and relax here!

Highly fertile land, geographical proximity to the capital turned Kakheti into the most popular touristic region. There is the most developed infrastructure of hotels in Georgia here, even several huge resorts offering a variety of facilities and activities. Many complexes bring together high-standard restaurants, spa-centers, swimming pools and vast territories with different landscapes: lakes, forests and fields. By choosing this region, you will get a number of options when planning the entertaining programme for your guests: you may visit historical and cultural sights, ride horses, participate in the harvest feast Rtveli (if your wedding is planned for September-October), and also cooking master-classes. In short, nobody will get bored here!

(c) Anastasia Sholkova

Wedding by the mountain lake

The mountain relief on the border of Alazani valley and the Great Caucasus range and the melting snows from its high peaks over the centuries created stunningly beautiful mountain lakes surrounded by green slopes. Just imagine that you stand on the edge of the turquoise water holding hands and reflecting on the smooth surface. In the summer there is amazing lush green around you and in the fall it all turns bright red and orange. It is truly a dream location for a wedding! We are offering you several best locations with piers perfect for a wedding ceremony.

Kvareli Lake Resort is one of the most beautiful places in Georgia and Kakheti, in particular. It is hidden in a beautiful region Kvareli amidst tall forests and mountain slopes. The multilayer mountains are reflecting in the lake, you are breathing in the purest air and just feeling true happiness… Ultimate harmony is guaranteed here! Kvareli Lake Resort also offers a great range of activities for your guests: a spa and wellness center, an outdoor pool and fitness center. The surrounding area is popular for outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing. Moreover, free bikes are available at the hotel. Therefore, Kvareli Lake Resort is a very suitable venue for a big friends and family wedding.

Kakheti delights us with the mildest climate and purest air: it is nice to breath, live and relax here!

(с) Anastasia Sholkova

Lopota Lake Resort & Spa is no less beautiful and multifunctional than the Kvareli Lake Resort is. This resort is for those looking for a peaceful place with an atmosphere of ultimate unity with nature. Lopota offers you two options of ceremony locations: bigger and smaller piers, both with unsurpassed views of the lake and slopes covered with dense forest. Here you may also find a great range of activities for your guests: a spa and wellness centre, an indoor and outdoor pools, a fitness centre, a wine cellar, a stable, various options of bars and restaurants, and also kid’s club. The surrounding area is great for long walks and beautiful photo sessions. Therefore, Lopota Lake Resort is great for a big party with a lot of guests for whom you would like to arrange interesting and diverse leisure.

(с) Anastasia Sholkova

Royal Batoni is another popular location by the mountain lake, a magnificent magic castle amidst the dense forest. This hotel with a outdoor swimming pool is situated by Ilia’s lakeside, between the mountains of Kvareli and river Duruji. You will also have two options for a wedding ceremony here: the amphitheatre at lake Ilia or the hotel’s terrace. The guests of the Royal Batoni hotel have the opportunity to visit the ancient historical sites, enjoy fishing, cycling, use tennis, volleyball, basketball courts, and a football field, participate in the preparation of Georgian cuisine and taste Kakhetian wine. Therefore, the wedding at this hotel will become an unforgettable journey to a fairytale for you and your guests!

Cozy wedding in Kvareli Eden

Hotel complex Kvareli Eden is a genuine paradise for those who value privacy. It is surrounded by mystical woods and infinite mountains, which stretch far beyond the horizon. The purest air, rich colours and ultimate silence — away from the big cities Kvareli Eden is like a fairy tale castle keeping its secrets in the wisdom of nature. Kvareli Eden offers various options of locations for the ceremony and the wedding dinner: both indoor and outdoor. There are also endless rows of vineyards and fruit gardens, which you may use as a beautiful background for your wedding photos. The hotel complex has billiard room, tennis court, wine spa and an outdoor swimming pool. Here you can enjoy traditional Georgian cuisine as well as European dishes and snacks.  All in all, Kvareli Eden is a perfect wedding venue both for couples looking for a cosy intimate wedding, and for those who dream of a grand celebration with friends and family.

A mountain lake is a truly dream location for a wedding!

(с) W-Art
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Design hotel Chateau Mere

We would like to finish the first part of our review with the Chateau Mere, which is situated in an ancient castle with an outdoor swimming pool and a magic garden. It has an outstanding interior of the rooms and its garden: each corner of the hotel has its quaint details, antique and handmade interior design objects, souvenirs and other special things. The elaboration of the entire design was made by the hotel owner himself, that is why Chateau Mere is filled with care and attention of the master. Chateau Mere also has a great location as it is only a short drive from the main historic sites in Kakheti: Shuamta Monastery, Alaverdi Cathedral, Gremy, Palace of King Erekle II in Telavi, Tsinandali Estate of Prince Alexander Chavchavadze, and many more. Beautiful landscape, fresh air, fabulous Kakhetian cuisine made from local farmers’ organic produce, exclusive Kakhetian wines, welcoming hosts and friendly staff promise to make your wedding at Chateau exceptional.

The covered venues are not the only ones in Kakheti, of course, as Kakheti is above all the region of wine and vineyards. In the second part we are going to focus on the vineyards and cosy chateaus. Although we have chosen the most popular, beautiful and multifunctional venues, this is certainly not the full list of wedding locations in Kakheti. That is why we are always happy to learn about your special preferences and help to find the most comfortable and appropriate place for you personally. 🙂


Popular wedding locations in Georgia: weather conditions

Choosing a location

Choosing a wedding location is always a very difficult and long process, as you have to take into consideration many important nuances. One of the most important components of a beautiful wedding day is favourable weather conditions. How to choose the best location for a wedding in Georgia and do not miss the weather? This question we often hear from our couples. It is very difficult to make a decision in favour of one or another month when you are thousands of kilometres away, only looking at beautiful photos and listening to advice of your friends who have visited Georgia. In this question, you should better consult with professionals, as it is important not to forget of any little detail, which average tourists sometimes miss during their trips. Applying for our consultation, you acquire the full understanding of weather conditions of the region you prefer. Therefore, it becomes very easy to think through the plan B in case of bad weather. Below we will try to orient you and give the right advice considering the choice of location and season for your wedding.

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Wedding in Tbilisi

The season begins in April and lasts until the end of October with a short break in hot August. Sunny weather is 80% guaranteed, so there is large number of beautiful ceremonies overlooking Old Town. Colourful rooftops of closely located houses, narrow streets and famous picturesque courtyards: at any time of day and year you will surely get the most amazing photos here — soulful, impeccably beautiful and full of mystery. However, it is need to be said that you should take into account the occasional heavy showers, which usually start completely unexpectedly. For this reason, you need not to forget to provide umbrellas for your guests or plan an additional option of an indoor ceremony.

Forty minutes from Tbilisi, there is an ancient capital of Georgia, Mtskheta. It is another beautiful location for a ceremony: on the very famous platform overlooking the confluence of two rivers, Aragva and Kura. This place is truly special and if you are lucky with the weather, the ceremony and photo walk will be just magical.

Wedding in Kazbegi and Gudauri

Weddings in the incredibly popular mountain region are worth celebrating from late June to early September. No doubt, the mountain landscapes of the Caucasus attract with their grandeur and mystery, but please take into consideration a very important factor of instability of favourable weather conditions for holding a ceremony and an outdoor wedding dinner. The weather in this region sometimes changes every hour: in the morning during the bride’s preparations, it might be sunny, it is overcast at the ceremony, but during a photo walk and a wedding dinner, a heavy rain can pour. As our multi-seasonal wedding experience shows, this heavy rain can last from one hour and to infinity. This weather scenario can be vice versa as well: at the beginning of the wedding day, it might be raining, and then everything is fine. In other words, weather in the mountains is almost unpredictable.

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We always monitor the weather forecast in advance and try to prepare everything for Plan B.

We, as the planners, are responsible for the happiness and joy of the couple and guests on the wedding day. We always monitor the weather forecast in advance and try to prepare everything for Plan B. Umbrellas or transfer of the ceremony indoor might look far less touching and romantic than you have always been picturing it in your dreams originally, but the capricious character of weather cannot be ignored in the mountains. We fully share the desire of the couple to say vows to each other amidst the mighty mountains, but it is our direct responsibility to warn you and tell about all the pros and cons.

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You can never have enough mountains

It is very important to understand, when choosing a date for your wedding, that, for example, it is not recommended to consider the mountainous region during the winter months because of frequent snow drifts on the pass. Guests of Kazbegi and Gudauri frequently find themselves stuck in the mountains because of the road closure. Meanwhile we will help you to pick up mountain locations with snowy landscapes not worse than Gudauri and Kazbegi. Some of those locations are not far from Tbilisi. Fairytale Borjomi and picturesque Bakuriani are among these newly discovered locations. Think of an autumn wedding in Borjomi for example: you won’t find such a richness of colours and landscape anywhere.

Please do not give up the idea of a wedding in the snow-capped mountains — just give us the opportunity to show you the new mountain landscapes, and we will not let you down!

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Wedding in Kakheti

Lakes and vineyards in Kakheti region attract attention of our couples no less than Caucasus Mountains. Wedding in this region can be celebrated almost all year round. Here you can combine everything: a ceremony on a lake, a religious wedding in the oldest Orthodox churches, a photo walk both in vineyards and in a fairytale forest with horses, tasting Georgian wines, master classes in preparing national Georgian dishes and sweets, a visit to the city of love Sighnagi and the Bodbe Monastery, where St. Nino, who brought Christianity to Georgia, is buried. These are just some options of the variety of activities that Kakheti can offer. The region is rich with high-class hotels, as well as cosy boutique hotels for more affordable weddings. Most hotels have vineyards and restaurants. Do not miss the opportunity to play a chamber wedding in one of the private chateau!

Every corner of Georgia becomes incredibly beautiful at the time of “Golden autumn”. Here we guarantee you an unforgettable colour scheme, a carpet of coloured leaves instead of rose petals, a season of new wine Rtveli, pomegranate, grapes and persimmon: in one word “Wedding in a golden fairy tale”. If you are fond of autumn and you are planning your wedding in September-December, Kakheti might be the perfect place for fulfilling your dreams.

No matter what region you would prefer to choose, you can be sure that Ori Agency Team will try their best to offer you the best locations, regarding your preferences and weather conditions of the region.

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With Ori Agency you can be sure that no unexpected weather changes will become an obstacle to a perfect celebration! 🙂