Over the past few years, more couples than ever are considering Cyprus for their wedding ceremony. With stunning locations to choose from and sunshine over 300 days of the year, it’s no surprise that Cyprus is now becoming one of the most popular places in Europe to get married. That’s why wedding agency Ori has created comprehensive packages for a wedding in Cyprus, offering a wide range of options tailored to suit the wedding of your dreams on the Island of Love. Keep reading as we discover the top 10 reasons to choose Cyprus for your destination wedding. 

Is Cyprus a Good Place to Get Married?

There are so many reasons that couples choose to get married in Cyprus. Each year, Cyprus sees about 320 days of sunshine, so it’s ideal for a wedding at any time of the year. On top of that, you’ll find that prices in Cyprus for wedding ceremonies are lower than in many other popular European countries such as Italy, the UK, and France. Explore our article on how much a wedding in Cyprus costs for detailed insights into wedding expenses. Wedding venues are plentiful, and the catering here offers delicious food and drink that will impress wedding parties from around the world. The procedures involved in planning a destination wedding are also fairly straightforward here, making it a great country for couples from around the world to consider planning a wedding in.

1. Great Weather All Year Round

One of the biggest challenges with planning a wedding in many countries is the weather during the winter months. The great thing about Cyprus is that sunshine can be enjoyed throughout the year, making planning a wedding during any season an option for any couple. As weddings in the summer season are typically the most costly, you could consider a spring, autumn, or winter wedding to cut back on the overall cost.

2. Extensive Venue Options

The number of different wedding venue options to choose from in Cyprus is exceptional. Whether you dream of getting married in a church, hotel, or on a beach or boat, you’ll have no trouble finding a suitable venue. While Cyprus is well known for its beach weddings, you can also consider planning a city or countryside wedding here if that’s something you are more interested in. The venues also range from more traditional options to modern, luxury hotels, fitting the needs of every couple.

Bride standing in lush green nature, in Cyprus
Evening ambiance, tables under trees, overlooking the sea, Cyprus

3. Excellent Hospitality

You’ll be welcomed with open arms by your hosts when you plan a wedding in Cyprus. The country is known for its warm hospitality, and the locals will be excited to be part of such a momentous occasion in your life. You’ll enjoy learning more about the local culture and enjoying their delicious cuisine as part of your wedding experience and time on the island.

4. The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Following a destination wedding, many couples opt to stay in the wedding location for a honeymoon. With luxury resorts and endless honeymoon experiences to enjoy, Cyprus is a great option for anyone who wants to add an extra few days or longer to their time away. Cyprus offers something for every type of visitor, whether you want to spend your days by the pool or lazing on the beach or would rather go out exploring this stunning island. Hiring a car is a great way to travel around the island and see some of the lesser-visited spots in Cyprus. Our wedding planners are there to recommend you the most romantic and enchanting locations in Cyprus. A long stay here can also be much more affordable than going elsewhere for your honeymoon. It will help you to enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation following a busy few days preparing for your wedding ceremony.

5. Enjoy Some of Europe’s Best Beaches

Cyprus is known for its over 50 Blue Flag beaches, and you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful beaches to visit during your stay on the island. If you’ve always dreamed of hosting a beach wedding, you’ll certainly be able to make that a reality when planning a destination wedding here. It’s the perfect backdrop for incredible photos you’ll be able to share with your loved ones and is a good option for small elopement ceremonies or larger family weddings.

The country also has a variety of beach resorts for you to choose from, which are great for couples and families looking to enjoy some downtime around the wedding day. You’ll find more secluded beaches for people who want some privacy and then bustling beach resorts for couples who prefer a more lively scene. Popular beaches to add to your Cyprus itinerary include Nissi Beach, Coral Bay, Aphrodite Beach, and Lara Bay, to name a few.

Happy couple running in the seashore
Beach in Cyprus with palm trees

6. An Island of History and Culture

While Cyprus is known for its amazing beaches and resorts, you may be surprised to find out that the island has a lot of historical and cultural exhibits to explore as well. As part of your stay on the island, make sure you schedule time to enjoy the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and parks that will immerse you in the island’s past and culture. You’ll find influences dating back over 12,000 years, including the Greeks and Romans. There are also some British touches from more modern times. If you are lucky enough to time your visit during one of the local festivals or holidays, you can enjoy celebrating and learning more about the traditions of this country with the locals.

7. High-quality and Experienced Wedding Vendors

On top of all the benefits of planning a wedding in Cyprus for its location and venues, you’ll find that the wedding vendors and caterers are very experienced and easy to work with here. No matter the size of your wedding, they’ll work with you to understand the decorations, catering, and unique touches you want to add to your wedding ceremony to make it a perfect day. Weddings with overseas guests are taking place here all of the time, so caterers know the challenges of catering to guests from around the world. They’ll work with you to create an international menu with local touches that will wow all of your guests. Our agency collaborates with trusted and reputable vendors to ensure every aspect of your wedding is organized with exceptional care.

8. The Island of Love

One of the reasons that many couples are excited to get married here is that Cyprus is known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. It’s said that she came out of the foam to become the goddess, and you should consider adding elements of this mythology to your wedding ceremony. During your time on the island, we highly recommend visiting the Baths of Aphrodite or Aphrodite’s Rock if you are looking to learn more about this story and get some more photos taken as a couple that you’ll treasure forever. It’s a fun story about the island that your guests will enjoy learning about as part of your destination wedding.

Floral table decor for wedding
Couple standing amidst green vineyards

9. Fantastic Tourist Resorts and Amenities

A big consideration for many couples when planning a destination wedding is ensuring their guests will have a great time as well. We all know how limited many people are with vacation days now, so taking a week off to join you somewhere should also be something they’ll really enjoy. Cyprus is an amazing vacation destination for visitors of all ages. You’ll find entertainment and resorts that are great for families with kids, as well as quieter options for relatives who are looking for some peace and quiet away from their everyday lives.

When you start to plan a destination wedding in Cyprus, you’ll likely find that many of your guests decide to add on a few days around the wedding to make the most of their time away. The prices of hotels here are fairly reasonable, so once flights are paid for, your wedding party may as well enjoy some extra time in the sunshine. If you do opt to all enjoy extra time here, consider organizing a few days out around the island sightseeing or hiring a boat for a sunset cruise. You’ll create wonderful memories that you’ll treasure for years to come.

10. Great Transportation Connections

For EU citizens and individuals from countries that don’t require a visa, coming to Cyprus is a very straightforward process. You’ll find a good range of low-cost airlines that fly from cities across Europe directly to Cyprus, making it an affordable option for your wedding party if they are from the UK or Europe. For those coming from the US or further afield, you can easily connect in a city such as London to get to Cyprus. Flights to Cyprus arrive in either Paphos or Larnaca, so you can select the airport that is closest to the wedding location.

Expansive view of the sea, winding road, and rocks in Cyprus


These are just ten of the top reasons that we encourage any couple to consider Cyprus for a destination wedding in Europe. You’ll find that the weather, wedding venues, and warm hospitality in Cyprus all make for a perfect year-round wedding destination. As with any destination wedding, we encourage you to take time to plan your ceremony and travel arrangements to make the most of your time on the island. With a little planning and research, you’ll soon find that this is an amazing wedding location that will give you memories that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. Contact us to start planning your dream wedding on the sunny island.