Why Georgia?

You decided to get married, but don’t want to celebrate your wedding day in a familiar atmosphere? Thinking about to celebrate abroad? First of all let me tell you why wedding in Georgia is  good and attractive idea and why planning at a distance is an absolutely affordable, rational and reliable process.

Sun in Georgia shines almost all year round, wine flows like water, high mountains, hospitable people, ancient culture – these are the first things that come to the mind of a person who is planning to travel to our country. Wedding in Georgia – no matter for two people or a big event; official ceremony, or symbolic – these are the brightest and warmest memories for a lifetime, because this country is imbued with the atmosphere of love and celebration.

Georgia has excellent geography and offers a wide range of options for wedding celebrations: mountains, sea, valleys of vineyards, lakes and fabulous forests, as well as ancient temples for church ceremonies.

(с) W-art
(с) W-art

How to choose a wedding venue?

The main thing is to choose where the magic will happen, to mark whether you need official marriage documents or not, decide on the season – in this aspect we will always advise you, since we are closely familiar with the climate in different regions – and understand how eventful the event will be. Sometimes it happens that initially a couple is coming  alone, and closer to the wedding date we find out that parents, for example, or close friends will attend the celebration and share their most important day with the couple.

Choosing the region and location for the ceremony and wedding dinner is not an easy task if you are not going visit Georgia before the wedding. Ori Wedding Team is always ready to tell you in detail about the features of both the region,  hotels and restaurants that you are considering. We have many years of experience, and we know the subtleties and all the pitfalls that can be hidden behind a beautiful picture in the Internet space.

It is important that the accommodation of the couple and guests is in the closest accessibility to the location of the wedding dinner. It is always better to choose one settlement: village, town, district. Wedding dinner ends no earlier than 01:00 am, so getting to the hotel or apartment late at night after a busy celebration day is an extremely tedious process, and this must be taken into account.

Ori Wedding Team is always ready to tell you in detail about the features of both the region, hotels and restaurants that you are considering.

(с) Anastasia Sholkova

Planning the details

After you have chosen the place-time-number of guests – we are happy to start a discussion of details that will make your wedding day beautiful, namely: floristry and decor, make-up and hair for the bride, the mode of transport for the couple and guests, cake, details on buffet and dinner, and, of course, an entertainment program for the whole day. We will discuss a solemn speech for your ceremony in advance, pronouncing all the details of the script with a specially invited Emcee. The list of songs both for the ceremony and for the wedding dinner program is discussed, edited and the final result, including the stop list, is transferred to the DJ.

If you have not yet chosen the color pallet for the wedding day, if you also can’t imagine how the wedding cake of your dreams should look like and what hairstyle will make you the real queen – we will always be there for  you and facilitate the task with advice and photo samples to make the right decision. We always recommend to arrive in advance and hold a rehearsal of the bride image with the stylist.

Planner and couple need to discuss a large number of nuances, pronouncing the details of the wedding dinner and entertainment program. We check with our couple the preferences of guests regarding alcohol, allergies, or belonging to vegetarianism. We take into account the number of children at the table, having previously specified their age. This helps us to make a children’s menu in advance and to take care of the availability of cots in the rooms and child seats in the transport.

Scenario for dinner is also created according to the preferences of the couple. We connect the Emcee with a couple via Skype video messenger for a detailed discussion of quizzes, contests, toasts. It is important that the couple get information from the guests in advance whether they have a surprise congratulation for the newlyweds – The Emcee must include the guests’ performances in their program in advance so that they can avoid the intended script on their wedding day.

(с) Anastasia Sholkova
(с) Anastasia Sholkova

It does not matter when you contacted  us: six months, a month or two weeks before the wedding – we will surround you with care and do our best to endear yourself and make you feel at home, while discussing with us the smallest details of the most important day of your life…

We sincerely hope that Georgia will become your second home after the wedding with the Ori Wedding team!