Beach weddings are some of the most popular wedding styles in Cyprus. If you’ve always dreamed of having the sea as the background for your wedding ceremony, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful beaches and locations where you can get married in Cyprus. Here we’re going to share with you a complete guide to beach weddings in Cyprus to help you decide if this is the right option for you and what region would be most suitable for a beach wedding.

How Much is a Beach Wedding in Cyprus?

There are so many factors that come together to give you the overall cost of a beach wedding in Cyprus. All weddings will have marriage license fees ranging from 128 euros in case you book a date more than 15 days in advance, up to 282 euros, and then you’ll need to take into account charges for weddings outside of the Town Hall and weekend ceremonies. On average, onsite marriage registration will cost between 250-350 euros, depending on the municipality. Additionally, there is typically an extra fee of about 150 euros for non-working hours. From there, the main cost would be the venue or wedding package, which can start from several hundred Euros for a very simple beach wedding and go up into the thousands for an elaborate setup with staff members to assist. The minimum cost of a beach wedding package, including the marriage license fee, is 430 euros. We at Ori Wedding Agency, have created a variety of wedding packages in Cyprus, including a beach wedding package with different options for your special day.

A beach wedding is usually cheaper than a hotel or resort wedding, as you don’t need to hire the venue. If you want to add on a wedding reception afterward, this will likely increase the cost quite significantly due to the venue hire and catering. Beach weddings are ideal for couples looking to elope or anyone on a budget, as you can simply add and take away the elements of the wedding ceremony that are important to you. Check out our How Much Does a Wedding in Cyprus Cost article for more detailed information on wedding in Cyprus costs.

Can You Get Married on a Beach in Cyprus?

Almost all beaches can be an option for a beach wedding in Cyprus. One thing to keep in mind is that all beaches in Cyprus are municipal beaches. This means no hotel or company is able to own a beach, which could result in a lack of privacy during the ceremony. While this is something that could be more of a concern in some of the most crowded tourist beaches, for the most part, it’s not something you’ll need to worry about when you choose a quiet or secluded beach for your wedding.

One of the things that sets Cyprus apart from other destinations for beach weddings is the diversity of the types of beaches. Of course, you’ll have no trouble finding a beach with golden sand and blue sea, but you might prefer a beach with more dramatic scenery. Aphrodite’s Beach is well known for its distinctive rocks, but you’ll also find more peaceful locations, such as Sea Caves. Another exceptional beach for hosting a wedding is located just a short distance from Ayia Napa: Sirens Beach stands out as one of most enchanting coastal wedding destinations in Cyprus. Its picturesque setting makes it perfect for hosting a romantic beach wedding ceremony. 

Semi-private venues by the beach

If privacy is a concern for a beach wedding, then look for packages that include a semi-private venue by the beach. You’ll still be able to enjoy your dream beach wedding, but there is an area reserved for your wedding setup to give you some space to relax and spend time with your guests. For example, you may opt for renting Sea You beach bar-restaurant which offers a stunning location for weddings, capable of hosting both ceremonies and receptions. Its seaside charm creates an unforgettable backdrop for exchanging vows against the boundless sea. As night falls, the venue transforms into a magical setting for the wedding banquet, aglow with candlelight and garlands beneath the starry sky.

For a truly unique beach wedding, consider a private island wedding. One example of this is the Ayia Thekla Private Island, where you’ll be whisked over to the island on a private boat for the ceremony. The venue fee is typically about 1,000 Euros, with additional charges for other elements of the wedding and the boat ride for each person in your party. This venue is ideal for private wedding parties with up to 20 guests.

Cyprus Beach Wedding Venues

The island of Cyprus offers you endless choices for your wedding venues. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular regions in which to get married and our favorite beaches on the island for a Cyprus wedding ceremony.

Which Region is Most Popular for Cyprus Beach Weddings?

There are two main regions that attract visitors for Cyprus beach weddings. Ayia Napa is ideal for anyone looking for a party vibe for their wedding ceremony. It has an extensive range of resorts and hotels catering to large wedding groups. Paphos is another popular wedding area and can offer you a more authentic look into Cypriot life. This would be a great location for anyone looking for unique backdrops for their wedding photos, thanks to the cultural sites and Roman and Greek influences around the area. On the south coast of the island, you may also want to consider Limassol, which has a rustic touch to it and is a beautiful setting for a beach wedding.

Ayia Napa Weddings

Ayia Napa is a popular location for both vacationers and beach weddings. It is known for its lively nightlife scene, which makes it a good choice for parties before and after your wedding ceremony. This area does have a reputation for being noisier than other areas for beach weddings, but you’ll also find there are some quieter hotels that are more suitable for smaller weddings and those wanting to avoid loud parties. Cape Greco is a fantastic option for a beach wedding here if you are looking for the perfect beach backdrop and great photo locations. For the couples who choose this vibrant city with its picturesque beaches and crystal-clear waters as wedding venues, we have crafted the wedding in Ayia Napa package.

Paphos Weddings

Paphos is a very well-established location for beach weddings, and you’ll find endless options here to suit parties of all shapes and sizes. It’s certainly much quieter than Ayia Napa, so we find many couples come here to elope or if they are looking for a more traditional wedding. St George’s Beach is one of the top locations for weddings here, with the Mediterranean Sea acting as the backdrop for your ceremony and photos. We like that it’s away from some of the more touristy beaches in the area and has options for elopements and intimate ceremonies or larger parties. The options for hotels and resorts are endless here also, with many of them offering beach wedding packages.

Hotel Beach Weddings vs Local Beach Weddings

When you start to research beach weddings in Cyprus, you’ll notice that you are mainly presented with two different options: hotel beach weddings and local beach weddings. Both come with their pros and cons, but in general, you’ll find that local beach weddings are much cheaper than hotel packages. Hotel beach weddings will organize every element of the big day for you, but you can still enjoy this service with local wedding planners for a local beach wedding. 

Hotel Beach Weddings

Hotel beach weddings are usually held at the beach right in front of the hotel you are staying at. They are followed by a reception or dinner either in the hotel or on the beach. The setup and size of this type of wedding will vary based on the hotel’s facilities and catering options, but with some of the large resorts in Paphos and Ayia Napa, you’ll easily be able to welcome hundreds of your friends and family members to the wedding if you so desire.

A beach wedding at a local hotel can offer you the best of both worlds. You’ll enjoy the wedding of your dreams on the beach before the hotel takes care of every element of the catering for your wedding ceremony. It also helps to take some of the pressure off finding accommodation for your travel party. Most people will opt to stay at the hotel or resort where the wedding is taking place, and you could even extend your stay for your honeymoon. Of course, this type of wedding usually comes with a higher price tag due to renting the private areas and the organization involved from the team at the hotel. 

Additionally, hotels in Cyprus undertake measures to ensure the utmost privacy for your special day. To guarantee this, the ceremony site will be fenced off, and steps will be taken to ensure that random tourists do not disturb your event.

If you are looking for a hotel beach wedding, you might want to consider our packages offering a wedding at Amara Hotel or The Sea View Deck wedding venue of Golden Coast Hotel.

Local Beach Weddings

For a simpler and more rustic wedding, a local beach wedding is a ceremony that’s organized on your favorite beach in Cyprus. As we mentioned earlier, beaches on the island are all public, so as long as you are respectful of the rules for each beach, you’ll find there are many options for a local beach wedding. You can bring some simple decorations to the beach to enhance the experience. For the most part, this is a great option for an elopement or smaller wedding. However, some people opt to organize many elements of this type of wedding themselves, but it’s usually easier to work with a wedding planner. Whether you opt for an elopement or a grand celebration with many guests, our wedding planners in Cyprus will help you bring your dream wedding to life.

Following on from your local beach wedding, you may opt to head to a local restaurant or hotel to continue the celebrations. You’ll find that this type of ceremony and celebration typically won’t set you back as much as a hotel beach wedding, which can come with a very hefty price tag.


Beach weddings in Cyprus are one of the most popular types of wedding ceremonies offered throughout the island. With Ori Agency you will learn about the different beaches and venues on offer everything you need to know to  you’ll be able to find the perfect backdrop for your upcoming wedding day. Working with our wedding planner can help to take away a lot of all the stress of the big day, especially if you are coming to the island from overseas. Contact us to plan your beach wedding in Cyprus. Whichever beach you choose to get married on, you’ll be sure to make memories that will last for many years to come.