Wedding in the city with a slogan proclaiming love — isn’t that the most natural and logical decision? 🙂 Tbilisi really loves you, and also loves fun feasts, sincere emotions, and warm confession. Based on our extensive experience, we have chosen the best places in the city where you can hold a ceremony or celebrate the wedding with a delicious dinner. There were so many of these places that we prepared detailed material from two articles. In the first part, we will highlight restaurants and venues with beautiful views and amazing cuisine.

Orangery Garden

Orangery Garden is a wedding venue filled with the magic of an oasis in the midst of a bustling city. Once in this restaurant overlooking Vake Park, you find yourself in a small garden, always generously decorated with cozy garlands. There are so many different plants and flowers that you don’t even need to invite a florist to decorate the room. The ceremony can be held on the terrace, which is located on the second floor, or in the garden on site. Just imagine how you are surrounded by this green splendor, gently hold hands and utter the most treasured words.

Orangery Garden is suitable for holding a ceremony at any time of the year because the terrace has a retractable roof, panoramic windows and pendant heaters that protect even from harsh winter winds. The terrace is designed for 30-40 guests, and the restaurant – for 60. Among other things, the restaurant is equipped with everything necessary for real fun. The DJ console, an open area for dancing, the warm light of bulbs, and in the middle of the hall is a real fireplace that will create an atmosphere of comfort and romance. The menu presents both European and Georgian cuisine. By the way, the restaurant is especially famous for its seafood dishes, which is very rare for Tbilisi.


One of the most unusual restaurants in Tbilisi deservedly became the winner of the Georgian Golden Brand award 8 times. Tsiskvili contains everything that Georgia is so loved for. Delicious food, unforgettable entertainment, and colorful surroundings. This is not just a restaurant, but a real open-air museum.

The restaurant is located on the banks of the Kura River, and an unusual landscape has been masterfully beaten in its interior. For example, the wheel of a water mill, after which the institution is named, drives the water of a real waterfall itself. Between the floors of Tsiskvili, which are cascaded, a small funicular runs where if visitors are sober they have to pay for the trip. 🙂

On the territory of the restaurant, you can arrange a ceremony and spend the evening in the company of relatives and friends. Choosing Tsiskvili as your wedding venue, you can enjoy a variety of Georgian folklore and dances that will leave an unforgettable experience for each guest of your celebration.


Undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Tbilisi — the legendary Funicular restaurant is not only at the top of all ratings but at the highest point of the metropolis. It rises majestically over the city from Mount Mtatsminda, which in Georgian means “holy mountain.” The restaurant was built back in 1938 according to all the canons of that time — monumental and for centuries. For almost a century, significant events of politics, stars, wealthy residents and guests of Georgia have been celebrating here.

In total, the restaurant has 3 floors, on the 2nd and 3rd floor, there are many banquet rooms. We advise you to choose a room with the famous panel by the artist Koki Ignatov, which has recently been restored. Thanks to its convenient location, this room is ideal for celebrations. There is a beautiful terrace with panoramic views of the whole city, where you can place a wedding arch, and a large indoor restaurant for 50 people, which will allow you not to worry about the weather.

The Funicular Restaurant serves legendary cream donuts for which the whole city is queuing up. The main menu is also on top: they offer Georgian and European cuisine of excellent quality. By the way, the restaurant is called “funicular” for a reason. The very top of Mount Mtatsminda can be reached by the famous Tbilisi funicular, which was opened in 1905.

Metekhis Chrdili

The restaurant is called “In the Shadow of the Metekhi” because it is literally located next to the famous Metekhi temple. The terrace is located above Kura, and it offers a picturesque view of the whole of Tbilisi. Despite its unique interior and breathtaking panorama, the restaurant is truly famous for its cuisine. The dishes of Georgian cuisine here are very tasty, and in one portion you can feed three people. 🙂

Traditions are honored in Georgia, and one of the main things is that every guest should be not only deliciously fed but also in a good mood. By evening, the national ensemble begins its performance with songs and dances. During dinner, you definitely will not get bored. In the shadow of Metekhi, you can also hold a ceremony and celebrate a small wedding for 20 people. You can put the wedding arch on the terrace, pronounce the treasured words with a wonderful view of the Old Town, and then indulge in real Georgian fun.

(c) Anastasiy Sholokhova
King Gorgasali

King Gorgasali Restaurant is located in the eponymous hotel in the heart of the Old Town. Very close to the National Botanical Garden and the famous Tbilisi baths, and just a few steps from Shardeni Street with many cafes, bars, and restaurants, where the fun never ends.

Here you can hold a beautiful ceremony overlooking the historical sights of Tbilisi: the Mtkvari River, Metekhi Temple, the Old City, and Narikala Fortress. You won’t be able to continue the evening on the terrace itself because you can’t make noise in the city center, but up to 50 people can be accommodated in the rather large inner hall of the restaurant.

The restaurant has a wine bar where you can conduct a wine tasting with professional sommeliers. The dishes are mainly of European cuisine, but skilled chefs can cook any dish according to your preferences.

King Gorgasali
King Gorgasali (3)

Marani is a restaurant of the world-famous G.G Group brand, which means there can be no doubt. The restaurant’s terrace offers enchanting views of Old Tbilisi. This place is perfect for the ceremony, but to celebrate with a large company will not work. The whole city loves this place so much that it doesn’t rise to close it for a wedding.

If you came here alone or with witnesses, you can easily stay after the ceremony, enjoy the sounds of live music and Georgian, European and Asian dishes prepared by the Moroccan chef.

Tiflis Veranda

Restaurant Tiflis Veranda is a combination of a classic restaurant and lounge-style summer terraces. Here, surrounded by unforgettable panoramic views of historical and cultural attractions, you can feel the true spirit of Tbilisi. This is a unique playground in the very center of the old city.

Tiflis Veranda Restaurant has 2 levels of a terrace. Both terraces are suitable for ceremonies and can accommodate up to 40 people. Have an unforgettable outdoor ceremony overlooking the city, and then enjoy a delicious and sophisticated dinner. A chef from Istanbul with Michelin star and a pastry chef from France will prepare local and European dishes for you. In addition, this is one of the few establishments that offers its own wedding cake with different fillings up to your taste.

(c) Mate

There are not all the perfect places for weddings, which are located in Tbilisi. In the next article, we will tell you about the most unusual and unexpected locations for your ceremony.