Planning a wedding is no doubt a challenging task that demands a lot of time, patience, and resources. This is even more noticeable when a destination wedding is concerned. How much does it cost to get married in Georgia? The financial aspects of organizing a multi-part occasion like this abroad may seem daunting to couples faced with hundreds of options and a wide variety in prices. Can one reliably find out the cost of specific wedding day elements, such as marriage registration fees or hiring a DJ while being in another country? We at Ori Wedding are here to help with an article that covers the cost of marriage in Georgia for foreigners, current prices for the All-inclusive packages and their dynamics for a wedding in this magical country, and a few pro tips about optimizing your budget while arranging the ultimate wedding experience for yourselves and your loved ones.

Civil marriage registration

Georgia is a popular spot for couples from different countries and for those who prefer not to get married in their own country, for whatever reason. Official marriage registration in Georgia is a very simple and affordable procedure with minimal civil wedding expenses. If you are wondering how much is a wedding in Georgia with only the legal aspects included, then it is important to mention that its price mostly depends on the country of your residence. For example, a package for most European countries (such as Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Poland) will cost 490$ (VAT included). The package adds up the cost of a marriage license in Georgia that broadly consists of applying for registration of marriage, translation of the bride and groom’s passports, translation and putting an Apostille on your marriage certificate and a possible additional consular legalization procedure that is not included in the package. This is necessary for certain countries that haven’t adopted the Apostille Convention. The cost of legalization is different for each country, so it is advisable to check the prices beforehand, while you are thinking about the cost of a wedding in Georgia to better calculate your civil wedding expenses. An average for this will be around 160 dollars plus 18% VAT, which is made up of the prices for a duplicate of the marriage certificate, translation, stamp of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a consular stamp.

Civil marriage prices also depend on the wedding hall, which you choose for the ceremony, and the day of the week of your wedding. Rent of the private hall of the House of Justice on a workday costs from $65 +18% VAT, so it can be a relatively cheap place to get married in Georgia, and the ceremony at the Mtatsminda Registry Office is from $140+ 18% VAT. Read more about the taxes in Georgia and how they are added to the price here.

Besides, you might also need additional documents if you have a common minor child and in case you were previously married. Translation of the child’s birth certificate and a divorce certificate typically costs $26-34 + VAT 18% per page, depending on the language.

Church weddings

Georgia is steeped in religious tradition and is proud of its roots, going as far back as the 4th century. As such, this country can offer couples an unforgettable church wedding at many scenic locations. All the packages that Ori provides start from 215$ + VAT 18% and include a wedding ceremony in a church led by a Georgian speaking priest, as well as a donation to the church and a church wedding certificate.

There is a particularly wide selection of magnificent churches and temples available in and around Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. For example, one of the most cherished places of worship is Jvari monastery and cathedral in Mtskheta, seen as a true symbol of Georgian Orthodox belief, standing high on the mountain dominating the surrounding landscape. The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, located in the center of Tbilisi, has its origin in the 19th century, when construction began thanks to the donations of the Georgian princes and the Polish Catholic community in 1887. Another 19th century masterpiece is a small Russian church of St Alexander the Neva that combines a soothing atmosphere and deep spirituality. The Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi is called the symbol of the new Georgia. The cathedral, whose beauty and dimensions are breathtaking, rises majestically on the hill of St. Ilia, on the left bank of the Kura River and is the highest temple in Georgia. These and many more amazing places can accommodate your wedding and turn it into a magical occasion. Look below for an example of an average wedding cost in Georgia for those getting married in church.

Mtskheta church wedding

How much to get married in Georgia’s most famous cathedrals? This package starts at $1506 for two people, and offers you an opportunity to celebrate your union at either the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral or Jvari church. Church fee for the former is already included in the package at additional $135 but you can choose the second variant without any change in price. Adding to that, Ori provides access to a makeup and hair artist in-salon in Tbilisi – $170, which can be upgraded to premium, both in-salon and on-site – both from $260. Also included are: 8 hours of photography, $490, and a standard transfer to Mtskheta for $100.

After the ceremony, enjoy a romantic dinner for two at the Tsiskvili – from $48 per person – as a part of the package. This famous restaurant is a place where true Georgian culture lives. Each hall has a unique design, but all of them represent the local Georgian atmosphere. Every detail is well-considered here, both in the menu and in the interior. Live music, traditional Georgian dances, delectable wine and hot dishes right out of the oven — this great feast for body and soul will take you on an unforgettable journey through the world of Georgian family meals and prove that even a cheap wedding in Georgia is an exciting and memorable experience.

Other atmospheric places in Tbilisi for a wedding dinner are the Marani Hall restaurant in Mtskheta, from $60 per person, offering a traditional Georgian supra, the Old Kopala at $51 per person – a cozy terraced restaurant with a view over the Old City, a hidden jewel of the city – Keto da Kote, from $55 per person, or many others we can suggest based on your preferences and the average wedding cost in Georgia that’s comfortable for you.

Elopement packages

There is nothing more intimate or romantic than a wedding for two. Let us compare different wedding scenarios with clearly defined costs for an elopement-style celebration. Whether you are looking for a luxury wedding in Georgia or a budget wedding in Georgia, we promise to deliver an unforgettable event full of style, elegance and joy. Read on to discover the prices for weddings at diverse locations, from regal mountains to cozy vineyards. We have many ready-made packages for your elopement which can be further customized if you want to invite guests to take part in your celebration.

Mountain wedding for two

How much is a wedding in Georgia for those who adore the mountains? The budget for this option starts from $2355, which already includes a symbolic ceremony at a stunning natural location, hiring a master of ceremonies for $410, makeup and hair done by an experienced MUAH artist in salon in Tbilisi – $170, a standard bouquet and boutonniere for $85, a photographer – $650 for 8 hours of footage, standard transfer for the bride and the groom, $145, and the team, $140, as well as a celebration dinner at the Monte hotel – $70 per person. This is one of the most popular wedding destinations for couples and you will soon see why.

Our venue

Friendship of Nations Arch on the Cross pass

This beautiful location offers you majestic vistas at 2384 meters above sea level. Just imagine standing at the top of this mountainous landscape with your partner and saying those magical words, “I do”. This perfect wedding spot is located near the famous Russia-Georgia Friendship monument near the Cross Pass, making it worth the cost of a wedding in Georgia.

The travel time from Tbilisi to this location is 2 hours and 30 minutes, so a transfer will be necessary. We can provide a number of options, ranging from a standard vehicle to a deluxe or retro car of your choice within $145 – 550 or above.

Depending on your preferences, we can arrange an official or a symbolic ceremony onsite. The fee for the former – $690 – will be added to the cost of the package, while the latter is already included.

Additional wedding elements

Decoration and floristry

Add a wedding arch, fresh flowers or sparkling garlands to your celebration. Here are some ideas:

  • A standard ceremony arch, decorated with seasonal flowers – from $660
  • Wedding style dishes in your chosen color scheme – from $7 per person
  • A floral composition for the wedding dinner – from $170
  • Light garlands or flashlights – from $690 for 40m of garland
  • Standard table decor for a wedding dinner, complete with candles, flowers and runners – from $750 for up to 20 people

Photo and video

Capture the magic of your wedding day with

  • A world-class photographer – from $1400
  • A videographer – from $810

Show program

Add even more excitement to your wedding day by creating a unique show program with the help of

  • Live music: A cover band – from $1700, singer – from $650, or DJ – from $680
  • National celebration elements: Georgian dance group – from $750, Georgian polyphonic singing – from $650, or tamada dinner host – from $830
  • Lights and sound: Fireworks – from $220, rent of professional light, from $1000, or sound, from $800, equipment

Other great and relatively cheap wedding packages in Georgia for two include even more exciting options.

Winter wedding

Gudauri is a breathtaking mountainous region and ski resort in Georgia that boasts magnificent snowbound slopes, while its neighboring region of Zhinvali offers a chance to have a mesmerizing ceremony next to a pristine mountain lake. A photoshoot among the snowy landscapes in the winter months will be magical like a Christmas postcard. A wedding in these picturesque surroundings will remain a miraculous winter fairy tale for you and your guests. An additional practical advantage of Gudauri is the availability of hotel terraces for a ceremony with a view that can turn any celebration into a luxury wedding in Georgia.

Our venue

This all-inclusive wedding package starts from $2460. The price includes either the Friendship of Nations Arch on the Cross pass or Zhinvali as natural wedding locations, as well as the terrace of the Monte Hotel, from $250, or the Gudauri Hotel Loft terrace, starting from $650, as perfect places for your ceremony.

Additional wedding elements

There are more items in this winter fairy-tale package, such as:

  • Master of ceremonies – from $410
  • Ori MUAH artist in-salon in Tbilisi, from $170, depending on the professional chosen
  • Lunch for the contractors – from $20 per person
  • Transfer for the team (winter) – from $160
  • Standard transfer in winter – from $170
  • Dinner at the Monte Hotel – from $70 per person

As well as some winter specials:

  • Winter bouquet and boutonniere “Standard” – from $90
  • Winter ceremony arch – from $400
  • Ori photographer for a winter wedding – 8 hrs, from $500

Wedding with a view of Tbilisi

Tbilisi charms visitors with stunning panoramic views over the Old City, which can be perfect for any dream wedding. The bustling city is located in the river basin between the mountain gorges, uniting nature, history, and a sparkle of modernity. Our package can offer you an unforgettable experience with this ancient city as your main witness, starting from $2510.  The all-inclusive package price includes a symbolic ceremony, together with other elements which you can view on the package page.

Our venue

The terrace of Tiflis Veranda Hotel – from $1010

There are many other exciting venues to choose from, such as terraces of the Amante, from $250, the 144 Stairs Cafe, from $1975, and the Gardenia Shevardnadze, from $1000, and others with an option to have a lavish or a budget wedding in Georgia’s capital.

Additional wedding elements
  • Master of ceremonies – from $240
  • Ori MUAH artist in-salon in Tbilisi – $170, depending on the professional chosen
  • Bouquet and boutonniere «Standard» – from $85
  • Ori photographer – 3 hours, from $280, depending on the professional chosen
  • Standard transfer – from $100
  • Dinner in Keto da Kote Restaurant – from $55 per person

Wedding with a sea view in Batumi

A seaside wedding is an incredibly romantic occasion. Add to this fantastic mountain terraces with the view over the endless blue sea, the sound of accompanying waves, the sun and warmth of this southern city, and you will see why our Batumi $2750 package is so popular.

Our venue

For a symbolic wedding on the coast of the Black Sea in Batumi, you can choose one of the terraces or just a piece of the beach – a seaside ceremony starts from $160, while options like the beach of the Sanapiro Hotel – from $200, terrace of the Hotel Castello Mare – from $510, and Batumi Botanical Garden, from $300, are also possible. Please note that the average travel time from Tbilisi to Batumi is 6 hours, so it’s more practical to arrive at Batumi airport. The team will typically travel from Tbilisi for your wedding, so it will understandably contribute to the price.

Additional wedding elements
  • Master of ceremonies – from $500
  • Ori MUAH artist in-salon in Batumi – from $120, depending on the professional chosen
  • Bouquet and boutonniere «Standard» – from $90
  • Ori photographer – 8 hours, from $750, depending on the professional chosen
  • Transfer for the team – from $240
  • Planner’s stay in Batumi – from $80
  • Standard transfer for the couple – from $145
  • Dinner at the restaurant Terrassa Askaneli – from $65 per person

Wedding in Vardzia

Vardzia is a man-made cave fortress in a rock about a kilometer long. It stretches along the Kura River and consists of 600 rooms harmoniously located on 8 floors. Here you can find incredible beauty and diversity of landscapes – under the sheer cliff, the Kura River flows quietly, and the open balconies of the keep offer enchanting views of the majestic mountains with green valleys. How much is a wedding in Georgian countryside? Those who feel called to visit this charming region that lies approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes away from Tbilisi can celebrate a symbolic ceremony already included in the package at the Vardzia Resort Hotel. The booking of this venue starts from $500 for two and the whole package is $2985.

Our venue

The Hotel Vardzia Resort is an amazing place with magnificent landscaped gardens and surrounding mountain views. The territory of the hotel is ideal for a celebration in a classic style or a thematic ceremony, with no restrictions for your imagination.

Additional wedding elements
  • Master of ceremonies – from $550
  • Bouquet and boutonniere «Standard» – from $85
  • Ori photographer – 8 hours, from $750, depending on the professional chosen
  • Transfer for the team – from $140
  • Planner’s stay at Vardzia – from $600
  • Standard transfer – from $250
  • Dinner at the restaurant of the hotel Vardzia Resort – from $55 per person

The packages mentioned above are just a handful of excellent offerings from Ori, so make sure to take a look at all the others here. Moreover, each and every package is customizable and can be personalized in every detail to perfectly correspond to your unique vision of this special day.

Weddings with guests

While an elopement for just the two of you is a very cozy and intimate event, there is always a place for those dearest to you at the wedding. How much is a wedding in Georgia with guests? A prime example is our Vazisubani Estate wedding, uniting elegance, timeless charm and natural beauty. Another one, a wedding at the Funicular Restaurant with an unrivaled view over Tbilisi and delectable local cuisine can turn your celebration into a truly magnificent occasion.

Wedding at the Funicular Restaurant, Tbilisi

For anyone who values a well-planned and well-budgeted wedding, having a celebration in Tbilisi with any number of guests will prove a much more affordable option, seeing as a large number of subcontractors and services are sourced locally, so the prices are better balanced and there is no transfer fees for either the service providers or the team, unlike what you may experience in other regions.

Our venue

The Funicular restaurant is undoubtedly one of the most important places in Tbilisi, with its prominent history dating back to 1905. Rising high above the city, it offers 4 separate dining facilities: Chela (traditional Georgian food), Puri Guliani (bakery), the signature Restaurant Funicular and the Ballroom. The road to the top of Mount Mtatsminda will be a perfect adventure trip leading to an enjoyable dinner with stunning panoramic views over Tbilisi. The Funicular Restaurant has various seating options with different capacities, so that you can arrange a grand wedding dinner or a more intimate gathering. See what is available for a celebration with up to 50 attendees, since all packages with guests are formed individually and depend on the couple’s preferences.

Our offering

A wedding at the Funicular may cost around $10,730 if you wish to invite up to 50 guests for your celebration. The services and options included may vary but will typically add up to the following list:


  • Ori MUAH artist on-site in Tbilisi, standard package – $170-260
    • A premium or world-class stylist are also available at an extra charge
  • Wedding bouquet and boutonniere “Standard” – from $105
    • Seasonal flowers in the style you desire

Photo and Video

  • Ori photographer, 8 hours in Tbilisi/Mtskheta – $510-950
    • A premium or world-class photographer are also available at an extra charge
  • Standard Ori videographer, full package + drone videos in Tbilisi – $680-1250
    • Included are up to 8 hours of filming, a 3-5 minute clip, a wedding film of up to 15 minutes, transfer for the service provider

Location and Decor

  • Standard wedding decor, from $630, including
    • Standard wedding arch, 30% fresh seasonal Georgian flowers, 70% greenery, in your chosen color palette
    • Premium, exclusive or individual conceptions are available from $1470
  • Rent of the Panno hall at the Funicular, from $3310, including
    • Terrace for the ceremony
    • Deposit for the wedding dinner menu & alcohol – $2260, $57/person
    • DJ equipment – required, from $500
  • Wedding dinner decor in Tbilisi, standard – from $1620
    • Based on your choice of color palette and availability of seasonal flowers
    • Includes a flower composition, candles, napkins, runners
    • Some elements like chairs, dishes, cutlery are provided by the location but may be changed at additional expense
    • Decor visuals (setup rehearsal, mockup, illustration) are not included in the cost

Show Program

  • Master of ceremonies and dinner host in Tbilisi, in Russian, standard, $600 – 1180, including the ceremony and transfer
  • DJ performance in Tbilisi – 4 hours but no later than midnight, $650 + every extra hour $90

Wedding Organisation

  • Transfer for guests – a bus for up to 55 people – from $345
  • A second wedding coordinator in Tbilisi – $70
  • Food for the subcontractor team  – $25 per person
  • Wedding organization – 11% of the sum total but no less than $815

Extra services you can request:

  • Gifts for your guests – from $20 per person
    • The options are wine / honey / jam / spices / chocolate
  • Wedding cake delivery in Tbilisi, standard – from $415 per 50 pieces

Light and Sound

  • Professional lighting & sound – from $1580
  • Saxophone / violin / cello player in Tbilisi – from $250
  • Classical trio (piano, violin, cello) in Tbilisi – from $570, 40 minutes
  • Georgian national dance in Tbilisi: 3 dancers, 3 dances + transfer for the subcontractors – from $650
  • Cover band in Tbilisi, not including the band rider: 2 × 45-minute sets or 3 × 20-minute sets – from $1210 to 5850 + from $700 to 3000 for the rider
  • Cover singer in Tbilisi, not including the rider: 3 × 20-minute sets – from $665
  • Fireworks with 1.5 minute length, delivery, range, installation and disassembly  included – from $265
  • Cold spark fountains in Tbilisi – 5 pieces, from $230

Wedding at Vazisubani Estate, Kakheti

Kakheti is an eastern Georgian region famous for its wine tradition, beautiful nature, long history, and ancient monasteries. Alazani Valley lies at the heart of the region and is surrounded by mountains and gorges creating a variety of interesting landscapes. Other picturesque locations include lush vineyards, crystal clear mountain lakes between the green slopes, forests, and fast mountain rivers – Kakheti offers many opportunities to create a perfect wedding with limitless possibilities.

Our venue

The Vazisubani Estate hotel, a hidden jewel in the heart of Kakheti, is a distinguished venue with rich history, stylish architecture and well-kept gardens that create a feeling of timeless beauty. This idyllic and secluded location for a wedding is perfect for creating long-lasting memories of romance. A 19th-century estate cherished by the aristocracy, Vazisubani was renovated and refurbished with great taste, boasting elegant interior design, a wonderful park with rare trees, its own winery and vineyards stretching out for miles, as well as a swimming pool overlooking the mesmerizing Alazani valley.

Our offering

If you were struck by the beauty of this location and hope to see up to 50 guests attending your wedding day, we recommend to plan the occasion for about $25,833 with the following services included:

Ceremony and reception

  • Official on-site marriage registration (regions), from $710
  • Wedding bouquet and boutonniere, standard – from $85
  • Ori makeup artist and hairstylist on-site, Kakheti, standard – $240-$350
  • Dinner at the Vazisubani restaurant – from $65 per person

Photo  and Video

  • Premium photographer – Kakheti, 8 hours, from $960
  • Ori Videographer, standard: short clip + drone – Kakheti, from $650

Location and Decor

  • Rent of the restaurant Vazisubani Estate, from $7520, where costs include:
    • Holding a ceremony in a clearing against the background Alazani Valley or against the background of a mansion
    • Holding dinner by the pool or in a restaurant hotel
    • Accommodation of guests in 19 rooms, up to 36 guests per 1 night
  • Standard wedding decor, from $700, including
    • Standard wedding arch, 30% fresh seasonal Georgian flowers, 70% greenery, in your chosen color palette
  • Wedding dinner decoration, standard – Kakheti, for 45 guests, from $1300

Show Program

  • Master of ceremonies and wedding dinner host – Kakheti, in Russian, from $2,400
  • Performance by a saxophonist / violinist / cellist at the ceremony – Kakheti, from $350
  • DJ performance at the ceremony and dinner – Kakheti, from $730 for 4 hours + $90 every extra hour
  • Rent of sound and lighting equipment – from $1300
    • The final price can either decrease or increase, in depending on the final seating, decor and show programs
  • Fireworks – from $230

Transfer and Accommodation

  • Transfer for guests to the hotel – up to 35 people – Kakheti, from $465
  • Return transfer for guests to the next day – 1 minibus for up to 18 people, from $250
  • Accommodation at the Vazisubani Estate Hotel for the couple – 1st night, King Suite, from $360
  • Hotel accommodation for the organizer – from $120

Wedding Organisation

  • Wedding cake delivery, Kakheti, standard option – 2 tiers, 50 pieces, from $550
  • Additional coordinator – from $85
  • Wedding organization cost – 11% of the sum total but no less than $800

Some more additional services for you:

  • Buffet for the ceremony, including a cheese platter, fruit platter, soft drinks, champagne – 0.3l per person, Kakheti, from $20 per guest
  • Masterclasses and wine tasting in Kakheti: making khinkali, churchkhela, baking Georgian bread – from $20 per person
    • Price varies depending on the site holding a tasting

When planning an outdoor celebration, don’t forget about additional elements to ensure the comfort and well-being of your guests, such as individually printed invitations and seating cards – from $17 per item, rented blankets – from $5 per item, and umbrellas, from $8 per item, in case the weather is not ideal, or chairs for the ceremony and reception – from $12 per item.

Please note that in accordance with the Georgian tax code, only tourist packages are exempt from VAT 18%. A package is considered a tourist one if it combines no less than two out of three types of tourist services – transport, accommodation, and food for the whole group.

On our website you can find many other interesting packages that are highly customizable to help you include everyone on your special day, just select the one that caught your eye and contact our sales managers on the platform of your choice. Even more so, knowing that every wedding is a unique occasion, our specialists are always ready to provide an individual quote at your request. We at Ori wish you happy planning and an amazing wedding day!