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Wedding dinner in a Georgian style

Georgian cuisine and Georgian feast leave an indelible impression on all guests of Georgia. The local cuisine is based on simple products, and thanks to the mastership of local chefs, they turn into aromatic dishes rich in flavors. Drinking and dining traditions of Georgians have become legendary a long time ago. Multi-tiered serving, a variety of aromas and flavors, river wine, and long toasts full of humor and wisdom.

We believe that a Georgian-style dinner should become an obligatory part of your wedding trip to Georgia. Why is Georgian-style dinner so special? What is Georgian sufra style serving? What is the best way to combine the European menu with the local one? How many bottles of wine to order for a wedding? We share the experience of our wedding planners in a new article.

What is a Georgian sufra serving style?

Historically, at Georgian feasts, food was served in large portions “on the table”. All dishes were shared between all participants of the feast. The number of dishes often exceeded the size of the table, and then new plates were placed on top of each other. The main figure of any Georgian dinner was the toastmaster, the host of the evening who was responsible for the course of the evening. He created the right mood, determined the topics of toasts, and took care of the peaceful and good-natured mood of all the guests.

The tradition of a lavish feast is still alive today, and we always sincerely recommend our couples to choose this style for their wedding dinner. And although the multi-story serving of dishes gave way to a more restrained European one, the atmosphere of general celebration, abundance, and sincere generosity did not diminish at all.

(c) Anna Utesheva
Why do we recommend Georgian sufra serving style?

To visit a Georgian feast, where the table is filled with food and toasts resemble philosophical parables, is one of the essential elements of any trip to Georgia. We recommend our couples do not miss the opportunity to immerse themselves in the flavor of this ancient national tradition.

Georgian serving will save your guests from curious glances at the outlandish dishes at the other end of the table and will allow each guest to taste everything, compare and choose the best for their taste. You can be absolutely sure that nobody will stay hungry at the Georgian feast. The portions are large, the food is varied and hearty, and the rich Georgian menu will allow you to take into account the preferences of each guest. It has both vegan and dietary options.

When you are preparing for a wedding dinner, it is important to consider that a European serving is much more expensive than a Georgian one. For an individual serving style, the restaurant usually prepares the same set of dishes for each guest. This increases the dinner budget several times. Therefore, when serving in Georgian style, you not only give yourself and your guests a chance to become part of an ancient Georgian tradition, but also cut your budget. This can be especially important for medium and large-scale weddings. In addition, not every restaurant in Georgia offers individual serving, so please let us know in advance if you prefer it.

How to make a wedding menu in a Georgian style?

We recommend making 70% of the menu of Georgian dishes and only 30% of European dishes (such as Caesar salad, Greek salad, Mexican potatoes, and fries). These dishes will also be served in a Georgian sufra style. Ditch Gouda and Parmesan for Georgian cheeses. Several hundred types of cheese are produced in Georgia, so don’t forget to include in the menu cheese plates with 3-4 types of local cheeses (sich as Suluguni, Imeretian, and goat milk varieties).

Ask your guests about allergies and special diet preferences in advance. Georgian cuisine contains a significant amount of dairy products, nuts, and vinegar, so make sure you have enough meals without these for certain guests. Some dishes have variations, so you can order, for example, Georgian vegetable salad with and without walnuts. And instead of meat dishes, order lobio or lobiani (bean dishes) and grilled vegetables.

(c) Anastasia Sholkova
(c) Anastasia Sholkova

We would like to note that khinkali are usually not served at feasts, as they are traditionally referred to as simple village food and are not included in the list of festive dishes. In addition, khinkali do not quite correspond to the format of a gala dinner, because meat broth can stain your guests’ evening dresses.

Traditionally, during a Georgian feast, white wine or homemade wine of a delicate amber color is preferred. It has such a characteristic color because it is made according to the ancient traditional technology: wine is stored in clay vessels called “kvevri”, buried in the ground. These wines are distinguished by their richer color, tannins and aromatic notes of dried fruits. This wine also helps to cope with the abundance of food at dinner. Such refreshing wines are especially appropriate for a summer wedding. And for winter, spring, or fall wedding, choose red wines: they will add coziness and help guests keep warm. And, of course, when choosing a wine, you should also focus on the main type of hot dish in your menu: white ones are suitable for chicken and fish, and red for pork and veal.

And finally, in most cases, we order food from the calculation: 1 portion for 3-4 persons and 6-8 pieces of pastry (Imeretian and Megrelian khachapuri, and lobiani) for 6-7 people. Please note that Adjarian khachapuri is served only individually to each guest. As for wine, as a rule, we advise you to take as a basis the calculation of 0.6 liters of the main wine and 0.2 liters of an additional wine per guest.

A Georgian feast is a combination of many factors: excellent mood from delicious food, good wine, warm-hearted company, and a pleasant atmosphere in general. Choosing a Georgian sufra serving, you give your guests not only an unforgettable gastronomic experience, but also a new dining experience, when the line of dishes seems endless, and each of them is so delicious that it is almost impossible not to taste it!


Budget wedding in Georgia for two: frequently asked questions

What do you need to do to have an elopement in Georgia? What documents do you need? How long will it take? What is the approximate budget? And how to turn even the smallest wedding into an unforgettable event? We answer frequently asked questions and tell more about all the elements of a cozy wedding for two in Georgia.

What documents do we need to get married in Georgia?

Once you have decided on the date and place of the wedding, send color scans of your passports, as well as scans of passports of witnesses if you plan to invite them to Georgia, by e-mail. If you are planning to come only together, we will gladly provide you with our witnesses at no extra charge.

Our basic package for most European countries (such as Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine, Poland) costs 320$. The package includes the application, translation, and notarization of the passports of the bride and groom. Also, registration in the main hall of the Justice House, translation, and putting an Apostille on the marriage certificate. Read about additional documents, package options, and other significant pricing features in our articles “How much does it cost to get married in Georgia (country) in 2020?” and “Official Marriage Registration in Georgia”.

(c) W-art
How long does the entire marriage registration take?

Preparing for an elopement in Georgia is one of the fastest and simplest steps. Contact us no earlier than one month before the date of your wedding. After the wedding, you will receive a ready certificate when the Apostille procedure or consular legalization for your country is completed. Dates are individual for each country, but, as a rule, are approximately two weeks. We will send you all the documents by registered letter anywhere in the world.

How much are the basic services for a wedding for two?

Our couples usually order a wedding bouquet and a boutonniere (from 70$), MUAH and hairstylist (from 110$), and a photographer. Rates for the photographer’s services depend on what parts of your wedding day you want to capture. For a three-hour photo shoot, photographers usually charge from 250$. During this time, they will capture the official ceremony in a city hall (or the symbolic one at any other place) and a romantic walk in Tbilisi or surroundings. You can also order a photographer for 8 hours (prices start from 450$), and then they will also shoot the bride’s morning, visit more locations with you and take a few shots during the dinner. Some of our couples also invite a master of the ceremonies (this service will cost from 190$). They will create the right mood and adorn your symbolic or official ceremony with a touching speech.

How can we make our wedding especially beautiful?

To make your wedding dinner more solemn and romantic, we recommend ordering a floral decoration for your table. One floral arrangement of seasonal flowers is designed for a table for two and costs from 80$ in Tbilisi and 100$ in the regions.

For those who are dreaming to say the vows among the mountains of the Greater Caucasus, we offer to have an arch for the ceremony. Prices for a standard arch start at 360$ in Tbilisi and 520$ in the regions. You can choose the shape and type of decoration (traditional, triangular, modern, or boho style decoration) and the color scheme.

Such details as fireworks and a host will fill your day with genuinely special emotions and impressions.

(c) Mate Mateshvili
(с) Anastasia Sholkova
How and where can we celebrate our wedding?

If you are planning a wedding in Tbilisi, book a table at one of the popular Georgian restaurants (such as Tsiskvili, In the shadow of Metekhi or Georgian House), where you can enjoy free performances by Georgian musicians and dancers. For those who are coming to Georgia in the warm season, we suggest completing this day with a romantic dinner in the open air on one of the terraces of Tbilisi (Tiflis Veranda, Old Kopala, Funicular) or Kakheti (Babaneuris Marani, Royal Batoni, Chateau Mosmieri).

We want something unique and unforgettable. Any ideas?

To capture the wedding day and your love story in a more colorful and lively way, invite a videographer who will create a short 3-5 minute clip for you. A short video will help you keep the memories of this day for many years. Invite a saxophonist to an outdoor ceremony, who will fill this moment with incredible depth and tenderness. Ask your close friend to deliver a solemn speech that will end with your vows. And you can celebrate this day with a grandiose firework in your honor. These small touches will surely fill your day with genuinely special emotions and impressions.

What else do we need to take into account while planning the budget?

Georgia has a VAT exemption program for tourism projects. What does that mean? A tourist project is any trip that includes accommodation, transfer, and dinner. Often our weddings for two also receive the status of a tourist project, so we are happy to exclude 18% of VAT from your wedding estimate. To ensure that your wedding is not subject to VAT, the budget should include at least two of the three services listed above. By the way, do not forget to order a transfer if you want to visit several locations, for example, around Tbilisi.

A cozy wedding in Georgia is not only fast, easy, and inexpensive, but also very nice and beautiful. Choose the best location for your taste, complement the basic offer with several additional options, and you will get a truly unforgettable experience from this day. See you in warm Georgia!


How is the price for a wedding with Ori formed?

In the question of pricing, we give priority to quality. The Ori team strives to work exclusively with responsible and professional specialists who love and value their work as much as we do. We cannot afford to work with vendors who perform their work not well enough, as we not only care about the comfort and happiness of our guests but also value the reputation of the agency.

Ori team are professionals with extensive experience in wedding planning. We know the nuances of the venues and will help you find the perfect location for any specific request. We take responsibility, control the work of vendors, all settlements, and communication with them. We form prices for our packages taking into account all these factors. Frankly, our prices are not the lowest on the market, although not the highest. Our prices are a guarantee of professional support, experience, competencies, and quality.

At the same time, we know that such an important event as a wedding often becomes a significant expense for our couples. Therefore, Ori prefers those vendors who are ready to offer not only quality but also a price that is comfortable for our couples. We always strive to help our couples optimize their budget and avoid unnecessary expenses. A wedding estimate, however, usually includes certain significant expenditures that cannot be optimized. What are we talking about, and what is the price of a wedding with Ori consist of? Here is the list of the six most essential components and principles.

(c) Anna Khomutova
Wedding date and location: region, season, venue

The price of a wedding on a summer weekday in Tbilisi differs from the price of a wedding on a winter weekend in Borjomi. Summer and the beginning of autumn are considered the touristic season in Tbilisi, Batumi, and Kakheti. Therefore, at this time, some vendors work at higher prices – in comparison, for example, with winter ones. Winter, in turn, is considered a popular period for trips to Gudauri and Kazbegi, as the ski season opens at this time. And regardless of the period, a wedding in the regions always costs more. The estimate includes transportation for the team and some other costs, which we will talk about later.

Each venue (hotel or restaurant) offers its booking conditions for dinner, ceremony, or accommodation. For example, in some places, the restaurant rent cost includes food and drinks, while in others, it includes only the rent itself. Each location decides on the rental conditions itself: this is not Ori’s decision, but each venue management policy. Some venues (for example, the famous Kvareli Lake Resort) have a special price for weekend events. We always inform couples about such subtleties in advance and help to make the most optimal decision when choosing a location.

(c) Anna Utesheva
Package of documents

For couples traveling to Georgia for quick and convenient marriage registration, an official registration procedure will be a significant wedding expenditure. This service includes a translation of passports into Georgian, notarization of these documents, and translation. Then we put an Apostille on a marriage certificate for your country. But for some countries (such as Lebanon, Qatar, Canada), a more complicated procedure of consular legalization is needed. Its time and cost differ from the standard step with an Apostille. We will also ask you to provide additional documents if you have a minor child together or if you were previously married. In this case, the translation of a birth certificate and divorce certificate will become a mandatory part of your budget.

Transportation and meals for the team

Care about the comfortable working conditions for our partners is very important for us. In the budget of each wedding, especially when it comes to a large-scale celebration for 50+ guests, we always put transportation costs for the team, as well as meals for those partners who spend the whole working day on the site. For some vendors, we compensate only for the fuel, and for some, we prepare an additional transport (for example, for a DJ and coordinators). If you invite a well-known international photographer or videographer, then usually you will also need to cover the cost of the flight. We do not calculate these expenses as a separate service, but we include them in the final budget. In some cases, if the wedding takes place outside of Tbilisi and lasts for 2-3 days, we will also add accommodation for the wedding planner at the venue.

Compensation for work on-site in the regions

When going to a wedding in the regions, MUAH artists and musicians include in their check compensation for the time spent on the road. A makeup artist, for example, can have several brides in one day in the beauty salon, and, being on-site at a wedding in Kazbegi, for instance, he or she devotes the entire day to one bride only. Also, for a wedding in the regions, you can only order a photographer for at least 8 hours: the cost includes compensation for the time spent on the trip. For this reason, the price of a wedding in the region will certainly be higher than the cost of a wedding in Tbilisi.

Technical equipment

Floristics and wedding decor prices consist of several important components. Firstly, the price includes all materials, decor elements, frames, flowers, and plants. Secondly, the price includes the work of florists (usually 2-3 people), and sometimes, in the case of complicated designs, installers. Thirdly, the cost of packages includes transportation expenditures and the dismantling of constructions and some decorative elements.

If you invite a cover band or musicians to your wedding, we always calculate the price based on the number of guests, the scale of the show program, and the band’s rider. For a wedding for 60+ people, music bands usually request additional equipment, amplifiers, and speakers. More powerful equipment will also be needed if you are planning an outside wedding dinner. If you invite famous musicians the rider will be included into the final check for their work.

We deliver the wedding cake in a refrigerator, where it is specially fixed and is always at the right temperature. Only such special conditions can guarantee that your cake will be delivered to the venue safe and sound.

We include the dismantling, transportation, use of specialized equipment, and rental of refrigerator cars in the final prices of decoration, musicians, and wedding cake.

(c) W-art
(c) Igor Novikov
Additional but important: taxes & commission for our services

All individual entrepreneurs of Georgia are exempt from Personal Income Tax. However, some of the vendors who we work with are not registered entrepreneurs in Georgia (for example, international photographers, musicians, and cover bands). Therefore, we always add PIT in the amount of 25% to the cost of their work.

Georgia has a VAT exemption program for tourism projects. What does it mean? A tourist project is any trip that includes accommodation, transfer, and dinner. Often our small cozy weddings also receive the status of a tourist project, so we are happy to exclude VAT from the estimate. How does it work? For your wedding not to be subject to VAT, the budget must include at least two of the three services listed above. If the budget includes a makeup artist, a wedding bouquet, and dinner (only one of the three required items, or none of them at all), then in addition to the cost of services and wedding planning, VAT will be added in the amount of 18%.

And one last thing: we add 9% to each wedding budget as a commission for our services.

We tried to be honest and detailed about how the price of your wedding with Ori will be formed. Compensation, transportation costs, providing comfortable working conditions for our partners, the necessary technical equipment are important and integral components of your most unforgettable wedding day. Do not forget that we are always happy to tell in more detail about all the stages of preparation for your wedding.


How much does it cost to get married in Georgia (country) in 2020?

To estimate a destination wedding cost might seem quite a challenge, as the wedding is an occasion consisting of too many parts. How can one find out the price for specific wedding day elements, such as marriage registration fee or a DJ for example, while being in another country? In this article, we try to help you gain an understanding of the wedding services cost in Georgia (country), and show you what the prices depend on. We also share a couple of secrets on planning your wedding budget and give you a piece of advice on how you can optimize your expenses.

Civil marriage registration

Georgia is a popular spot for couples from different countries and for the couples who for any reason cannot get married in the country they live in. Official marriage registration in Georgia is a very simple and affordable procedure. Its price mostly depends on the country of your residence. For example, a package for most European countries (such as Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Poland) will cost 320$. The package includes applying for registration of marriage, translation of the bride and groom’s passports, translation and putting an Apostille on your marriage certificate.

For certain countries that haven’t adopted the Apostille Convention, an additional consular legalization procedure is necessary. The cost of legalization is different for each country. For example, this service costs $160 for Lebanon, $115 for Qatar, and $170 for Canada.

Civil marriage prices also depend on the city hall which you choose for the ceremony, and the day of the week of your wedding. Rent of the private hall of the House of Justice on a workday costs from $40 and the ceremony at the Mtatsminda Registry Office is from $120.

Besides, you might also need additional documents if you have a common minor child and in case you were previously married. Translation of the birth certificate and a divorce certificate costs $15 per page.

Wedding bouquet and a boutonniere

A wedding bouquet and a boutonniere in Georgia cost $70-150. The prices vary depending on the assortment of flowers. You can order seasonal flowers for example: in this case, you define the color palette and shape of the bouquet, and florists choose the flowers based on your preferences. If you dream of exotic or extraordinary flowers, we recommend you to request specific flowers from Holland. Such a bouquet will be more expensive than the one from the seasonal flowers but the effect from such a unique composition will be fabulous!

In some cases, VAT (18%) and PIT (25%) are added to the price of the vendors’ services.

(c) W-art
Make-up and hair artist

Regarding the choice of the make-up and hair artist, the key criterion is the location of your wedding. If you are planning a city wedding, you might want to have your bride’s look done in a beauty salon. This service starts at $110. For those brides who are going to have a photographer shooting the wedding morning, we recommend having MUAH artist onsite, for example, in the hotel, you will stay at. This service is from $160. Also, you can opt for a service of premium-class MUAH artist to create an unforgettable bridal look according to the best and latest international trends. They constantly learn new techniques and follow all the novelties in bridal fashion. MUAH by such a professional starts from $350 in a salon, and $400 — onsite.

When the wedding takes place outside the city, for example, in Gudauri mountains or Kakhetian vineyards, the cost of a stylist’s services rises due to extra expenses on the transportation, meals, and compensation for time. Prices for a MUAH artist in the regions start from $240, and $500 for a world-class professional stylist.

We also recommend our brides to have an additional trial make-up if you have an opportunity to come to Georgia in advance. This service costs a bit more than half the price from the MUAH artist you have chosen.


If you travel to Tbilisi just to have all the papers done, it will be nice to have a photographer who will capture the fascinating moment of you saying your vows to each other. The photographer then will accompany you on a short walk around the city center. Such a service will cost $250 for 3 hours. If you are planning a celebration in Kazbegi, Borjomi or Sighnaghi, working hours of a photographer start from minimum 8 hours, and prices start from $550. This amount includes transportation and meals as well.

Moreover, we are proud to say that we collaborate with the best world-class wedding photographers in Georgia whose work is appreciated in many countries. If you want not only technically superb photos of your wedding but a masterpiece of wedding photography you’d better choose this option. We offer several candidates for you to choose from according to their portfolios. The services of a world-class photographer costs from $1000.

(c) Evgeniy Efanov
Wedding cake

Prices for wedding cakes vary depending on the region your wedding in Georgia takes place, as delivery expenses form a considerable percentage of the final cake price. Our partners deliver cakes in a special car with a refrigerator, which keeps the cake in a stable position at the right temperature. Such peculiar conditions can guarantee that your cake will be delivered safe and sound. A cake for 15 guests costs from $85, delivery in Tbilisi is $20, outside the city — $125. A cake for 50 guests is from $210 + delivery to the location. We will ask you to choose between a couple of fillings and some standard decoration elements. Any specific elements and unusual fillings are charged additionally.

While preparing for a big family wedding, note that we offer a convenient concierge service for your guests.

Wedding dinner

Prices for a wedding dinner in Georgia depend on the location of your feast. An average price for a dinner for two is $80-90. If you are planning a large family event, take into account the rent policy of the venue you have chosen. For example, if you are ordering a show program for your gala dinner (as a cover band performance or national Georgian dancers), the venue rent or the deposit will be added to the standard price of the dinner. The terms are specific for each venue but we will be glad to tell you about all the details while preparing the quote for your upcoming wedding. 🙂

Decorations for a wedding ceremony

A lot of our couples prefer to have a decorated arch for their ceremony. In Tbilisi, this service costs from $360, in Batumi — from $520, and in the regions — from $650. This price includes transportation of the flowers and construction shapes (we will suggest you choose a preferable shape between a couple of options), transport and meals for the team of florists.

Our florists also offer unique options of arch constructions and exclusive sets of decorations. A premium package costs $660-840 depending on the location and includes a large amount of greenery and flower decor. The exclusive package costs $990-1440. We recommend this package to the couples who are dreaming of a ceremony at sunset: our florists will arrange the ceremony area with flowers, lights and lots of tall candles that will create an atmosphere of real magic filling your beautiful moments.

(c) Mate Mateshvili
(c) Mate Mateshvili

A car around the city and some close locations for your photo shoot is perfect for those who are coming to Tbilisi for a private cozy wedding. A standard transfer is from $100, a stylish retro car is from $230, and the premium car — from $210. This amount includes 8 hours of rent, fuel, and the driver’s services.

Transport is a significant item of expenditure for the couples who will have a big celebration with a large number of guests. If your wedding will take place outside the city we recommend that you don’t rely on the city taxi but have the necessary number of minivans or buses with professional drivers that will make sure your guests reach the venue in safety and comfort. A minivan for 18 people is from $155, and a bus for 55 people is from $375, for example. The Russian-speaking driver’s services and fuel are included. To the couple, we suggest having one of the same car options we mentioned for Tbilisi. Likewise, a standard transfer in the regions is from $120, a retro car is from $320, and a premium car — from $255.


When inviting a videographer to your wedding you get a short video of 3-5 minutes, which is shot with the help of a drone. Prices for such a video made in Tbilisi start from $440 (this includes the meal for the operator), and $490 out of the city (this includes transportation and meals). In case you are planning to have a wedding dinner with guests and a show, you could also request an additional movie about your wedding day (30-40 minutes long), that will become a sweet memory for everyone who took part in your celebration. A short clip and a film in Tbilisi cost from $550, and $650 in the regions. Moreover, we collaborate with premium operators specializing in wedding films. Their services cost from $850, including both the short video and a long film.

(c) Aloe Vera Photography
What do you need to consider while planning your wedding budget in Georgia?
  • First of all, the budget of your wedding in Georgia depends on the number of guests. The bigger the number is the more dinner decoration and transportation you will need.
  • A marriage registration fee and a venue rent may vary on different week-days, months, and seasons. Some venues have special offers for a low season and additional discounts for workdays. A wedding on a workday might become a good way to optimize your overall budget.
  • The region where your wedding will take place plays a major role, as well. For a wedding outside Tbilisi, in the mountains or in the vineyards, transportation for the couple and all the guests becomes an important expense. Don’t forget about the meals and time compensation for our vendors.
  • Many vendors who we cooperate with are not registered as individual entrepreneurs in Georgia (for example, international videographers, photographers, and make-up artists). That is why we must add VAT (18%) to the price of their services.
  • Do not forget to add the necessary amount of umbrellas and blankets into your budget if you are planning a wedding in the mountains. Even the summer nights might be cold and windy.
  • If your wedding quote has two of the three items — dinner, transfer, and accommodation, the wedding will be considered a touristic project in Georgia. Therefore, it will not be subjected to VAT. Otherwise, if there is, for example, a MUAH artist, wedding bouquet, and dinner (only one or none of the required items), we will add a VAT (18%) to the price of planning your wedding.
  • Also, you will need to add the rent of chairs for your guests if the ceremony takes place in the vineyards or in the forest for example.
  • In case you are planning an international wedding, we suggest that you invite a host who speaks two languages (Russian and English). He will be able to entertain all the guests at your celebration. Such service costs from $650 depending on the destination and the number of guests.
  • While preparing for a big wedding with lots of guests you could order an additional concierge service. The prices start at $100 and also depend on the number of guests. The service includes communication with the guests before the wedding, collection of all necessary information for their stay in Georgia, and counseling guests on all matters concerning their stay. Our concierge can also help them book MUAH stylists.

Certainly, a wedding day does not only consist of these categories. Visit our destinations list to compare various wedding packages we offer depending on the region and the venue. We hope that our calculator will let you estimate your wedding budget. Otherwise, in case of any further questions, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you with the specifics of your upcoming special day.