What should you do if you got married in Georgia, but now the story you shared is over and you’re going to take separate paths in life? In this blog post we will talk about the documents required and the tasks that you can just pass on to Ori.

Before starting the process let’s check that all the necessary requirements are in place. So for a couple who got married in Georgia to get a divorce in Georgia, the following criteria should be met.


1 – The marriage must be registered in Georgia only.

2 – It doesn’t matter if the marriage was organised by Ori.

3 – The parties must not have any claims to each other, including financial ones.

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If everything fits and you are ready to move forward and hire the Ori team to organise the application and prepare the documents, then please kindly double check you have everything at hand according to the list.

What the couple provides

1 – scan copies of the passports that were used for the marriage registration.

2 – two separate papers with power of attorney, one from the husband and one from the wife with apostile or consulate legalisation (depending on the country of residence), that entitle the Ori planner to be the trusted representative of the couple at the Public Service Hall of Georgia.

3 – information about the last names of the husband and the wife that will be assigned after the divorce.

As soon as all the documents are provided, the Ori planner launches the process and ensures it’s up and running step by step.

Responsibilities of the Ori representative

1 – Prepares the notarised translations of the passports and powers of attorney

2 – Files the application for divorce on behalf of the couple

3 – Tracks the application review process and fulfils the additional requests of the House of Justice

4 – Once the divorce papers are received (2 copies, for husband and wife), submits them for translation and apostile (express processing can be requested) or legalisation for the country you need

5 – Sends documents to the couple with a courier service

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From the moment the papers with power of attorney and other documents from the couple are received, the process of getting the divorce certificate takes up to 15 business days. Then 8 business days are required for the apostile (standard time) or 12-15 business days for the consulate legalisation, and apart from that one should allow for the courier post delivery time.


The cost of our services is calculated individually, but the average to keep in mind is around $650.

In addition to the working hours of the planner the cost of filing for the divorce also includes:

  • translation and notarization of the power of attorney to file for a divorce with an apostile — the rate is per page and depends on the language
  • submitting an application for divorce
  • translation and apostile of the divorce certificate — the rate depends on the country and the number of copies needed
  • postage of the documents

You could also try to organise this whole process yourself, but delegating the job to us has a number of advantages. For example, you will not need to travel to Georgia, look for the translators and notaries, and stay in Georgia waiting for the documents to be ready. In your country of residence you would probably need to apply to court to get a divorce certificate, and it’s a lot of fuss and money, so hiring Ori for the job you will save yourself from plenty of headache.