This topic can be divided into two: how to choose a country and how to comfortably plan a wedding in the chosen country. Therefore, if you already know in which country you want to celebrate your wedding, scroll to the middle of this post.

So, let’s say you already know for sure that you don’t want a wedding in your hometown. Or maybe the bride and groom are from different cities or even countries, and you need to meet somewhere in the middle. Either way, you’ll need to ask yourself a few questions that will help you evaluate the pros and cons of the options that you’re probably already thinking about.

What does this pin on the map mean for you?

It would be great to fill the wedding location with meanings that will be unique to your couple. Perhaps you met in Georgia when one was on a business trip and the other was on a sabbatical. Or maybe your first vacation together was to Cyprus. Or you’re dreaming of someday settling down together in the UAE. Where were your favorite movies filmed? Where were you when you met online? Where was your great-grandmother’s wedding?

In which countries can you get a civil marriage organised?

Of course, there is always the option to have a civil wedding “at home” and arrange a beautiful symbolic ceremony with oaths abroad, but in a country like Georgia, for example, the procedure for officially registering a marriage can be even easier than in your home country. This point is of particular importance if you and your future spouse come from different countries.

If you want to hold an official registration and a ceremony with oaths and guests on the same day, then you should check in advance what requirements you need to take into account and what documents to prepare in advance.

Can your guests comfortably travel there?

Due to the changing political situation in the world, the ability to get from one part of the world becomes either easier or more difficult. But some points on the map quite consistently retain the status of reliable transport hubs, such as Dubai.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the requirements for entering the country: do you and your guests need a visa? How easy is it to arrange? For example, Georgia has visa-free entry for a very large number of countries, which makes it a convenient meeting point for guests from different countries.

Where are you planning to have your honeymoon?

Since you are going abroad for the most important celebration of your life, why not arrange a trip in the same country as part of your honeymoon? This will save you money and effort, as you will not need an additional flight. Some of your guests will also be able to arrange a vacation after the celebration. Georgia is ideal for lovers of hiking and wine tasting. In the UAE, you can indulge in high-end shopping and top-notch spas. And in Cyprus, you will find velvety sand and a relatively long beach season.

Do you like the local cuisine?

After the ceremony, dinner is perhaps the most anticipated moment of the day. Like it or not, food is one of the great pleasures in our lives, and the opportunity to try new dishes brings many new and vivid impressions. However, if you follow a certain diet, then you should find out in advance how easy it will be to choose a menu accroding to your request. For example, among the traditional Georgian dishes, there are many options that are suitable for both vegetarians and those who don’t tolerate gluten. We have already discussed it in a separate article.

After talking through all these points, you will surely be able to decide on a country that will forever be associated with the history of your love and family, congratulations!

Now let’s talk about the steps you can take to make planning your wedding abroad smoother and more enjoyable.

Set a date that allows for some advance planning

Since your guests will be traveling to another country with you, it is important to have a decent amount of time before X-day so that everyone has a chance to confirm the vacation date at work, buy tickets in advance and book a hotel at a good rate, and also arrange entry visas if necessary.

Visit for a an inspection

If you have the opportunity to visit the chosen country in advance to see the venues, meet the wedding planners, try the tasting menu for dinner, do a make-up and hair rehearsal and choose a spot for the ceremony, be sure to use it. This can help you make the most informed wedding location choices that will determine your budget and many of the subsequent décor and style decisions throughout the day. By getting to know your future wedding planner, you will feel much more relaxed in the later stages of preparation. The advantages of the inspection are difficult to overestimate, and their list can be extended to no end.

Rely on a wedding agency

Why it’s worth employing a wedding agency and how to choose one, has been discussed in more detail earlier. In short, by hiring a wedding agency, you stop worrying about the organization process and get the opportunity to focus on each other and the deep meaning of this beautiful day for your life. And not to think about whether the cake will arrive on time and why the musicians are late. And the feedback from our customers is the most eloquent evidence of how worthy this decision turned out to be in the end 🙂

Hire a concierge

If you are planning a wedding for a large number of guests, use the services of a concierge to help your guests prepare for the trip and find their bearings on the spot. With a high probability, your relatives and friends will have many similar questions about which area of the city is better to settle in, which salon to sign up for a manicure and where to go for dinner on the first evening upon arrival. The concierge will answer all these questions for you and help guests find a transfer and ceremony location on the day of the wedding. It’s worth it 🙂

A destination wedding is a big and bright adventure that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime. This is a great opportunity to break away from the usual, everyday reality and take the most beautiful landscapes as witnesses of your celebration. This is a fascinating story that you will then tell the children. This is a beautiful fairy tale, which you will then remember again and again. And we are working to make the dream of each of our couples a reality.