Couples often ask us how much time is needed to plan a wedding. The answer depends on various factors: the number of guests, season, location. When you’re planning a big event for the first time, it is surely difficult to figure out what to start with and what to book ASAP. In this post we will explain when is the right time to hire a wedding agency to be sure you have enough time to organize the kind wedding you’re dreaming of. This is when the value of a wedding planner becomes obvious: he or she would already know what to focus on, what options are available and what the advantages are. And Plan B will always be ready too.

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It is often claimed that ideally at least a year is required to plan your wedding. Partly true, but not always: many things can change in a year, including the situation in the world, currency exchange rate, etc.

In fact, when you’re planning a wedding in Georgia with guests (60–80 people), dinner, entertainment, then you’re looking at 6–7 months as comfortable preparation timing with Ori team. This kind of arrangement with personalised details will require much time and involvement, and it’s important that a couple can think everything through and make adjustments when needed.

By request we can organize a wedding for 20 guests even in 2 months. 

If you’re looking just for the official marriage registration, you can apply to us just 1 week in advance. We can sometimes organise it in 4–5 days, but it depends on how busy the schedules of the notary, translator and planner are. Unfortunately, due to the COVID–19 related restrictions, the legal marriage registration offices in Georgia are still closed, so we cannot work at the weekends.

Overall, weddings in Georgia are not really tied to the seasons. The climate here in mild, you can have +13 in January sometimes, so many couples decide not to wait for the summer and come here in spring and in autumn. We are busy working all year round. In northern countries the summer season is usually booked well ahead, since the winters are really cold and it’s much more difficult to plan a wedding then. And here the nature and weather are good for celebrating in any month of the year. 

However, in the summer months our partner professionals (for example, photographers and videographers) are usually busier. The choice is unfortunately not very big within some of the professions, so keep it in mind and start planning rather sooner to have all possible options available.

Once we receive a request from a couple, we usually start by calculating the budget and choosing the location. Once the availability of the venue for the required dates is confirmed, we move on to signing the agreement and the deposit to secure the venue.

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The venue is the first and most important choice you have to make, because it will define the concept of the whole event: the style, amount of work for the light and sound specialists, florist, dinner, sometimes even the dress of the bride.

We highly recommend the couples to come for an inspection and check out different venues that we offer in our portfolio, try the local cuisine, meet the team, and move on to the pleasant task of choosing the details and anticipating the celebration.