Preparation for a wedding starts with choosing the right location since it is going to define the success of the whole event — its style, scenario, budget, ambiance, and surely the comfort of the guests. So one should make their choice mindfully. Our advice is to come to visit Georgia in advance for an inspection of the locations and see all the options with your own eyes, compare the features, really feel the vibe of the place and make sure it’s your perfect picture.

Here we have a collection of the most beautiful locations for a wedding in Georgia that will charm you and your guests and become amazing backgrounds in your wedding photos.

1. Pier of Kvareli Lake Resort Hotel

The pier of the cozy Kvareli Lake Resort hotel overlooking the stunning mountain lake Chala, surrounded by woods and green hills in the Kvareli region in Kakheti is the perfect setting for a privy and peaceful wedding ceremony, a one in a lifetime event for the two of you.

Kvareli Lake Resort (с) Aloe Vera Photography
2. Radisson Collection Tsinandali Hotel

Radisson Collection Tsinandali Hotel in Kakheti has opened its doors not so long ago and is definitely a place for a couple with perfect taste. It is a unique complex integrated with a historical mansion of the Chavchavadze family. Created by an international team of designers, the hotel offers several objects for holding events. Among other ingredients for your magical celebration are excellent food, high level of service as well as an all-year heated outdoor swimming pool with a view of the Greater Caucasus mountains, which is a perfect relaxation spot for the next day after a big party. What else to wish for?

3. Big pier of the Lopota Lake Resort and SPA Hotel

Lopota lake is highly appreciated for the feeling of privacy and detachment from the rest of the world, as well as carefully curated territory of the comfortable Lopota Lake Resort and SPA hotel with a number of various services that will make your celebration chic! The private pier is a tried and trusted location for some of the most spectacular wedding ceremonies.

4. Rooms Kazbegi

The terrace of the Rooms Kazbegi hotel is an iconic must-visit place in the Stepantsminda village. The view of the glorious Kazbek mountain and the Trinity (Gergeti) church, along with the panoramic view of the whole valley is just a perfect setting for your ceremony’s photoshoot. Moreover, the hotel is known for impeccable service and inspiring design.

5. Gudauri

In love with the mountains and dreaming of pronouncing your vows surrounded by their eternal beauty? Then Gudauri should go first on your list, since it’s just a comfortable 2.5 hour drive away from Tbilisi and is therefore the easiest location to reach for your ceremony in the mountains. There are several spots for a ceremony with breathtaking views in this area suitable for various numbers of guests. The best months are July and August as the rest of the year is known for the highly unpredictable weather.

Gudauri (с) Anna Utesheva
6. Tiflis Veranda

The city with over 1500 years of history situated at the crossroads of the ancient trading routes in the Mtkvari (Kura) river valley with the pretty carved wood colorful balconies — that is what Tbilisi is about, a bright and flavourful setting for your wedding day. The Tiflis Veranda restaurant is located at the heart of the old city, it is a unique venue with panoramic views over the main historical and cultural landmarks. The talented kitchen chef from Istanbul holding a Michelin star and a pastry chef from France (you can order your wedding cake right here) will make sure your guests are delighted by the gastronomic experience at your celebration.

Jvari and Mtskheta (c) W-art
7. Jvari

It’s amazing, isn’t it, that just a half an hour drive from Tbilisi will take you to a spot with such a distinct feel of eternity. It’s a true power place located on top of the hill overlooking the ancient city of Mtskheta and the confluence of Aragvi and Mtkvari (Kura) rivers. This plateau is right by the ancient Jvari cathedral, a witness of the history of many centuries that passed by. It is probably one of the most famous and iconic sights in Georgia, and that is why it is so alluring to make it a part of your personal story.

8. Batumi NEW

When considering various wedding locations in Georgia, you might get stuck trying to choose between the sea and the mountains. Well, Batumi can offer it all! Besides, it has this off season charm. If you’re feeling a special connection with the calming and timeless energy of the water element, Batumi is the right place for you. We’ll find that perfect privy cove for you along the stretched seacoast. The Batumi Botanical Garden is wonderful for a laid-back walk, communion with nature and a photoshoot.

9. Borjomi NEW

Borjomi resort is famous all around the world for its mineral water springs, special microclimate and revitalising clear air. It doesn’t get too hot here in the summer, in the autumn the leaves change to all the bright colours, and in the winter the snowy mountain peaks echo the snow-covered tree tops. One of the most beautiful venues is the pine tree Likani park, which is a part of the former Romanov family residence, and that’s the place we recommend for your wedding ceremony.

10. Vardzia NEW

Vardzia is a manmade cave city carved out in a rock overlooking the quietly flowing Mtkvari (Kura) river. The open balconies of Vardzia provide magnificent views of the mountains and the valleys. Vardzia Resort hotel is known for the superb well-kept grounds wonderfully suited for a celebration in classic style as well as a theme-based one with no limits to your fantasy.

Borjomi (c) W-art

We’d like to top it all off with two bonus locations — real gems which haven’t become popular yet, and therefore give you a chance to become one of the first couples with a wedding celebration there, which will be truly unique! We are looking forward to a couple daring to have this one of a kind experience.

11. Racha BONUS

Every time Racha comes up in a conversation, locals start talking lyrical and adoring, closing their eyes mysteriously as if diving in the dreams of this wonderful place. Racha’s charm is all in the mountain villages, crystal clear and fresh air, green fields and rapid streams. It doesn’t get hot here in the summer, yet it’s very green and there is plenty of flowers. Racha is often called the Georgian Switzerland. Not too many tourists reach this area, which makes it even more cozy, homely and naturally beautiful.

12. Svaneti BONUS

Svaneti is a mountain lover’s paradise. It is known for its particular architecture, most of all for the tower houses called ‘koshki’, as well as notable cultural traditions. The Svans use their own language, and the Svan cuisine offers rather substantial fatty dishes. A trip to Svaneti is like a journey in time, it’s right here where you can capture the particular flavour, that will amaze even those who have travelled to Georgia several times before.

In the course of your preparation for the wedding, we will always be by your side, share the experience of other couples and provide you with the details about the special features of the venues. We are looking forward to welcoming you for an inspection of the short-listed options and to accompanying you in this very interesting and creative journey.