You have decided to get married, so what are the next steps? With the most important decision already made, there are still many pleasant moments to look forward to – picking the most romantic spot for your ceremony, making lists of favorite people to share this special moment with, buying a dream dress, organizing stylish decor and entertainment for guests, meeting the beauty team…

However, having so many choices to make in an unfamiliar area may be a bit overwhelming and full of what-ifs. What if some details are missing? What if you forget to take things into account? What if something goes wrong and the photographer cancels the shoot at the last moment? To protect the wedding against surprises and make sure it is stress-free, we definitely recommend contacting a wedding agency. This, in essence, will provide you access to its experience, venue knowledge, a proven team of contractors, as well as guarantees to ensure your peace of mind. We talked in more detail about the value of the work a wedding agency does in this post.

Let’s discuss how your interactions with the agency will unfold, step by step.

First of all, a few words about the timing. The perfect scenario, as they say, is to contact the agency a year before the event. This way you can be sure that the most sought-after venues and contractors will be available on the date you need, particularly when you want something very specific. However, 6-7 months is also a fairly comfortable preparation period for you to have enough time to consider various options and even replace something if necessary. We have previously explained the importance of timing and the priority of choosing services in a dedicated piece.

It is also worth mentioning that the official marriage registration can even be arranged in a month’s time, and in the case of Georgia, in a little less than a week. If you are in a real rush, get in touch and we will advise on the shortest processing time possible in your case.

Now, let us have a closer look at the 10 stages of working with the ORI Wedding agency.

1. Getting to Know Us

During business hours, we will promptly respond to you via messengers, by email and phone call, and happily answer your questions on any platform convenient for you. During the first call, we will ask you to tell us as much as possible about the way you see your wedding. Based on your wishes and budget, a customer service specialist will be able to offer you an optimal selection of a country, location and main services package. They will also draw up a preliminary estimate and offer insight into the main advantages of different options.

“Ori Agency was the best choice we could have made to organize our wedding day. They are extremely attentive to everything, very responsive to questions and super nice. Since the first day we wrote to them till the last contact, they were very professional, providing all the services we needed and also wanted for such a special day… Read more


With ORI, there are a number of countries to choose from, so you are free to find a perfect destination for your wedding. We organize weddings and official marriage registrations not only in Georgia (where it all began), but also in the UAE and Cyprus. Each country has its own pros we can talk you through to help you select the best option according to your preferences. Contact us and let us turn your dream into reality.

Tell us about your dream wedding! A ceremony just for the two of you, where only majestic mountains will be your witnesses…

(c) Egor Matasov

…or a fun party at the winery with all your friends and family?

(c) Saba Khizambareli

2. Site Inspection

The venue is a key factor in choosing both the decor and look of your wedding. It sets the style of your celebration, so this is where we start our planning.

For most of our couples the pace of life is very dynamic. So it is understandable that they may struggle to find the opportunity, time and additional resources to personally inspect the site of the wedding and check various venues before making an advance payment. We have a highly professional approach to choosing a location for your big day. That is why we are happy to provide both photos and videos from our extensive portfolio, and offer a virtual tour, conducted especially for you by our staff on-site.

However, if there is a chance to come and visit the spot in advance, we always recommend it. This way it becomes easier to make the right choice, and the impression of what to expect on the wedding day is more profound. For those prone to anxiety, inspection and personal acquaintance also help to feel more confident in planning.

3. Finalizing the List of Services

After reviewing the options, we prepare an initial estimate for you, explain the essence of each item, and in this way finalize the main points — the date, the expected number of guests, the venue, the decor and other service details.

The initial estimate comprises the most popular and frequently requested wedding services, such as official marriage registration, photography, decor, dinner celebration and others. You can extend or narrow down this list in accordance with the scale of the wedding and personal preferences.

The cost of every service on the list is calculated separately for you to have full control of your spending. Moreover, there is a price range available for each service category. This allows you to regulate your budget efficiently even with extremely detailed wedding preparations, maintain flexibility in setting priorities and establishing the final cost, with all taxes included. It also incorporates the transfer and provision of catering for the team to make sure there are no additional costs incurred before or after the wedding day.

Planning a wedding is a long and sophisticated process that may begin more than a year before the event itself. Because of that, it can be challenging to foresee all possible changes. The number of guests, visa requirements, venue or decor preferences may shift unexpectedly. So even after the estimate has been confirmed, there is still room for adjustments you can make in the form of an additional agreement. Our managers are happy to walk the couples through the estimate to help them decide on the scale and direction of changes. At times when the wedding format is altered dramatically, this can even optimize your starting budget.

(c) Anna Dilbaryan

The venue is a key factor in choosing both the decor and look of your wedding. It sets the style of your celebration, so this is where we start our planning.

4. Agreement and Advance Payment

If you are happy with everything, we sign an agreement, and you can proceed with the advance payment. At the same time, the selected venue is booked for the desired date and you are assigned a wedding planner. They will be instrumental in planning all the further stages of your event, from the general concept to the smallest details. It will be their job to help you realize your dreams.

“Our friends strongly recommended this agency to us and I got to admit they live up to expectations. Irma was very patient and solution-focused in approaching our complicated logistics and non-standard paper situation. She took ownership of our case and made sure to gently check with us when needed and cover all possible legal nuances for us. I felt that I can trust her and whatever I have in mind will be done on time, within budget, but of higher quality I might have hoped for… Read more


All you need to sign the agreement is an e-signature. We care about the security of your personal data and the legal side of the process, that is why we use PandaDoc – an internationally recognized and certified system trusted by more than 50 000 companies worldwide. ORI Wedding has the necessary official registration to make an agreement with us legally binding and protect your rights as a customer. Signing it is a necessary requirement for invoicing and receiving an advance payment from you. The agreement can be made in either Russian or English, both languages also being an option for interested couples. The advance payment, in turn, can be made using any popular payment method, including a bank transfer, PayPal, Wise, Revolut, Western Union, Zolotaya Korona and other systems. Our managers will always assist you with any payment-related inquiries and provide support should problems arise.

Once the agreement has been signed, you are ready to meet the planner responsible for all further steps on the way to your wedding.

5. Wedding Planner's Work. Selecting the Contractors

When we assign a wedding planner, there are many factors to consider, such as their skill set and specialization, your wishes and preferences, as well as project requirements. Our goal is to perfectly match a specialist to your needs and ensure that your celebration is a success. Regardless of whether it is a simple marriage registration, an intimate wedding ceremony just for the two of you or a grand event with a multitude of guests – we are confident that each member of ORI Wedding’s planner team is qualified to provide a unique and memorable experience.

The wedding planner will be your right hand from this time until the day you receive all the official documents, their translations, as well as photo and video materials. As your main assistant, this person will be responsible for making a number of important decisions related to the decor, the beauty team and the dinner program. They will also offer you valuable advice based on many years of experience and great love for their work.

“Working with ORI to plan our wedding at Chateau Mukhrani, Tbilisi in May was the best decision we could have made. Their exceptional services left us absolutely delighted. Right from the beginning, the team was super responsive, professional and detailed, turning our scattered wedding ideas and mood boards into a day we now cherish. They flawlessly managed every aspect, including venue selection, decorations, DJ services, EMCEE, catering, and entertainment. Planning a wedding overseas can be challenging but the team made the entire process incredibly easy and stress-free for us… Read more


Thanks to our advanced CRM system that tracks every stage of work with clients, ORI’s planners always have access to the information needed to prepare for your wedding. During business hours, the planner is prepared to answer questions, provide assistance and manage the process at all times.

After you get acquainted with the catalog of all our trusted contractors, and discuss the pros and cons with the planner, he or she will book the selected contractors for your event. If your wedding is scheduled for the high season (which falls on different months depending on the country), it is important to book your chosen specialists in advance, especially if you have already formed a preference.

6. One Month Before the Wedding

It is during this period that the second payment is made, which traditionally constitutes 50% of the total. Congratulations! All the major things have already been taken care of, and you can take this time to enjoy the anticipation of your wedding – one of the most beautiful days of your life!

7. The Plan of Your Wedding Day

As a rule, the week before the wedding, you can expect a detailed timing schedule of the big day to be available. The timing schedule is where the planner lists all the main steps from the start of the bride’s preparations to the final point at the dinner table, taking into account all transfers, weather forecasts, the comfort of your guests and local noise level permissions. During this time, the planner works together with a whole team of coordinators specializing in different aspects of wedding preparations, which enables him or her to focus on the most important and responsible tasks.

“This experience is a true testimony to trusting your wedding planner blindly. We were amazed by the outcome that ORI had delivered and it was truly a magical evening – planned to perfection. Everything from the initial planning process to the beautiful decor on the night itself was great… Read more


8. You Arrive

From the moment you arrive in the country where the wedding takes place, you are in touch with your wedding planner who, at this stage, provides logistical support, recommends suitable accommodation and transportation solutions, and, if needed, meets and accompanies you to the registrar’s office.

Some couples decide to officially register the marriage a few days before the wedding ceremony with guests. This option has many advantages. For example, from a practical standpoint, you will have a little more time for paperwork and its translation and certification, as well as an opportunity to adapt to the local climate, enjoy a visit to a spa, and relax before the big day. Moreover, sharing this moment between just the two of you will complement the feeling of a grand holiday in the circle of family and friends. From our other articles you can learn more about officially registering your marriage abroad.

9. Your Wedding Day

This is the culmination of all the preparations and a very special moment in your love story. With the wedding planner, their highly efficient team of contractors and coordinators staying on top of things at all times, you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the romance and enjoy the communication with the guests. You will not have to spend even a minute thinking about the arrangements, we can promise you that.

“It was indeed just exactly how we wanted: intimate, classy, romantic. You have delivered above and beyond expectations… from planning to registration to fixing the bride dress all the way to the last minute additional requests and not to forget to mention, your reception venue recommendation, Tiflis Veranda was one of the highlights as well; location, food and services is highly recommended. You are spectacular… Read more” 

Sheila and Harold

10. Photos and videos

After the photos and the videos have been edited, the wedding planner will provide the files to you within a set time frame.

Looking at photos and videos can be a great occasion to remember all the magical moments of this beautiful and significant day, so we suggest making a small ritual out of it. Disconnect from other things, get comfortable and enjoy the beauty of the pictures that will preserve these treasured memories.

Thanks to the work of our specialists and their extensive experience, the preparations for your wedding will go by swiftly and punctually. Feeling in control of the situation at all times, as well as the support of professionals are both very valuable in an event that is already charged with emotion. Gift yourself this confidence and enjoy only the most pleasant details of preparing for your big day with the ORI Wedding agency.

(c) Egor Matasov

We suggest making a small ritual out of this — disconnect from other things, get comfortable and enjoy the beauty of the pictures, that will keep the memories of one of the most important days in your life!

Thanks to the work of specialists and their extensive experience, preparations for the big wedding day will go swiftly and on time. The feeling of control over the situation and the support of professionals is a very valuable addition to the event, which is filled with emotions in itself. Gift yourself with this confidence and enjoy only the most pleasant details of preparation — with the ORI Wedding agency.