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Are you planning an overseas wedding and wondering where is the best country to get quickly married? While you could travel to get married anywhere in the world, finding a country with fewer hurdles and reduced paperwork requirements can help to make this process much simpler and quicker. Today we’re going to share five of the easiest countries to get married as a foreigner and discover what documents do foreigners need for marriage in these countries.


Georgia is known for being one of the most affordable countries in the region while also having a quick marriage procedure. On top of that, you’ll find there are endless wedding locations to choose from with stunning scenery. We at wedding agency Ori have designed a range of packages to suit every couple’s preferences, whether they wish to elope and simply register their marriage in Georgia or plan a grand wedding with many guests. The hospitality and catering options in this country also have a very good reputation, so you’ll be sure to wow any guests that travel to Georgia for your wedding day.

Compared to countries such as the US and UK, the prices for the entire wedding package will be much cheaper in Georgia. Check out our article for an in-depth insight into the costs involved with getting married in Georgia. Many couples who come from different countries and struggle with the bureaucracy or religious protocols of getting married in their home country also opt to get married here as it’s one of the top countries for foreigners to get married easily. Once married here, this may help to speed up the process of gaining citizenship or a visa for your home country.

What Documents Do Foreigners Need?

As far as the legal requirements for marriage for foreigners in Georgia, weddings are available here for people from around the world. You don’t need to be a resident to get married here and there are no religious requirements for most wedding ceremonies. Another great benefit and reason this is a good option for a quick wedding is that for citizens of 94 different countries, a visa isn’t even needed to enter the country. If you are in a rush to get married, it’s even possible to get all of the paperwork you need ready in just a couple of days here.

To get married, make sure you have a valid passport. If this isn’t your first marriage, you will also need a death or divorce certificate. Both documents must be translated and notarized. Our agency will manage all aspects related to the translation and notarization of necessary documents. You won’t encounter the concerns that typically come with paperwork, as we have a dedicated department specializing in marriage registration documentation which will ensure that everything is completed according to official requirements. The translation, notarization, and even the submission of the marriage registration application to the House of Justice can be completed before you arrive in the country. You just need to send the required documentation to our wedding planner.

Your Georgia wedding will be recognized as a legal wedding around the world. You will need to have two witnesses present for the wedding ceremony. Should you want to get married without witnesses from home or your friends and family aren’t able to travel to join you, we will provide witnesses for the ceremony. The bride’s father or guardian doesn’t need to grant you permission to get married here, which is another reason some couples choose this country over other options. The minimum age for marriage is 18 years old, but apart from that you’ll find that it’s a great option for an easy wedding.  To find out more advantages of tying the knot in this beautiful country, take a look at our article on getting married in Georgia.


Cyprus is a beautiful island that is perfect for couples looking to plan a destination wedding. The wedding location options here are endless, with many couples choosing to get married at local beaches, hotels, resorts, and churches. This is another affordable wedding destination that offers marriage for foreigners at a price that’s much lower than other European countries. The hospitality here is of the highest quality, so couples find that their guests have a memorable time throughout their stay in the country. You’ll find wedding venues and hotels to suit everyone’s budget and needs in Cyprus. Explore the top 10 wedding venues in Cyprus that our team highly recommends.

As you start to consider where to get married for foreigners, you’ll discover that Cyprus is a good year-round wedding option. The island sees an incredible 320 days of sunshine each year. If you are happy to travel outside of peak travel times, it’s a good option to save even more money on the ceremony and enjoy lower crowd levels in resorts and hotels and when exploring the islands. Many couples opt to have a quick wedding here and then stay around for a while after to enjoy their honeymoon and the beautiful beaches and nature of the island. Here are the top 10 reasons to choose Cyprus for your destination wedding in case you want to explore further why the Island of Love is the perfect place for an unforgettable wedding.

What Documents Do Foreigners Need?

Getting married in Cyprus is not too much of a challenge for foreigners, but you do need to understand the paperwork required for this easy procedure. You will need a full passport with a minimum of six months validity left on it. Photocopies of the picture pages for both the bride and groom are also required, as well as the same for the two witnesses. A full birth certificate with the stamp apostille is required, as well as a death or divorce certificate if applicable. Depending on where you are from, you may also be subject to extra requirements, such as UK citizens needing a sworn affidavit.

For a civil ceremony in Cyprus, this type of easy wedding will usually take place in the Town Hall or another licensed venue. You do need to learn about the three day minimum residency period and the special license that’s needed for the wedding. Couples will have to place an application when they arrive in Cyprus. Keep in mind if you are looking to have a Catholic ceremony here, you will also need to book a civil ceremony beforehand to ensure it is legally binding. Dive into the details of planning the perfect wedding in Cyprus in our comprehensive guide.


With some of the world’s best beaches, it’s no surprise couples from around the world travel to Mexico to get married. No matter where in Mexico you look at for marriage for foreigners, you’ll find that you’ll enjoy great weather, and warm hospitality. Popular locations in Mexico for weddings include Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Puerta Vallarta, and Mexico City. These locations are well connected to the US and rest of the world, which is why they are ideal for a quick wedding.

Mexico attracts a lot of couples from the US who are looking to reduce the overall price of their wedding. It’s also a great destination for large groups, who appreciate the all-inclusive resorts and delicious food and drink the country is known for. After the wedding, enjoy relaxing on the beach for your honeymoon or going on an adventure to immerse yourself in the country’s culture.

What Documents Do Foreigners Need?

One thing to keep in mind when booking a wedding in Mexico is that all of your documents will need to be apostilled and translated beforehand. Couples will need a valid passport, valid entry to the country, and birth certificates. Additional documents are also required for anyone who was previously married or widowed, and a pre-nuptial agreement and medical certificate is needed. You’ll also want to make sure you check out the additional requirements for the Mexican state you are getting married in. These vary from location to location and while it’s typically always an easy procedure, you may find that some states require more witnesses than others.


Denmark is possibly not the first country you think of when it comes to a European wedding destination but it’s quickly becoming recognized as one of the best places in the continent for a quick marriage procedure. Denmark is known for its amazing architecture and nature, and you’ll find the people here are very charming and welcoming. On top of that, English is widely spoken throughout Denmark, making it easy for anyone who is worried about this part of a marriage for foreigners.

A summer wedding is often your best option in Denmark, as the weather here is quite cold come the winter months. That being said, if you always dreamed of a winter wedding, you’ll find some incredible locations throughout Denmark that offer this. Copenhagen is the most popular place for a quick wedding with overseas visitors, and accommodation and wedding venues are plentiful here. Your guests will love spending a few days exploring the city and creating memories they’ll treasure for years to come.

What Documents Do Foreigners Need?

One of the reasons that so many couples head to Denmark for weddings is that you don’t need to live in the country to get married here. This is a requirement in many countries, but Denmark welcomes about 20,000 foreign couples each year for their easy wedding. It’s ideal for multi-national couples who just want a simple wedding without all of the bureaucracy of their home country. As Denmark can also be a little more expensive than other countries we’ve listed here today, you’ll find it’s a good option for a simple elopement.

Couples can get married in Denmark with their tourist visa to get them entry into the country. You will need a valid passport or a national residence permit to get married here. On top of that, a document to prove your marital status is required so that you fulfill the requirements of the Danish Act on the Formation and Dissolution of Marriage.


The final option on our list of the easiest country options for overseas weddings is Portugal. Portugal is known for being cheaper than other European countries, such as Spain, France, and the UK. Not only that, it also has great weather throughout the year and some of the most exciting cities in the continent to visit. Lisbon is the perfect place to start any trip to Portugal and would be an ideal place for a quick wedding as all of the facilities you need are right there in the city to get your paperwork and preparations completed. Of course, you could opt to visit a beach town or another popular city for a slightly quieter wedding location.

Portugal is popular with visitors in the summer, but a spring wedding or fall wedding would also be a great idea here. It can get quite busy in the cities in the summer months with visitors and cruise ships in Lisbon, but you’ll find endless wedding venue locations. If you are interested in history and culture, some of the monuments and buildings here would make the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. Your guests will love sampling the delicious Portuguese food and drink on offer as well. Caterers here are used to working with foreign couples and will offer you a taste of Portugal while ensuring all of your guests have something they enjoy eating.

What Documents Do Foreigners Need?

For a quick wedding in Portugal, you’ll need to make sure you have all of the required documents to avoid any delays to the easy procedure of registering for your wedding. There are certain documents that you’ll need to submit to the registry office when you get to Portugal for a legal wedding. For a Portuguese wedding, you need a passport or resident permit, but keep in mind you don’t need to be a resident to get married here. A birth certificate for both of you is needed, which should be issued in the last six months.

For individuals who were previously married or widowed, you need to bring either the death or divorce certificate. This should also be issued in the past six months like your birth certificate. Finally, a certificate showing No Impediment to Marriage (Certificado de Capacidade Matrimonial) is needed to show that you are legally allowed to get married. All of your documents must be translated into the local language and notarized locally. On the day of your wedding, the ceremony will be conducted in Portuguese with a translator present for those who need one.


These are five of the top countries for foreigners to get married easily which also offer stunning locations for the backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Of course, we encourage you to fully research the paperwork requirements for any country you are considering for your wedding, so that you don’t run into any challenges and have the wedding day you’ve always dreamed of.