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Perfect winter wedding in Georgia with Ori

… and 10 more reasons to choose Georgia for your wedding 

All couples have a unique concept of their wedding day. From early childhood every girl cherishes a dream about her future wedding — her dress and the style of the celebration for her nearest and dearest. And most importantly, this day must turn out truly special.

It happened so that summer is the hottest season for weddings, and this trend is particularly noticeable in European countries where the warm season only lasts for about 3 months, and also coincides with the holiday season, when the flight fares go above the roof and the hotels are booked out 6 months in advance.

(c) Anna Dilbaryan

However, if in your country it’s summer almost all year round, then a winter wedding with white crispy snow will be very chic! Besides, it can be an excellent opportunity to cut down on expenses (for example, the flights in what is traditionally considered to be low season are usually cheaper), since the demand in the winter months is lower than in July-August. 

If the wedding of your dreams looks like a magical winter fairy tale, and the coziest dinner is the one with a Christmas tree and lights, like in your favourite movie, we can definitely offer you something interesting!

There are about 10 mountain resorts in Georgia. In the past winter we had several wedding ceremonies in the mountains and we know the best spots with a special atmosphere, where the ceremony itself, as well as the photoshoot, will be exceptionally picturesque. By the way, have a look at the Portfolio on our website for inspiration.

(c) Anna Dilbaryan
(c) Ioseb Mamniashvili
(c) Mariam Ghviniashvili

For the wedding ceremony we recommend Gudauri, since it’s close to Tbilisi on the Georgian Military Road. Gudauri, where the mountains of the Greater Caucasus pierce the skies and create breathtaking sceneries, is just a 2.5 hours ride from Tbilisi. An additional practical advantage of Gudauri is the availability of hotel terraces for a ceremony with a view.

Another beautiful place — Zhinvali — is even closer, just a 1.5 hours drive from the capital. Here the smooth surface of the purest azure water spreads between the mountains, creating a mesmerizing outlook.

A photoshoot among the snowy landscapes in the winter months will turn out magical like a Christmas postcard. A wedding in these picturesque surroundings will become a memory of a miraculous winter fairy tale for you and your guests. 

Georgia is an excellent option if the wedding of your dreams looks like a Christmas fairy tale, but more to that, since we truly love this country and can only talk about it with adoration, we can offer 10 more reasons why Georgia is the best place for your celebration. And it doesn’t matter if it’s going to be a symbolic ceremony for two or a big feast for family and friends.

(c) Ioseb Mamniashvili
It is comparatively cheap

For several years Georgia has been maintaining the status of one of the most attractive tourism and wedding destinations for citizens of neighboring countries thanks to the reasonably priced accommodation, food and wine. Besides, when choosing the Georgian sufra serving style at dinner you can save some more.

Simple and fast official marriage registration procedure

One of the top reasons why the couples from all over the world choose Georgia for their wedding is a rather uncomplicated procedure of marriage registration. With standard cases a marriage certificate can be issued in just two full business days. However, we always recommend talking your situation through in detail with our specialists for specified information.

Variety of landscapes for a ceremony to any taste

It is kind of incredible, but true: within just a few hours drive from Tbilisi airport you can find a fantastic diversity of landscapes. Green hills with vineyards, majestic mountains covered with snow, ancient cities with fortress walls, seashore with lush tropical forests, cave towns and modern skyscrapers — all of these can become a background for your celebration. Besides, our team will be happy to work with you organizing a wedding in some new region or venue. Let’s explore Georgia together!

Mild climate almost all year round

Even though the change of seasons in Georgia is pretty noticeable, the climate is rather mild throughout the year. Besides, depending on your preferences, you can “extend” the season you like the most. For example, snowy winter in the mountains starts earlier and lasts longer, and late April in Batumi is distinguished by trees in bloom, while a sunny day feels like a real summer day, just not a very hot one.

Ori team are professionals with extensive experience with couples from different countries

Our team has been working in this industry for over 4 years, and in this time we have organised weddings for over 700 couples from all over the world. We have accumulated broad experience and helped brides and grooms from dozens of countries, and therefore you can count on our professional advice.

Local flavour + tradition of hospitality + cuisine and wine

In his “report” on the journey across Georgia John Steinbeck wrote that no other nation can compare to Georgians when it comes to singing, dancing, drinking and feasting. Even though he was romatisizing to some extent, it is still largely true. There is no other place that is as good as Georgia at big feasts, heartfelt toasts, delicious wine and dancing. That is why your celebration here will have a very special vibe and will create lovely memories for you and your guests for many years ahead.

Most travelers arriving in Georgia don’t need a visa

One of the extremely important factors for couples when choosing a destination is the opportunity to get all the guests together with no additional fuss related to applying for a visa. Georgia is open for tourists from almost 100 countries, so crossing the border will not be a problem for the couple or family and friends.

Compact territory — one can travel to the mountains or vineyards within a day

For example, you can plan a winter fairy tale kind of ceremony in the mountains and a honeymoon in a SPA boutique hotel in the wine region, or the other way round! And it will only take a 2-4 hours drive. What other country can offer a similar kind of variety?

Locals speak foreign languages

Every year Georgia is becoming more popular among the tourists from all over the world. That’s why a bigger part of locals learn foreign languages, which will definitely make your stay more comfortable. Younger generation speaks English, and older generation can have a simple conversation in Russian. The whole ORI team is fluent in English (+ most of our employees know 1 or 2 more foreign languages), that is why we can create a comfortable atmosphere for communication during planning your wedding.

(с) Gone Mchedlidze
(с) Gone Mchedlidze
Distinction (off the beaten track destination)

Even though Georgia as a tourism destination is becoming more popular every year, it is still a hidden gem for many — a mysterious land with wonderful stories people are sharing about it, which is still undiscovered by your friends, and that is exactly why your wedding in Georgia will become a desired adventure for all of your guests, and maybe a reason to extend their stay for another week and explore one of the regions in more detail.

Hopefully, we have managed to persuade you that Georgia is very likely to become the best choice for your wedding! Please use the customizing tool on our website in the Winter Wedding package to get a quote and get in touch with our specialists by any convenient way to specify the details important for you.

(c) Mariam Ghviniashvili

Vegetarian, lactose-free, gluten-free Georgian dishes + halal restaurants in Tbilisi

We have couples coming to Georgia from all over the world, and they are all very different, with completely different lifestyles. Coming to Georgia for a wedding is also like travelling, and it can be tough without familiar things in a new country, especially if they are related to food and health.

You have most probably heard that people eat quite a lot of meat, bread and cheese in Georgia. What are you to do if these are the types of food you don’t eat? Rest assured, you won’t be hungry.

Or maybe you’re putting together the menu for a wedding dinner, and it’s important that the preferences of all the guests are taken into consideration? This article will help you navigate easily in the variety of Georgian dishes. Thus, you’ll be prepared when the time comes to finalize the menu and have all the special requests applied.

To make this process even easier, we have prepared the guide for those who have a special diet and doesn’t want to break it while travelling to a new country. We’ll go through 4 types of diets: vegetarian, lactose-free, gluten-free, and halal.

Let’s imagine for a second that you have a menu of a traditional Georgian restaurant. What dishes would be a good choice for you? What restaurants in Tbilisi are worth adding to your must-visit list? And a small bonus: a couple of good addresses where you can find coffee with plant-based milk and healthy desserts.

(с) W-art

Traditional Georgian dishes suitable for vegetarians

Vegetarianism — eating plant- and milk-based foods and restraining from meat.

(с) W-art

Adjapsandali is something like a Georgian version of ratatouille, i.e. sautéed vegetables that can be served both hot and cold.

The list of starters wouldn’t be complete without lobio, a hearty bean stew, usually served with an assortment of Georgian pickles (the most interesting to try among them is jonjoli, which is basically pickled flowers of a bush with the same name, a local endemic) and corn bread mchadi. We also recommend to try chvishtari, which is a similar kind of cornbread, somewhat bigger in size and with melted cheese inside. In the summer months you’ll see green lobio on the menu — green beans with green herbs and walnuts.

Lobio can also be a filling for khachapuri, then it’s called lobiani. The word khachapuri is a combination of two words in Georgian: «fresh/cottage cheese» + «bread». There’s a great variety of this pastry, you’ll find a special recipe in every region. A round-shaped Imeruli khachapuri has cheese only inside, whereas a Megruli also has some on the top. In Adjaria they cook a boat-shaped khachapuri and put egg and butter in the middle. Achma is also considered a type of khachapuri even though it’s more like a cheese lasagna.

There’s no way you can miss khinkali. Sure enough the classic versions (kalakuri and mtiuluri) with minced meat filling is not suitable for vegetarians, but luckily in many restaurants you can find other varieties of this famous dish with mushrooms, cheese or even potatoes inside!

Speaking of mushrooms, quite often you will see baked mushrooms with suluguni cheese on ketsi (traditional clay pan). Or sometimes you’ll encounter a variation of a traditional Easter dish, chakapuli, only with mushrooms in sour sauce with white wine and early spring green herbs.

In traditional Georgian cuisine there are some similar dishes that fall into the «comfort food» category perfectly, i.e. the kind of dishes which seem to be created to be eaten after a long walk outside on a chilly autumn evening, since they are so hearty and warm up a tired person like a cozy blanket. We would definitely include corn porridges ghomi and elarji (this one with melted cheese) in this category. They would often be a garnish for a hearty meat and walnut sauce — kharcho, however, you can replace it with a lighter walnut sauce bazhe with no meat. There’s a similar dish in the traditional Svan cuisine called tashmidzhabi. In the process of cooking cheese is mixed into the hot mashed potatoes, and it melts nicely.

Many traditional Georgian dishes, like khinkali, satsivi, kharcho are based on meat. However, vegetables, green herbs, walnuts, cheese and mushrooms are no less important in Georgian cuisine, which is surely a good thing for vegetarians.

So the traditional Georgian starters that we would recommend trying are nigvziani badridzhani (eggplant rolls stuffed with walnut paste) and pkhali (vegetables blended with walnuts and green herbs). There’s a great variety of this popular dish. Pkhali can be made from spinach, beetroot, pumpkin, cabbage, or carrot. You can eat pkhali just like that, or spread it on your bread. It’s a delicious and a very healthy starter!

It’s impossible to imagine a meal in Georgia without a Georgian salad made from tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and green herbs. This kind of salad is usually seasoned with flavourful Kakheti sunflower seed oil. Or alternatively, with crushed walnuts that add creamy taste and make the salad richer. Definitely worth trying!

(c) W-art

Of course, the article wouldn’t be complete without the sweets. One of the most famous Georgian sweet souvenirs is churchkhela, of course.

It’s made from reduced grape juice and walnuts, and is hang to dry. Depending on the type of grapes, rkatsiteli or saperavi, the «sausage» becomes marsala red or mustard yellow in colour, and is indeed quite a nutritious snack. It can easily replace an energy bar, and in the old times it was used with exactly the same purpose by horse riders heading to long expeditions.

(с) W-art
(c) W-art

Vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Tbilisi

(c) W-art

Leila (vegetarian) 

Mama Terra (vegetarian) 

Soupculture (vegetarian) 

Muhudo (vegetarian) 

Tbili Sio (vegetarian) 

Kiwi Vegan (vegan) 

Namu (vegan) 

Vegan Place (vegan) 

Hurma (plenty of vegetarian options) 

Lactose-free diet

Without dairy products.

Many of the dishes we have mentioned above (nigvziani badridjani, pkhali, Georgian salad, lobio, adjapsandali, mchadi, khinkali) are suitable for those who avoid dairy products. We thought it would also be helpful to mention the dishes to avoid since they do have dairy products in them. Basically, all the starters with cheese (most often — sulguni), as well as nadugi (fresh/cottage cheese similar to Italian ricotta), or gebzhalia (cheese rolls).

Lobiani penovani (puff pastry with mashed beans filling) is probably the only type of pastry you could try, since the most common types of khachapuri apart from the cheese filling would also have milk in the dough. The same goes for Svan meat pie kubdari, so the best strategy is to double check with the restaurant where you’re making an order.

Then luckily, it’s only the chkmeruli that you’ll have to skip on the mains list, since it’s chicken fried in cream and garlic sauce.

(с) Anna Dilbaryan

Gluten-free diet

Requires the elimination of all ingredients containing gluten. First off, wheat, rye and barley are eliminated.

If you stick to the gluten-free diet, you’ll surely want to avoid all types of pastry, including khachapuri, lobiani, achma and kubdari, as well as khinkali with all kinds of filling. However, you could try corn bread mchadi and chvishtari (with cheese inside). Main ingredients of other traditional Georgian dishes are vegetables, cheese, nuts, green herbs, spices, meat and poultry, so you’ll be able to try almost everything.

You should be careful with the traditional Georgian desert though — churchkhela, — since wheat flour is sometimes used to thicken the grape juice. The same could apply to pelamushi.

And more…

  • Those with a sweet tooth are recommended to visit Cone Culture where they make natural lactose-free ice cream which has already become the locals favourite.
  • If you prefer coffee with plant-based milk, visit Entrée (it’s a local chain), Luca Polare (it’s a local chain), Lui, Hurma and Erti Kava.

Halal restaurants in Tbilisi

Halal is meat prepared according to Islamic traditions.

There are several halal restaurants in Tbilisi. To make it easier for our guests to navigate, we made a separate list with links to Google maps.

Beirut Pasha Restaurant 


Baghdadi Restaurant 

Jimmy Jimmy 

Sultan Sofrasi  

Bollywood Masala 

1001 Nights Restaurant 

To sum up...

we should say that throughout the years of organising weddings in Georgia we’ve had extensive experience putting together special menus for our couples with food restrictions. Our venues already have tailored menus to offer, and our wedding planner will brief you on the options and work out the best solution together.

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7 reasons to get married in Georgia (country)

We have found seven main reasons why you should definitely consider Georgia as a place for your destination wedding!


Wedding in Georgia: Customs and Traditions

All our stories are about couples from different countries who have chosen Georgia as the place to join their hearts. They also choose different traditions, but we have never told you about the original Georgian wedding traditions. We’re fixing that in this article, especially because there is a lot to say.

Traditions carried through the centuries


Time refuses to stand still, people’s culture is changing, and new relationships in the family and reassessment of old customs appear with it. For example, in our time, the bride’s face is not covered with a veil before the wedding, and horses, sheep or copper utensils are not required as a dowry. Significantly reduced the time for preparation for the ceremony and the wedding itself. Earlier in some regions of Georgia, such as Svaneti, more than a year could pass between the betrothal and the wedding itself. Now most often from the first stage to the last passes no more than one week. The feast itself now also does not last for 7 days and rarely stretches even for 2 days. Classical Georgian weddings preserved the main points of the ritual and represent an organic merging of traditions with new foundations of life.

Each region of Georgia is famous for its unique rites, which are still observed in remote regions of the country. Well, a modern Georgian-style wedding traditionally includes:

Machankloba, matchmaking

Such a ceremony as matchmaking is still an important stage in preparing for the wedding. The groom must ask the bride’s hands and hearts from the parents. Without the consent of the parents, a couple may not wait for happy family life. Usually, machankloba takes place in the form of a family dinner.

Nicheba, a rite of betrothal

The main thing in this ritual is the presentation of a wedding ring to the bride, which is often an heirloom inherited. The bride’s family invites the groom to her and is obliged to set a rich table for the celebration for 50 or more people. During a niche, not only a golden wedding ring is given to the bride, but also perfumes, expensive wine, cognac and chocolates. In response, the girl’s family gives the groom a golden bracelet or chain and puts it on during the feast.

(с) W-art
(с) W-art
Cortzili, wedding celebration

The celebration of the wedding can drag on for a couple of days and usually takes place noisy and crowded. The wedding is celebrated according to all traditions by the groom’s family. It is customary to invite all family members, so more than 500 people attend the celebration at numerous births.

By tradition, the first meeting of the bride and groom before the wedding takes place in the house of the bride, where the girl prepares for the ceremony and sets up a buffet table. The bridegroom is supposed to very loudly – with noise and cheers – announce their arrival. In most cases, the groom is not allowed to go to the bride immediately. Here is another ancient tradition – the ransom of the bride. The male part of the bride’s family arranges a test for the groom and tries to find out how much he knows her well. Questions are asked in a comic form and a ransom is requested. All this staging skirmish takes place in front of the closed bedroom doors, in which the bride is waiting for her narrowed. When both sides come to an agreement, the groom enters the bride with a large bouquet of flowers. 

In addition to the bouquet, shoes should be presented to the young man as a gift. After that, another rite that pays tribute to ancient traditions: the groom affectionately and with great respect puts on his future wife’s shoes in a sign that now he will provide her in everything. If the ceremony did not happen, then this may cause surprise and misunderstanding in a traditional Georgian family.

The bride should not leave the parental home without a groom. They must come out together, it is always very touching for the parents of the future couple and few can hold back the tears of happiness at this moment.

The image of the modern Georgian bride has undergone changes. Even at a traditional Georgian wedding, the bride can most often be seen dressed in European style. A fluffy white dress that complements the lace cape and sheer veil. The groom often puts on traditional clothes – “Chokha” or a black formal suit.

Feast, toasts and dagger ringing

(с) W-art

Traditionally, regardless of the region, they tried to play a wedding by the end of autumn or winter. The best day of the week for a wedding was Saturday on a full moon. And in Mingrelia they loved to celebrate the wedding and the wedding on Sunday because for them it is the happiest day of the week.

When it comes to the wedding itself, the whole Georgian flavor is used. Georgian wedding table is bursting with treats. A wedding without a pig simply can not be. Unusual for foreigners, it may seem that the cake is cut with a dagger. Another element without which it is difficult to imagine a Georgian wedding is a toast. Each toast, the recitation of which is conducted by the host, is dedicated to the newlyweds and is full of deep meaning. A guest who has been given the floor should say a toast and drain the horn completely.

The role of the toastmaster at the Georgian feast deserves special attention because this is the most authoritative and respected person at the table. A close relative or a specially invited person can become a host. The most important thing, firstly, this person should enjoy authority, and secondly – to be able to manage the feast according to all the rules, and thirdly, according to legends, he should not get drunk. Everyone listens to and respects the host, he leads the toasts: he says them himself or passes the word to one of the guests, which is called “Alaverdi”. Thanks to this traditional word, “dialogue in toasts” is formed. Near the host, there is always a person; in Georgia, they call him “merikipe”. ” He makes sure that everyone has wine in the glasses, pours it in time – this is his only task at the feast.

A church wedding in our time is no longer an obligatory ritual, but many young couples still prefer to tie their knots in heaven and undergo a ceremony in the church. After the wedding, another colorful and original ritual is performed – friends or artists in national costumes build a corridor of blades for a young couple through which they must pass. The ringing of blades protects the young family and prophesies a happy life together. By the way, this is one of the few attributes of a traditional Georgian wedding, which foreigners who have decided to celebrate their wedding in Georgia are happy to borrow. 

National dances and Georgian polyphony

(c) Anastasia Sholokhova

You can not imagine traditional Georgian weddings of local residents and foreigners without dances and polyphonic singing. Only talented artists are invited as dancers. It is difficult to look away from their performance. At a traditional Georgian wedding, newlyweds must also perform a traditional dance. It is always the same for everyone, with certain music, with certain movements, and is called “Kartuli”. This is a long-established tradition, and no variations are provided here. Although it is called the dance of love, the newlyweds, dancing, do not touch each other. “Kartuli” symbolizes the gentle, respectful attitude of the groom to the bride and fascinates all guests at the festive table.

Not a single wedding feast goes without songs. It should be noted that UNESCO recognized Georgian songs as a unique phenomenon in world culture. At the wedding, singers are exclusively men. Very often these are whole ensembles of up to 15 people. Their polyphony sounds amazing and clings to the very heart.

The traditional Georgian wedding, although it underwent changes with the passage of time, but retained all the basic primordial rites and rules. If you want to add a little Georgian flavor to your wedding, we will help you find the best singers and dancers who will decorate your wedding and leave an unusual and unforgettable experience.


Where to have a winter wedding in Georgia?

Why do some people prefer to celebrate their wedding in winter? Residents of hot countries want exotic and winter tales in the wedding pictures. Romantics combine New Year or Valentine’s Day with a ceremony to dive into the atmosphere of holiday magic. Practical people choose the winter period for reasons of economy and lack of queues at the registry offices. And extremals say the vows right on the descent from the mountain slopes.

Whatever your reasons are, a winter wedding in Georgia means stunning magnificence of nature’s beauty and extraordinary impressions. Your ceremony will be wonderful if you take into account all the peculiarities of winter season in Georgia!

What are the weather conditions in Georgia during the winter period?

December in Georgia is the month with the biggest amount of rainfalls, so significant difficulties can arise with the road to the mountains. In Tbilisi, where snow is a rarity, during this period the weather is quite changeable and sudden rain can spoil you, not only your mood but also your wedding pictures. February and March are famous for their strong winds, which are difficult to hide from. And if you can escape from the rain under the roof of a cozy restaurant and warm yourself by the fireplace, the wind can thwart all your plans.

(с) W-Art

January is the best month for a winter wedding in Georgia. Although this is the coldest period of the year, you can be sure that a sudden gusty wind will not ruin the bride’s hairstyle in a matter of seconds. The most reliable option for a winter wedding is Tbilisi. Even if the weather in the capital deteriorates, you can always go to  ancient Mtskheta, which is only half an hour from the city center. Often, when it rains in Tbilisi, the sun shines in Mtskheta and vice versa. A plan B like this can save your wedding photoshoot.

For couples who are not looking for easy ways and fully want to feel the snowy breath of winter, we can offer Europe’s highest mountains. If you have chosen Kazbegi as the place of your wedding ceremony, in order to get to your location, you will need cars that can overcome the snowdrifts. The journey will take from 3 to 6 hours, depending on the condition of the road. Even if you just decided to arrange a photoshoot on the edge of the snow-covered mountain cliffs, keep in mind that you need to spend the whole day for this. And in case of an avalanche, there is a chance that you and the whole team will even have to stay overnight in the mountains. Winter mountain roads are very unpredictable and often even dangerous.

Those who value reliability and stability can choose Borjomi. Roads there are not covered with snow, and the route goes through places where the probability of a dangerous avalanche tends to zero. Hotels and restaurants can welcome all the guests, and the snowy forests and mountains around will provide the necessary setting.

We recommend that you consider Georgia’s popular ski resort Gudauri only for a photoshoot. The peculiarity of the resort is that local venues are mainly intended for tourists who come there to conquer the snow-covered slopes and are not always equipped with truly comfortable conditions for celebrating special occasions. But if it’s only two of you, and you want to sign on the side of the mountain during skiing or snowboarding, there is no place better.

You also need to thoroughly think though your outfit. Winter wedding dresses look original and provide a space for imagination. You can go beyond the classical white: against the background of a winter landscape, any bright colors will make your wedding pictures look truly unique. Also, do not forget about warm coats. Relying on our experience, we can assure you that no matter how inspired you are, you won’t be able to stand the cold for more than half an hour without appropriate clothes.

How to choose a venue for a winter wedding in Georgia?


As we mentioned earlier, Tbilisi is an ideal option for a wedding in winter. In winter, the restaurants of the capital are full of New Year’s lights and offer a variety of entertainment programs.

(с) Elena Glazova

Tiflis Veranda. Tiflis Veranda Restaurant is a classic-style restaurant. Suitable for couples who want to have a quiet wedding for two or four, taking into account the witnesses. The restaurant is famous for its unrivaled cuisine from the owner of the Michelin star, a chef from Istanbul, and a pastry chef from France. The program and design at the restaurant vary depending on the season. A stunning panoramic view of the whole city from the roof of the restaurant, decorated for the New Year, will allow you to feel the true spirit of Tbilisi and take unforgettable pictures.

Old Kopala. The cozy Hotel Old Kopala, whose restaurant is famous for its traditional Georgian cuisine. Suitable for a small and cozy wedding with a romantic dinner. Perfectly decorated for the New Year. The covered terrace offers a magical view of the very heart of the old city.

Marani. For a fun company of up to 10 people, Marani Restaurant is perfect. This is a favorite place for residents of Tbilisi and visitors to the city. You definitely won’t be bored there — in the evening the restaurant is filled with sounds of live music, which you can enjoy while having a delicious dinner.

TsiskviliThe popular restaurant Tsiskvili, whose name means “mill” in Georgian, is the place where real Georgian culture lives. If you decide to celebrate the wedding with all your family and friends, then a separate hall of the Tsiskvili restaurant, which fits up to 30 people, is suitable for you. You will not need to plan a separate program and order a special menu, because everything is provided here: live music, traditional Georgian dances, home wine, steaming dishes from the oven — the atmosphere of a great holiday of soul and body will take you on an unforgettable journey into the world of Georgian feast.


For those who dream of a quiet family holiday, the world-famous Borjomi resort is a great option. The road, as we said earlier, will be easy and without unpleasant surprises. Here you can combine the solemn ceremony with a real rest for all your guests.

Rixos Borjomi Hotel. The Rixos Borjomi is a five-star modern style spa hotel. You can conduct the ceremony in a snowy park that surrounds the hotel. On the 6th floor of Rixos Borjomi, there is a magnificent restaurant where you in the intimate circle of your family and close friends can celebrate one of the most significant events in your life.

Crowne Plaza Borjomi. Hotel Crowne Plaza Borjomi is located in Borjomi Central Park. Here you can not only enjoy beautiful views of the winter park and the surrounding snow-covered forests, but also relax in the spa, mineral baths and pool. The ceremony can be held in the park: it will be filled with the aroma of pine needles, New Year’s magic and mountain freshness. After the ceremony, you can have a romantic dinner in the quiet and comfy Crowne Plaza Borjomi restaurant.

Golden Tulip Borjomi. Golden Tulip is located in one of the main historical buildings of Borjomi. The architecture of this hotel combines Persian, Georgian and European motifs. The facade is decorated with mirror mosaics and a variety of patterns. In the world there are only three buildings made in a similar style. The interior of the hotel resembles scenery for the plots of Arabian tales. If you decide to fill your wedding with oriental magic and unsurpassed quality of service, then you will not find a better option.

Borjomi-Bakuriani narrow gauge railway

Not so far from Borjomi there is a ski resort Bakuriani, where you can get by the famous narrow gauge railway. Gustave Eiffel, the author of the tower with the same name in Paris, took part in the design of the bridge for this unique road. He had a hand in the creation of the Tsagveri-Tsemi bridge on the Tsemistskali river, along which the train passes. Now everyone calls it –  the Eiffel Bridge. The road from one resort to another is very picturesque.


The Bakuriani ski resort is equipped with comfortable and safe trails for children, so this is a great place to relax with the whole family. The gentle slopes are ideal for the younger generation and for beginning skiers. A large number of animators on the slope will not let the kids get bored while you are at the ceremony or photo shoot. The stunning beauty of the mountain peaks and evergreen spruce will create the necessary fabulous atmosphere, always calm weather and bright sun will only play into your hands.

Hotel Terrace 8 by Mgzavrebi. Spa-hotel Mgzavrebi is located at an altitude of more than 2000 meters above sea level, has direct access to the ski slopes and a terrace where you can hold an unusual ceremony. The background to your wedding can be an even row of snow-capped mountain peaks covered with snow and bright green coniferous firs. This is a relatively small hotel, so you can easily rent it for your entire wedding. This place is best suited for chamber celebrations for up to 40 people.

(c) Anna Homutova

Second ski resort Gudauri is ideal for lovers of outdoor activities, original ceremonies and unusual solutions. How about replacing a wedding dress with a ski suit? 🙂 For those brave souls, we can offer to sign all the documents during the descent from one of the slopes of Gudauri. This option is suitable for young and active couples who dream of celebrating a wedding in a fun and unusual way.

Wedding in winter is an original and bold decision. In the hands of the experienced team Ori Wedding, which will create an atmosphere of comfort and holiday for you, you will not need to be afraid of the frost. Just remember to grab a warm scarf 🙂


Popular wedding locations in Georgia: weather conditions

Choosing a location

Choosing a wedding location is always a very difficult and long process, as you have to take into consideration many important nuances. One of the most important components of a beautiful wedding day is favourable weather conditions. How to choose the best location for a wedding in Georgia and do not miss the weather? This question we often hear from our couples. It is very difficult to make a decision in favour of one or another month when you are thousands of kilometres away, only looking at beautiful photos and listening to advice of your friends who have visited Georgia. In this question, you should better consult with professionals, as it is important not to forget of any little detail, which average tourists sometimes miss during their trips. Applying for our consultation, you acquire the full understanding of weather conditions of the region you prefer. Therefore, it becomes very easy to think through the plan B in case of bad weather. Below we will try to orient you and give the right advice considering the choice of location and season for your wedding.

Руки молодоженов
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Wedding in Tbilisi

The season begins in April and lasts until the end of October with a short break in hot August. Sunny weather is 80% guaranteed, so there is large number of beautiful ceremonies overlooking Old Town. Colourful rooftops of closely located houses, narrow streets and famous picturesque courtyards: at any time of day and year you will surely get the most amazing photos here — soulful, impeccably beautiful and full of mystery. However, it is need to be said that you should take into account the occasional heavy showers, which usually start completely unexpectedly. For this reason, you need not to forget to provide umbrellas for your guests or plan an additional option of an indoor ceremony.

Forty minutes from Tbilisi, there is an ancient capital of Georgia, Mtskheta. It is another beautiful location for a ceremony: on the very famous platform overlooking the confluence of two rivers, Aragva and Kura. This place is truly special and if you are lucky with the weather, the ceremony and photo walk will be just magical.

Wedding in Kazbegi and Gudauri

Weddings in the incredibly popular mountain region are worth celebrating from late June to early September. No doubt, the mountain landscapes of the Caucasus attract with their grandeur and mystery, but please take into consideration a very important factor of instability of favourable weather conditions for holding a ceremony and an outdoor wedding dinner. The weather in this region sometimes changes every hour: in the morning during the bride’s preparations, it might be sunny, it is overcast at the ceremony, but during a photo walk and a wedding dinner, a heavy rain can pour. As our multi-seasonal wedding experience shows, this heavy rain can last from one hour and to infinity. This weather scenario can be vice versa as well: at the beginning of the wedding day, it might be raining, and then everything is fine. In other words, weather in the mountains is almost unpredictable.

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We always monitor the weather forecast in advance and try to prepare everything for Plan B.

We, as the planners, are responsible for the happiness and joy of the couple and guests on the wedding day. We always monitor the weather forecast in advance and try to prepare everything for Plan B. Umbrellas or transfer of the ceremony indoor might look far less touching and romantic than you have always been picturing it in your dreams originally, but the capricious character of weather cannot be ignored in the mountains. We fully share the desire of the couple to say vows to each other amidst the mighty mountains, but it is our direct responsibility to warn you and tell about all the pros and cons.

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You can never have enough mountains

It is very important to understand, when choosing a date for your wedding, that, for example, it is not recommended to consider the mountainous region during the winter months because of frequent snow drifts on the pass. Guests of Kazbegi and Gudauri frequently find themselves stuck in the mountains because of the road closure. Meanwhile we will help you to pick up mountain locations with snowy landscapes not worse than Gudauri and Kazbegi. Some of those locations are not far from Tbilisi. Fairytale Borjomi and picturesque Bakuriani are among these newly discovered locations. Think of an autumn wedding in Borjomi for example: you won’t find such a richness of colours and landscape anywhere.

Please do not give up the idea of a wedding in the snow-capped mountains — just give us the opportunity to show you the new mountain landscapes, and we will not let you down!

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Wedding in Kakheti

Lakes and vineyards in Kakheti region attract attention of our couples no less than Caucasus Mountains. Wedding in this region can be celebrated almost all year round. Here you can combine everything: a ceremony on a lake, a religious wedding in the oldest Orthodox churches, a photo walk both in vineyards and in a fairytale forest with horses, tasting Georgian wines, master classes in preparing national Georgian dishes and sweets, a visit to the city of love Sighnagi and the Bodbe Monastery, where St. Nino, who brought Christianity to Georgia, is buried. These are just some options of the variety of activities that Kakheti can offer. The region is rich with high-class hotels, as well as cosy boutique hotels for more affordable weddings. Most hotels have vineyards and restaurants. Do not miss the opportunity to play a chamber wedding in one of the private chateau!

Every corner of Georgia becomes incredibly beautiful at the time of “Golden autumn”. Here we guarantee you an unforgettable colour scheme, a carpet of coloured leaves instead of rose petals, a season of new wine Rtveli, pomegranate, grapes and persimmon: in one word “Wedding in a golden fairy tale”. If you are fond of autumn and you are planning your wedding in September-December, Kakheti might be the perfect place for fulfilling your dreams.

No matter what region you would prefer to choose, you can be sure that Ori Agency Team will try their best to offer you the best locations, regarding your preferences and weather conditions of the region.

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With Ori Agency you can be sure that no unexpected weather changes will become an obstacle to a perfect celebration! 🙂

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