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Perfect winter wedding in Georgia with Ori

… and 10 more reasons to choose Georgia for your wedding 

All couples have a unique concept of their wedding day. From early childhood every girl cherishes a dream about her future wedding — her dress and the style of the celebration for her nearest and dearest. And most importantly, this day must turn out truly special.

It happened so that summer is the hottest season for weddings, and this trend is particularly noticeable in European countries where the warm season only lasts for about 3 months, and also coincides with the holiday season, when the flight fares go above the roof and the hotels are booked out 6 months in advance.

(c) Anna Dilbaryan

However, if in your country it’s summer almost all year round, then a winter wedding with white crispy snow will be very chic! Besides, it can be an excellent opportunity to cut down on expenses (for example, the flights in what is traditionally considered to be low season are usually cheaper), since the demand in the winter months is lower than in July-August. 

If the wedding of your dreams looks like a magical winter fairy tale, and the coziest dinner is the one with a Christmas tree and lights, like in your favourite movie, we can definitely offer you something interesting!

There are about 10 mountain resorts in Georgia. In the past winter we had several wedding ceremonies in the mountains and we know the best spots with a special atmosphere, where the ceremony itself, as well as the photoshoot, will be exceptionally picturesque. By the way, have a look at the Portfolio on our website for inspiration.

(c) Anna Dilbaryan
(c) Ioseb Mamniashvili
(c) Mariam Ghviniashvili

For the wedding ceremony we recommend Gudauri, since it’s close to Tbilisi on the Georgian Military Road. Gudauri, where the mountains of the Greater Caucasus pierce the skies and create breathtaking sceneries, is just a 2.5 hours ride from Tbilisi. An additional practical advantage of Gudauri is the availability of hotel terraces for a ceremony with a view.

Another beautiful place — Zhinvali — is even closer, just a 1.5 hours drive from the capital. Here the smooth surface of the purest azure water spreads between the mountains, creating a mesmerizing outlook.

A photoshoot among the snowy landscapes in the winter months will turn out magical like a Christmas postcard. A wedding in these picturesque surroundings will become a memory of a miraculous winter fairy tale for you and your guests. 

Georgia is an excellent option if the wedding of your dreams looks like a Christmas fairy tale, but more to that, since we truly love this country and can only talk about it with adoration, we can offer 10 more reasons why Georgia is the best place for your celebration. And it doesn’t matter if it’s going to be a symbolic ceremony for two or a big feast for family and friends.

(c) Ioseb Mamniashvili
It is comparatively cheap

For several years Georgia has been maintaining the status of one of the most attractive tourism and wedding destinations for citizens of neighboring countries thanks to the reasonably priced accommodation, food and wine. Besides, when choosing the Georgian sufra serving style at dinner you can save some more.

Simple and fast official marriage registration procedure

One of the top reasons why the couples from all over the world choose Georgia for their wedding is a rather uncomplicated procedure of marriage registration. With standard cases a marriage certificate can be issued in just two full business days. However, we always recommend talking your situation through in detail with our specialists for specified information.

Variety of landscapes for a ceremony to any taste

It is kind of incredible, but true: within just a few hours drive from Tbilisi airport you can find a fantastic diversity of landscapes. Green hills with vineyards, majestic mountains covered with snow, ancient cities with fortress walls, seashore with lush tropical forests, cave towns and modern skyscrapers — all of these can become a background for your celebration. Besides, our team will be happy to work with you organizing a wedding in some new region or venue. Let’s explore Georgia together!

Mild climate almost all year round

Even though the change of seasons in Georgia is pretty noticeable, the climate is rather mild throughout the year. Besides, depending on your preferences, you can “extend” the season you like the most. For example, snowy winter in the mountains starts earlier and lasts longer, and late April in Batumi is distinguished by trees in bloom, while a sunny day feels like a real summer day, just not a very hot one.

Ori team are professionals with extensive experience with couples from different countries

Our team has been working in this industry for over 4 years, and in this time we have organised weddings for over 700 couples from all over the world. We have accumulated broad experience and helped brides and grooms from dozens of countries, and therefore you can count on our professional advice.

Local flavour + tradition of hospitality + cuisine and wine

In his “report” on the journey across Georgia John Steinbeck wrote that no other nation can compare to Georgians when it comes to singing, dancing, drinking and feasting. Even though he was romatisizing to some extent, it is still largely true. There is no other place that is as good as Georgia at big feasts, heartfelt toasts, delicious wine and dancing. That is why your celebration here will have a very special vibe and will create lovely memories for you and your guests for many years ahead.

Most travelers arriving in Georgia don’t need a visa

One of the extremely important factors for couples when choosing a destination is the opportunity to get all the guests together with no additional fuss related to applying for a visa. Georgia is open for tourists from almost 100 countries, so crossing the border will not be a problem for the couple or family and friends.

Compact territory — one can travel to the mountains or vineyards within a day

For example, you can plan a winter fairy tale kind of ceremony in the mountains and a honeymoon in a SPA boutique hotel in the wine region, or the other way round! And it will only take a 2-4 hours drive. What other country can offer a similar kind of variety?

Locals speak foreign languages

Every year Georgia is becoming more popular among the tourists from all over the world. That’s why a bigger part of locals learn foreign languages, which will definitely make your stay more comfortable. Younger generation speaks English, and older generation can have a simple conversation in Russian. The whole ORI team is fluent in English (+ most of our employees know 1 or 2 more foreign languages), that is why we can create a comfortable atmosphere for communication during planning your wedding.

(с) Gone Mchedlidze
(с) Gone Mchedlidze
Distinction (off the beaten track destination)

Even though Georgia as a tourism destination is becoming more popular every year, it is still a hidden gem for many — a mysterious land with wonderful stories people are sharing about it, which is still undiscovered by your friends, and that is exactly why your wedding in Georgia will become a desired adventure for all of your guests, and maybe a reason to extend their stay for another week and explore one of the regions in more detail.

Hopefully, we have managed to persuade you that Georgia is very likely to become the best choice for your wedding! Please use the customizing tool on our website in the Winter Wedding package to get a quote and get in touch with our specialists by any convenient way to specify the details important for you.

(c) Mariam Ghviniashvili

New locations for adventurous couples

We take challenging ideas of the couples for their big day with great care, and our wedding planners are happy to explore new locations for those brave couples that are open to creative solutions and are ready to allow a little more time for all the preparations for the sake of an outstanding result.

Nature of Georgia is abundantly rich, diverse with landscapes. There are endless corners of “inner Tuscany”, Switzerland or Texas that charge us with inspiration for new projects that we can’t wait to execute and we’re just waiting for a couple that wants to dream with us.

One would be right saying that it’s not that easy to transfer a big number of guests to these locations, but they really add to the charm of a private ceremony and elicit amazing emotions that will stay with you for the rest of your life and become a legendary story that you will your kids and grandkids. 

In this post we’ve made a list of locations that are waiting for that brave couple.


Great for those, who:
  •     are craving for nature
  •     avoid the beaten path
  •     love tropical shade, green and coolness
  •     don’t want to spend too much time on transfer

about 3 hrs from Tbilisi by car.

About the location

Lagodekhi is a municipality in the region of Kakheti mostly famous for its national park with amazing nature.

Woods, waterfalls, lakes and views of the Caucasus mountains is what the reserve created in 1912 has to offer. For a long time access to the protected area was limited to tourists, and only in 2005 this corner of pristine wilderness was opened for public.

Bigger part of the territory is covered with forests and Alpine meadows. Besides, there are many water bodies here: rivers, springs, lakes and waterfalls. This zone in the north-east of Georgia close to the borders with Azerbaijan and Russia is characterized by temperate humid subtropical climate.

I would love to organise a wedding in Lagodekhi since I heard many times that it is one of the greenest corners of Kakheti. Except for this part, we have actually explored the whole region, and it would be interesting to work with something new. Besides, the local cuisine is praised a lot, and our partners share great reviews of the local venues.

Irina, Leading Wedding Planner


Great for those, who:
  •     love the mountains and quiet villages
  •     are interested in iconic Georgian wines
  •     don’t go for obvious choices
  •     want to choose a legendary region which everyone is talking about, but not many have actually visited

about 5 hrs from Tbilisi by car / 1 hr from Tbilisi by plane / 1,5 hrs from Kutaisi by car.

About the location

This region is close to Svaneti and South Ossetia. Racha has a distinguished place in the hearts of the locals. It has this mystical charm that makes the locals talk about it as if it was a garden of Eden. It is also called the “Switzerland of Georgia”. It’s all fresh and green here in the summer, and the meadows covered with flowers really look like they are Alpine.

It is also an important spot for Georgian wine making culture. The famous Khvanchkara wine originates here. It is produced in strictly limited quantities, and is therefore quite expensive.

Compared to other mountainous regions of Georgia like Kazbegi and Svaneti, Racha has significantly less tourists, that’s why it is a perfect destination for those who like something yet undiscovered by others : )

Racha is not yet very much developed in terms of local amenities, but it is a wonderful destination, and the center of the region can be reached from Tbilisi by plane. My biggest dream is to organise a wedding there in autumn, because at this time of the year Racha is fantastically beautiful.

Elena, Wedding Planner
(с) Nika Tchokhonelidze / Unsplash


Great for those, who:
  •     are looking for authentic flavour of a mountain region
  •     are into exploring the culture
  •     are ready to go a long way for unforgettable memories

1 hr from Tbilisi by plane / 5 hrs by car from Batumi or Kutaisi.

About the location

Located high up in the mountains Svaneti is known for its unique culture: the Svans speak their own language, and local cuisine has more substantial and hearty dishes. It is easy to recognize Svaneti in the photo by its unique architecture: here you can see numerous and quite well preserved “koshki” ancestral towers. The village of Ushguli is considered the highest inhabited settlement in Europe. In a word, you can expect not only breathtaking scenery here, but also immersion into the local culture.  

A 1-hour flight on a plane from a small airport in Natakhtari close to Tbilisi connects you to the central spot of the region, Mestia, all year round. In the winter the landscape of Svaneti covered in snow looks quite dramatic, and in the fall, when the tree leaves are changing their colours, the beauty of the area is even more impressive.

Svaneti is my favourite part of Georgia. Weddings are very rarely organised there, and that’s a shame. Svaneti offers amazing views of the mountain peaks – Ushba, Tetnuldi, Shkhara, – and there’s plenty of interesting locations for a photoshoot or a ceremony. There are quite a lot of hotels in Mestia too.

Elena, Wedding Planner
(c) Tomas Malik / Unsplash


Great for those, who:
  •      want to feel the spirit of centuries
  •      are interested in history

about 4 hrs from Tbilisi by car.

About the location

There are several cave cities and monasteries in Georgia but Vardzia is the biggest and most famous among them. It is a man-made cave city with Mtkvari river solemnly flowing below the rock. There are about 600 “rooms” located on 13 levels. The view of the mountains and valleys can be admired from the open balconies.

There’s even a prettier view from the other bank of the river. From there you get a much better idea of the scale of the whole complex which looks fabulous with the evening lights.

Vardzia is an exceptionally beautiful region, and it’s been my dream to work there for a long time. It’s one of my favourite spots in Georgia, I used to visit there quite often. It’s an amazing creation of human beings.

Evgeniya, General Manager


Great for those, who:
  •     are dreaming of a ceremony in the unique location
  •     love the mountains and open horizons
  •     want to combine the ceremony with a honeymoon on the seaside
  •     can fly in to Batumi

about 3 hrs from Batumi by car / about 5 hrs from Tbilisi by car.

About the location

The mountainous part of Adjara is not explored by tourists so much, but its beauty is definitely worth it. One would usually go to Batumi and get stuck on the beach unaware of the fact that just a few hours’ drive away is a whole wonderful world of quiet villages and green hills.

Goderdzi is a small ski resort which is only developing. It is 100 km from Batumi and is considered the highest point of Adjara. It is located in the Alpine zone and is no less beautiful than Gudauri. The petrified forest of Goderdzi got the status of a Natural Monument in 2013. Because the sea is so close, the climate here is humid and there’s an abundance of greenery.

(c) Max Slch / Unsplash


Great for those, who:
  • want to add a tropical touch to the ceremony
  • dream of a ceremony at sunset on the beach
  • want a hen party on a boat
  • pin the pictures from ceremonies in Las Vegas and Hawaii for inspiration

20 min from the international airport of Batumi to the center of the city / about 5 hrs from Tbilisi by car.

About the location

Batumi is a port on Black Sea and a city of eloquent eclectic. The spires of skyscrapers go side by side with tropical lianas of the Botanical Garden. This destination is not all-new for us, but we’re dreaming of a big wedding here. There are plenty of small towns and wild beaches outside Batumi too. The European-style ceremony on the beach is going to be fantastic here, while the budget can be much more agreeable.

We have a whole article dedicated to the perks of this location.

(c) Serg Butko
(c) Serg Butko
(c) Serg Butko

Wedding venues in Kazbegi

Kazbegi stands out for its unique beauty: here, among the rocky mountains, two thousand kilometers above sea level, the famous Trinity Church is floating. Its obscure silhouette is majestically towering in front of the mighty Kazbek, which became the most recognizable image not just of Stepantsminda townlet (known as Kazbegi), but of the entire Georgia. In our new special feature, which is dedicated to this legendary place, we talk about the main advantages of Kazbegi in terms of arranging weddings and visit the best hotels suitable for it.

Why Kazbegi?

The townlet Stepantsminda is just a 3,5 hours ride away from Tbilisi, not far from the border between Russia and Georgia. This makes it the most popular place for tourists who dream of seeing the mountains of Georgia. There is another feature that makes this townlet famous: the legendary mountain Kazbek, the main peak of the Great Caucasus. The mountain and the adjoining spines are framing Stepantsminda, forming a high wall around the entire perimeter of the valley. This beautiful unique landscape lets you admire the splendid mountains from any spot of the townlet. During daytime, Kazbek might hide beneath the smoky clouds covering its top, so guests who manage to meet Kazbek in clear weather are the luckiest ones.

(с) Igor Novikov

A stunning view of the mountain is supplemented by the majestic silhouette of the Trinity Church in Gergeti, which is standing alone on a high spine at the foot of Kazbek. For centuries, it has kept the holy secret of solitude, light and silence. Stepping inside the church, you become part of the purest holiness. You find yourself thinking of the beloved ones and praying for the most meaningful and innermost matters. Linger a bit on the platform in front of the church, cast a glance at the town from above and feel that powerful energy that imbue this place.

Gergeti Church provides an opportunity to have a religious ceremony, which is the key argument in favor of this location for the couples who dream of a Georgian church wedding. Marriage ceremony held among the breathtaking Caucasus range will remain one of the most meaningful and soulful memories for the rest of your life.

It is necessary to note that we recommend you to arrange your wedding in Kazbegi in July or August, as during the rest of the year the weather is less favorable here. Mountain climate in general and in Kazbegi in particular is almost always very unpredictable: morning can start with clear skies, but a couple of hours later rain clouds already gather in the sky. That is why we always work out plan B in case it rains, and move ceremony and dinner into the hotel halls if necessary. Such scenario may not always correspond with your dreams about outdoor wedding, but we always take care of your comfort and we have to relate wedding day schedule to the changeable weather in the mountains. In any case, your impression from the celebration will not be spoiled!

In Kazbegi we’d like to visit four best hotels suitable for cozy holidays among the silent peaks. We’ll start from the smaller hotels and finish with Georgia’s most popular hotel, which you’ve probably heard of.

(с) Sveta Mishina

Green Sheep Hotel Kazbegi

A small cozy hotel Green Sheep Kazbegi is a great option for intimate family feasts. There is a restaurant and a bar which are distinguished by their excellent quality of the cuisine and hospitality of the staff. The interior of the hotel is simple but filled with coziness and comfort. You can also request a closure of the entire hotel for your wedding, so you will enjoy total intimacy of your family dinner. As an option of a location for your ceremony, we can offer you choose the Friendship of Nations Arch on the Cross pass, one of the most beautiful and significant places in this region.

We recommend you to arrange your wedding in Kazbegi in July or August, as during these months, the weather is most favorable here.

(c) Mount Inn Kazbegi

Mount Inn Kazbegi

Mount Inn Kazbegi is another small and recently opened hotel, suitable for a warm and soulful celebration. There is an outdoor pool with a spacious terrace of the rooftop of the hotel where you can arrange a wedding dinner under clear starry sky, crossed by the bright Milky way. You could also reserve the entire hotel (it has just 12 rooms); in this case your wedding will turn into a real vacation for all of your guests. No one will have to rush anywhere, as they will live in the same place where the festive dinner will be held. And probably the best part about staying in the mountains: you will greet a new day together with the mighty Kazbek, waking up and flaunting right in your window!

Porta Caucasia Kazbegi

A four-star hotel Porta Caucasia also provides an opportunity to hold your wedding dinner on its wide terrace which offers breathtaking views of the panoramic mountain landscapes surrounding you from every angle. In case of bad weather, without any extra fuss, you will be able to easily relocate into the inner space of the restaurant, which will spare you the trouble of thinking over plan B. Delicious Georgian and European dishes, bar, lounge zone, and sauna will make your wedding holidays pleasant and entertaining. This venue is perfect for couples who value good service, modern design and comfortable facilities.

(c) Porta Caucasia
(с) Igor Novikov

Rooms Hotel Kazbegi

The last and probably the most famous location which we’d like to tell you about in this article, is Rooms Hotel Kazbegi. For a number of years, this popular five-star hotel has been one of the most visited sights in Georgia. Luxurious rooms with panoramic windows, overlooking the subtle contours of the Trinity Church and mighty Kazbek’s peak, impeccable comfort, indoor swimming pool with the same splendid view, and a number of options and opportunities for arranging your wedding here. These are the features which specially attract our couples in this venue. There are also several banquet halls in the hotel suitable for a gala-dinner with various capacities, and as for the ceremony, you could locate it right on the spacious wooden terrace. The unparalleled silhouette of Kazbek will leave a lasting impression in your hearts: this place combines breathtaking nature and experience of professional Georgian hoteliers. Choosing Rooms Hotel Kazbegi, you choose convenience, service and highest level in every detail.

(c) Rooms Hotel Kazbegi

Wedding in Kazbegi is about majestically towering mountain and a small but noble church, two most sacred objects of this region, which will become special witnesses of your solemn marriage ritual. Amazing landscapes, beckoning mountain ridges, clearest air… The atmosphere of freedom, purity and spiritual depth permeate this place and leave no one indifferent.


Wedding venues in Gudauri

Greater Caucasus mountains cut into the sky with its high snow-covered peaks. River valleys are muffled with green velvet of alpine lawns where sheep flocks graze… Area of Gudauri ski resort offers many beautiful and breathtaking landscapes. Wedding in this picturesque surroundings will be truly an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. We have complied an overview of the best popular wedding venues in Gudauri, so here you have a great opportunity to compare these hotels and make sure that only mountains can be better than mountains 🙂

Why Gudauri?

For many people Georgia is the country of amazing nature and breathtaking mountains. If you are planning your trip to Georgia for the mountains, Gudauri and Kazbegi will be at the top of the list of places you must visit. Today, on our way to the famous mountain Kazbek, we will stay for a while in a village Gudauri, the main ski resort of Georgia, and try to understand what wedding venues are available at this place.

Gudauri is only 2,5 hours drive away from Tbilisi, which makes it the most accessible mountain destination in the country. In terms of organization, one of the most significant facts about Gudauri is that here you have an opportunity to arrange a ceremony either on the hotel terrace or on the meadow outdoors. In both cases you will have a pleasant surrounding of breathtaking mountain tops and high sky above your head. Also, those who are fond of active leisure can find here various opportunities for exciting activities: horseback riding nearby, hikes around the hills and paragliding. Status of a popular ski resort plays a key role in development of different spheres of tourism and entertainment here. This provides an opportunity to arrange interesting adventures for your guests.  

It is necessary to note that we recommend you to arrange your wedding in Gudauri in July or August, as during the rest of the year weather is less favorable here. Mountain climate in general and in Gudauri in particular is almost always unpredictable: morning can start with clear sky and a couple of hours later rain clouds already gather in the sky. That is why we always work out plan B in case it rains, and move ceremony and dinner into the hotel halls if necessary. Such scenario may not always correspond with your dreams about outdoor wedding, but we always take care of your comfort and we have to relate wedding day schedule to the changeable weather in the mountains. In any case, your impression from the celebration will not be spoiled!

We recommend you to arrange your wedding in Gudauri in July or August, as during the rest of the year weather is less favourable here.

(c) Anastasia Sholkova

Marco Polo Gudauri

Our short trip around wedding venues in Gudauri starts in Marco Polo Hotel, a four-star resort hotel with all the facilities for truly comfortable holidays. Probably the main advantage of this venue is a big choice of halls where you can arrange the dinner. The hotel has three options: spacious terrace overlooking the mountaintops, main restaurant which can fit up to 250 guests and cosy lounge-bar for a big party. There is also billiard room, bowling room, tennis court, spa-center and kid’s room. All these features make Marco Polo a great venue for a big feast with your relatives, friends and the youngest guests of course. Everyone will find something pleasant here.

Alpina Hotel Gudauri

All the hotels which we are describing in this article have one important similarity: all of them offer an opportunity to have a wedding ceremony or a dinner on their terrace. This is very convenient regarding the possibility of bad weather conditions on your special day: you will be able to transfer the feast indoors without any unnecessary troubles. Another example of such multi-functional venue is Alpina Hotel Gudauri. Rooms in classical style with the use of wooden elements in the interior, cosy fireplace in the lounge-bar, spacious restaurant: all these details create warm atmosphere of Georgian hospitality in the hotel. Restaurant menu offers dishes of Georgian and European cuisine, so you will have a chance to combine various dishes for your special event. There is also a billiard room in the hotel — perfect for quiet evenings surrounded by the silence of high solemn mountains.

(c) Alpina Hotel Gudauri
(с) Gudauri Hotel Loft

Gudauri Hotel Loft

Modern hotel Gudauri Hotel Loft, that opened its doors to the first guests just two years ago, has unusual rooms and a lounge-bar both designed in loft style and high quality service. Hotel’s restaurant offers European and Georgian dishes and a big choice of cocktails. Guests of the hotel can relax in the spa-center which includes swimming pool and heated jacuzzi on the roof of the hotel, and also Finnish and steam saunas, after which you can use the services of massage from highly qualified specialists. In Gudauri Loft you can have a ceremony either on the terrace or outside the hotel, among the mighty mountains and colorful wildflowers.

(с) W-art

Monte Hotel Gudauri

Monte Hotel Gudauri is located in the upper part of the ski resort. Its main center of attraction is a wide wooden terrace with a picturesque view of the surrounding mountains. Here you can hold a wedding ceremony in almost any style, and also have fun celebrating the birth of a new family. Imagine this beautiful moment: you are sitting at the festive table under the soft light of the garlands, you are surrounded by your closest friends and loved ones, you are feeling proximity of silent mountains which keep their centuries-old mystery, you are filled with joy and quiet happiness… 

(c) Monte Hotel Gudauri

Gudauri is a mix of cosy hotels, various options of leisure activities and of course incomparable beauty of the landscapes. Begin the morning of your wedding day with a peaceful smile of the mountains waking up with you, and spend the evening admiring the starry sky covered with myriads of bright dots. We are absolutely certain that your guests and you will never forget this beautiful adventure in Gudauri.

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