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Wedding venues in Kakheti: Sighnaghi, vineyards and wine chateaus. Part II

We are continuing our overview of the main wedding venues in Kakheti, as this region offers a limitless number of amazing locations. In the first part we talked about three beautiful hotels by the mountain lake, about one secluded hotel for a private family wedding, and also one unusual design hotel perfect for those who like special combinations of classic interior and exotic elements. Now we are going to walk around the famous town of love, then visit several wine chateaus and cosy vineyards where you will have an opportunity to fully feel the charm of this generous wine region.

(с) Anastasia Sholkova


Before we go to the boundless vineyards, let’s firstly talk about the most famous town in Kakheti — Sighnaghi, that is known as “the town of love”. There are a lot of sweet love stories and beautiful legends which took place here, and your wedding might become one of them. Its location is advantageous due to its proximity to various important sights of Kakheti, such as Bodbe Monastery. Sighnaghi also has the best view of the infinite Alazani Valley, which is dissolving in tender Kakhetian sky. Imagine how amazing your wedding pictures will be here if you have such a breathtaking background! Sighnaghi also has a City Hall, so registering your marriage gets very easy and convenient here.

We would like to start with two small hotels which are very convenient for a ceremony and a wedding dinner, as we think. Within a 5-minute walk from the 18th-century Sighnaghi Fortress, there is the Hotel Brigitte, which has a sunny terrace and an outdoor swimming pool, where you can have a great after-party, for example. We think that this place is perfect for a simple cosy wedding in Georgian style. For those who prefer something not typical and traditional we would recommend the Kabadoni Boutique Hotel, which is located right on the main square of the town. One side of the hotel overlooks vineyards scattered throughout the Alazani Valley and the Caucasus. The other side reveals the town’s historical centre. The interior of the Kabadoni Hotel is a mixture of art nouveau, ancient Georgian and eastern motifs. All the accessories were carefully selected in order to keep the Georgian character and make the interior especially enchanting.

Ceremony and wedding dinner at the winery

We are moving further through Kakheti and now it’s time to talk about wine 🙂 There are obviously a lot of different bigger and smaller wineries in this region which offer various services such as wine tasting and cooking master classes. However, not all of the vineyards are comfortable enough and fully equipped for a big celebration, not mentioning that few of them have accommodation options. So we have chosen the most popular and multifunctional venues for this overview.

At the foot of the Caucasian Ridge, in the very middle of Kakheti, there is one of the most important wine lands — Kindzamarauli. Here the winery of one of the biggest producers of wine in Georgia, Shilda Winery, is located. The entire activity of the company is built on love and respect for wine: you can feel it in the details and in the overall atmosphere of care, hospitality and passion for their work. Ceremony at this place will enrich your special day with a tint of ancient art of winemaking. Having dinner at a mild sunset, sun rays are dancing between the mystical wine yards, mountains are observing you from a distance… What an unforgettable experience!

(с) Anastasia Sholkova

Kakheti delights us with the mildest climate and purest air: it is nice to breath, live and relax here!

Nelkarisi Winery is another place in Shilda village. This winery was opened by friends coming from 11 different countries and united by their love for Georgian wine. This venue is remarkable for its combination of modern conveniences and traditions of Georgian winemaking. Nelkarisi is popular among the couples who value high standards of service and modern design and at the same time dream of saying the most precious words surrounded by the amazing Georgian landscapes.

Finally, one more traditional Georgian wine chateau — Chateau Mosmieri. The main advantage of this venue is a fabulous restaurant for 250 people, cosy yard and spacious terrace — a perfect place for a wedding ceremony with the following big festive dinner. This chateau will suit those couples who dream of a grand celebration in Georgian style away from big cities’ fuss. By the way, there will be a big opening of a new hotel in August, so if your wedding is planned for September-October Chateau Mosmieri might become a great multifunctional venue with accommodation options. For those who want to arrange a small private wedding party, we would recommend Chateau Aznauri. Vast territories around the winery will become a magnificent background for your wedding photos. Home-made wine, cooking master-classes, silence, beauty of nature and convenient location — all this makes Chateau Aznauri a good venue for an intimate ceremony and cosy dinner.

(c) Mosmieri Chateau

Wedding in a wine chateau with accommodation

A lot of couples prefer to choose locations which also offer accommodation options, as in this case you and your guests won’t need to go to a hotel after a long and pleasant but still tiring day. Elegant design hotel Schuchmann Wines Chateau & Spa with private vineyards overlooking the Caucasian Mountains is a great multifunctional place, combining a place for ceremony, dinner and accommodation. European level of service, modern minimalistic interiors, molecular gastronomy — you will find a high-class complex, suitable for cosy family celebrations and for big feasts with a lot of friends and relatives. In Schuchmann Chateau you can enjoy amazing views and various spa and hotel facilities. For example, you can have different spa treatment, have a massage or relax in sauna. The hotel is also equipped with a place for mini golf, table-tennis and billiard. And finally, we believe this venue can be easily transformed and decorated to your taste due to its minimalistic interior.

(c) Schuchmann Wines Chateau & Spa
(c) Babaneuris Marani

Another first-class five-star hotel is Babaneuris Marani. Outdoor swimming pool overlooking the mountains, comfortable terrace and high level of service will make your wedding day here incomparably beautiful. Babaneuris Marani is a truly unique location as it consists of a Medieval style castle, eleven hectares of vineyards and the foothills of the Bigger Caucasian Ridge. You can choose a nice terrace overlooking the valley for your ceremony and it will turn your special day into a true fairytale.


Here we finish our review of the wedding venues in Kakheti. However, in case among these resorts, hotels and wineries you haven’t found the one which is perfect specially for you, we are always happy to help you in this important decision. In the next articles we are going to visit the mountain regions of Georgia, Kazbegi and Gudauri. Stay tuned for the updates! 🙂


Wedding venues in Kakheti: resorts, mountain lakes and forests. Part I

Only a couple of hours from the capital of sunny Georgia, there is a magnificent wine region Kakheti. It is famous for its vineyards, picturesque nature, comfortable climate and purest air. Kakheti is rightly considered to be the heart of tourism and hospitality of Georgia. It is also the favourite destination for wedding celebrations. What makes Kakheti so great? What are the main venues there? We have prepared a detailed two-part feature where we tell you more about this fairytale homeland of wine. In the first part, we have reviewed the best wedding locations by the mountain lake, one heaven-like place for a cosy private wedding, and one unusual design hotel for those who are looking for something truly special.

Why Kakheti?

Everybody who has been to Georgia at least once, has heard of the eastern part of the country, where the Alazani Valley along with the vast desert is located. All this is combined with the mountain gorges, which fill this region as much as the rest of the country. Thanks to this unique geographical location, Kakheti delights us with the mildest and warmest climate in the country and purest air which are both beneficial for the products and wine produced here, and also for the overall mood of the locals 🙂 It is nice to breath, live and relax here!

Highly fertile land, geographical proximity to the capital turned Kakheti into the most popular touristic region. There is the most developed infrastructure of hotels in Georgia here, even several huge resorts offering a variety of facilities and activities. Many complexes bring together high-standard restaurants, spa-centers, swimming pools and vast territories with different landscapes: lakes, forests and fields. By choosing this region, you will get a number of options when planning the entertaining programme for your guests: you may visit historical and cultural sights, ride horses, participate in the harvest feast Rtveli (if your wedding is planned for September-October), and also cooking master-classes. In short, nobody will get bored here!

(c) Anastasia Sholkova

Wedding by the mountain lake

The mountain relief on the border of Alazani valley and the Great Caucasus range and the melting snows from its high peaks over the centuries created stunningly beautiful mountain lakes surrounded by green slopes. Just imagine that you stand on the edge of the turquoise water holding hands and reflecting on the smooth surface. In the summer there is amazing lush green around you and in the fall it all turns bright red and orange. It is truly a dream location for a wedding! We are offering you several best locations with piers perfect for a wedding ceremony.

Kvareli Lake Resort is one of the most beautiful places in Georgia and Kakheti, in particular. It is hidden in a beautiful region Kvareli amidst tall forests and mountain slopes. The multilayer mountains are reflecting in the lake, you are breathing in the purest air and just feeling true happiness… Ultimate harmony is guaranteed here! Kvareli Lake Resort also offers a great range of activities for your guests: a spa and wellness center, an outdoor pool and fitness center. The surrounding area is popular for outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing. Moreover, free bikes are available at the hotel. Therefore, Kvareli Lake Resort is a very suitable venue for a big friends and family wedding.

Kakheti delights us with the mildest climate and purest air: it is nice to breath, live and relax here!

(с) Anastasia Sholkova

Lopota Lake Resort & Spa is no less beautiful and multifunctional than the Kvareli Lake Resort is. This resort is for those looking for a peaceful place with an atmosphere of ultimate unity with nature. Lopota offers you two options of ceremony locations: bigger and smaller piers, both with unsurpassed views of the lake and slopes covered with dense forest. Here you may also find a great range of activities for your guests: a spa and wellness centre, an indoor and outdoor pools, a fitness centre, a wine cellar, a stable, various options of bars and restaurants, and also kid’s club. The surrounding area is great for long walks and beautiful photo sessions. Therefore, Lopota Lake Resort is great for a big party with a lot of guests for whom you would like to arrange interesting and diverse leisure.

(с) Anastasia Sholkova

Royal Batoni is another popular location by the mountain lake, a magnificent magic castle amidst the dense forest. This hotel with a outdoor swimming pool is situated by Ilia’s lakeside, between the mountains of Kvareli and river Duruji. You will also have two options for a wedding ceremony here: the amphitheatre at lake Ilia or the hotel’s terrace. The guests of the Royal Batoni hotel have the opportunity to visit the ancient historical sites, enjoy fishing, cycling, use tennis, volleyball, basketball courts, and a football field, participate in the preparation of Georgian cuisine and taste Kakhetian wine. Therefore, the wedding at this hotel will become an unforgettable journey to a fairytale for you and your guests!

Cozy wedding in Kvareli Eden

Hotel complex Kvareli Eden is a genuine paradise for those who value privacy. It is surrounded by mystical woods and infinite mountains, which stretch far beyond the horizon. The purest air, rich colours and ultimate silence — away from the big cities Kvareli Eden is like a fairy tale castle keeping its secrets in the wisdom of nature. Kvareli Eden offers various options of locations for the ceremony and the wedding dinner: both indoor and outdoor. There are also endless rows of vineyards and fruit gardens, which you may use as a beautiful background for your wedding photos. The hotel complex has billiard room, tennis court, wine spa and an outdoor swimming pool. Here you can enjoy traditional Georgian cuisine as well as European dishes and snacks.  All in all, Kvareli Eden is a perfect wedding venue both for couples looking for a cosy intimate wedding, and for those who dream of a grand celebration with friends and family.

A mountain lake is a truly dream location for a wedding!

(с) W-Art
(с) Igor Novikov

Design hotel Chateau Mere

We would like to finish the first part of our review with the Chateau Mere, which is situated in an ancient castle with an outdoor swimming pool and a magic garden. It has an outstanding interior of the rooms and its garden: each corner of the hotel has its quaint details, antique and handmade interior design objects, souvenirs and other special things. The elaboration of the entire design was made by the hotel owner himself, that is why Chateau Mere is filled with care and attention of the master. Chateau Mere also has a great location as it is only a short drive from the main historic sites in Kakheti: Shuamta Monastery, Alaverdi Cathedral, Gremy, Palace of King Erekle II in Telavi, Tsinandali Estate of Prince Alexander Chavchavadze, and many more. Beautiful landscape, fresh air, fabulous Kakhetian cuisine made from local farmers’ organic produce, exclusive Kakhetian wines, welcoming hosts and friendly staff promise to make your wedding at Chateau exceptional.

The covered venues are not the only ones in Kakheti, of course, as Kakheti is above all the region of wine and vineyards. In the second part we are going to focus on the vineyards and cosy chateaus. Although we have chosen the most popular, beautiful and multifunctional venues, this is certainly not the full list of wedding locations in Kakheti. That is why we are always happy to learn about your special preferences and help to find the most comfortable and appropriate place for you personally. 🙂